2022 maserati levante trofeo rev
Altair Club Cars 2022 Maserati Levante Trofeo Review Pros and cons

2022 Maserati Levante Trofeo Review Pros and cons

2022 Maserati Levante Trofeo Review Pros and Cons A Maserati is supposed to feel special, and in a lot of ways, the 2022 Levante Trofeo fulfills that requirement. That said, there are some flaws in this gem that are awfully hard to look past. It’s a pendulum constantly oscillating between greatness and frustration, and the result is a luxury SUV that has a lot going for it, but it doesn’t feel fully baked. #MaseratiLevanteTrofeo #MaseratiLevante #Maserati

So a maserati is supposed to feel special and in a lot of ways the 2022 levon trophio fulfills that requirement that said there are some flaws in this gem that are awfully hard to look past it’s a pendulum constantly oscillating between greatness and frustration and the result is a luxury suv that has a lot going for it but it doesn’t feel fully baked

The first big swing came from just seeing the levon trophio it’s a very attractive suv with muscular fenders a sharply furrowed hood and a corporate grill that looks better here than any maserati sedan this suv looks particularly threatening in my tester’s rosso magma paint seventeen thousand dollars option which plays a tone of aggression well alongside the black

Trim and 22 inch anthracite alloy wheels carbon fiber hands peek through the lower bumper but this car is generally devoid of the stuff a positive personal note as i think it’s pretty playable the rear keeps things interesting with the sloping roofline that gives the suit a hatchbackish look and you’ll never hear me complain about a huge set of tailpipes open

The pillarless door of the lavon trophio and the pendulum begins its journey again the leather is supple the paddle shifts stand out and the alcantara microfiber on the headliner adds a premium touch but that’s where the visual love story ends the high gloss carbon fiber trim looks and feels chintzy and the satin plastic around the center console controls is

Even cheaper but the most unacceptable parts of the tropheo which starts at one hundred and fifty seven thousand six hundred and ninety five dollar including destinations are the window switch gear and headlights the windshield wiper handle start button and headlight switch can be found on almost every other stelantis vehicle and while there’s a slight chrome

Finish to them it can’t be overlooked that the window switches were designed at daimler chryslersamen the parts feel as cheap as you can imagine fortunately the lavon tropheo has enough practicality the door panel cubes are on the small side but deep enough to accommodate a water bottle there’s a storage tray in front of the cup holder as well as a sizeable

Space under the center armrest above the large transmission tunnel even with that sloping roof the rear seats are more than comfortable enough for two adults the only annoying spot here is the trunk which offers just 20.5 cubic feet of storage space behind the second row a far cry from the bmw x5m 33.9 cubic feet mercedes amg gle 63 s 33.3 and the porsche

Cayenne 27.2 some of the shortcomings of the 2022 maserati levon trophio would be forgiven if it wasn’t appreciated like a limited time watch while the levant lineup starts at hundred and 83 five dollars including one thousand four hundred and ninety five dollars for goals tropheo requires nearly double that amount throw in fripperies like four hundred and

Fifty dollars for the carbon fiber paddle shifter four hundred dollars for the upgraded alloy wheels five hundred dollars for the glossy black brake calipers and a practically criminal seventeen thousand dollar red paint finish and my testers were watering the eyes at one hundred and seventy three thousand five hundred and fifty dollars that’s tens of thousands

Of dollars more than you would spend on a bmw x5m or porsche cayenne turbo both may produce less power but they are also much better cars buying a car in this segment at this price is a very emotional purchase and in that vein there’s plenty of reason to consider the 2022 maserati levon tropheo the powertrain is fun and pulls when driving gets excited but

A deeper look past the early glimmers reveals its fair share of problems the lavon trophio is a sports suv that can evoke all kinds of emotions too bad they weren’t all positive okay foreign foreign you

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