2022 maserati levante spec revie
Altair Club Cars 2022 Maserati Levante Spec Review, Features and DRIVE

2022 Maserati Levante Spec Review, Features and DRIVE

The Maserati of SUV’s brings luxury and performance but is it worth it? The sexy style is added by the Nerissimo Pack appearance package. Overhauling the line up with three trim levels. Learn about the 2022 #Maserati #Levante #Modana in this video review.

The maserati of suvs is here one of the fastest  maseratis that you can get today i’m bringing   white with the norissimo package they now   offer three engine options or trim options in  the interior the sexy styling comes into play   upgraded infotainment on the exterior the   with rivals like your porsche cayenne 

Is the name for maserati luxury in the interior  which one’s going to be your best option i’m   the new maserati levante is going to be super  aggressive sky hook air suspension so it’s going   to alter the ground clearance and get eight inches  of ground clearance so you have enough to go   off terrain if you need to and

You can lower it  to make it more aggressive and more sporty on the   fascia you’re gonna have your active grill the  blacked out in between it and on the lower with   your functioning side curtains and that spoiler  lip in the front your fog lamps your headlamps   every single thing is led everything blacked out  the

Norissimo package this is really the way you   want to go when you get a bianca color the hood  is going to be long a near perfect 50 50 weight   with the porsche with the audi or the bmw 21 inch   blacked out multi-spoke staggered alloy wheels  the disc reading behind it at 13.6 inches the   rear at 13 inches red brake

Calipers brembo brakes  six pistons are in the front four pistons in the   rear if you need to take it on the track i mean  you can do that with this vehicle and the gloss   black is going to be over your window treatment  the badging going right underneath the spoiler   and on the lower trim blacked out quad exhaust 

With the matte black to cover it a length at 197   inches wheelbase at 113.8 inches the spoiler lip  is going to be super aggressive all the dimensions   on the rear panel just stress all that performance  and aerodynamics for these led tail lamps that   resemble its racing heritage towing nearly six  thousand pounds with this

Performance powerhouse   you’re not going to receive that with the porsche  or the bmw when you go into the x5 aim competition   gonna have some gloss black that’s going to   be in between it and i like the fact that the  narissimo package blacks out all of the badges   go inside to your kick to open cargo starting at 

20.5 cubic feet with the 12 volt underneath that   is going to have your spare tire the rear bench  split folds at a 60 40 split that’s gonna max   the cargo to 57.4 cubic feet we have a 360 degree  camera with your front and rear parking sensors   the new maserati levante is not going to house  the most power but for your bang

For your buck   that’s what you’re going to get and they back  the performance with a 3.0 liter twin turbo v6   producing 424 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of  torque that’s paired to an 8-speed zf automatic   60 is under six seconds and it can go as low   as 3.8 seconds the norissimo package is definitely  something

That i would entertain especially with   the combination as you’re going to see in the  interior quarter mile at 12.1 second at top   speed at 156 to 181 miles per hour bang for your  buck that’s what maserati does let me know in the   comments what you think about the 2022 maserati  levante as we go into the interior go over

The   inside the maserati levante you’re going to   receive 40 inches of headroom 41 inches of legroom  this is the rossa interior 12-way power adjustment   for the passenger and driver heated ventilated  perforated seats contrast stitching soft leather   maserati badging in the seats the dashboard is  going to mimic the

Same with the piano gloss wood   trim inserts and the silver underneath it the  contrast stitching i do like how this is it’s   a very sporty attribute it just really makes a  good luxury sporty blend now obviously you can   go up the tier and get the s and then you would  have 550 horsepower but you’re working with the  

Same interior you’re going to get the analog clock  that’s going to set the charm for the maserati 8.4   inch mia touch screen with navigation we have  the pinch we got the swipe clicking to your home   button so you can see that you can do a two screen  for your music or your navigation click into the   app so you can see all the

Apps in which we have  apple carplay android auto sirius xm bluetooth   we have the upgraded harman kardon we got   reverse you have a 360 degree reverse camera   you can change different views to make it easier  for your reversing and it also shows it on the   gauge cluster for your reverse and forward parking  sensors

And this gauge cluster is the updated one   so when you get into the 2022 you’re getting all  of the updates you also have your lane keep assist   you have your adaptive cruise control blind spot  monitoring front mitigation pedestrian detection   rear cross traffic alert now there is some things  i dislike about this system i’ve

Been testing it   the steering wheel for about five seconds it   disengages it and starts saying put your hands  on the steering wheel if you don’t put your   hands on the steering wheel it cuts off every  single function and it taps the brake for you   if you’re on a highway it’s not as safe as i would  really want

It to be leather wrapped steering   wheel it’s a three spoke you got the perforated  on the side soft leather in the top and bottom   paddle shifters are metal multi-function and your  pedals are going to be stainless steel so you got   open up inside you got two cupholders that are   storage cup holders a 16.9 ounce fits

Without   any issue i would say a 42 will fit fine one thing  also where the 12 volt is here if you have coffee   you spill it be very careful that’s electric so it  wasn’t a great design however when it’s closed it   looks very seamless and edgy because of the gloss  black on the wood open up inside here and you’re  

Going to have your wireless charger two usb ports  you have the new maserati shifter with the badging   kind of looks like a bmw but it’s a zf automatic  transmission so i get get the rotary knob this   was implemented because people complain about  touch screen i don’t know what that talking   about touch screen is where it’s at

This little  rotary knob doesn’t do anything for me sport mode   and you can adjust this for your off-roading mode  and you can make it more comfortable or you can   here going to be on the headliner door panel   soft materials with the piano black wood inserts  memory seats for the driver and storage is going   to lack

In the door pocket which it is what it is  this is a performance vehicle so you have plenty   of cup holders here in the center you can fit four  as for the way you fit very dynamic is the styling   that we’re getting the a pillars are nice and  chunky a pano moon roof that goes all the way to   the back seat let’s see how i look

Back there the  back seats i’m at 36 inches of headroom 32 inches   storage behind both of the front seats open that   little pocket up to two usbs and a 12 volt you  got your air vents in the center cup holders here   maybe a 20 ounce this kind of rattles a bit it’s  going to be nice and soft here it’s going to be  

More firm on the door panel but it’s going to be  soft materials more or less throughout the piano   black wood comes into the back the retro styling  comes into play with the rosa color one touch up   and down these are soft closed doors the storage  pocket maybe a 16.9 ounce water bottle i do like   that the heated seat switch

Is right there though  because it makes it more luxurious everything is   on my side or on your side you can also recline  these seats they normally would sit like this   so i actually haven’t reclined because that’s the  best way for the comfort let’s see how look in the   center sitting into the center i would definitely 

Say it’s going to be a little tough head room   of sort of grazing the back of the front   because the floor is not completely flat   sharing feet butt shoulder space it’s actually  not so wide in the interior that would be more   this one’s going to be a little bit more snug   inside to fit three adults my dimensions

In the  center so to start the review off 424 horsepower   424 pound-feet of torque stopped in the middle  that’s what i like so much about performance  vehicles they put the brakes they put the   pedal to the metal and you’re ready to rock and  roll it’s very hard to get this performance at   this price point yes you’re

Going to be comparing  it to the audi sq8 you’re going to be comparing it   to a bmw m5 if you do the competition it’s going  to add at least fifteen thousand seven to fifteen   thousand give or take so it almost puts it out of  the price category so all that extra horsepower   vehicles still have more power than this  

Right there at the same numbers  but look at this and tight weight distribution the fun to drive factor   you’re getting that and this the luxury you’re  getting that in this so you’re going to have all   going to be a little bit slower but i mean   you still got that exhaust note that is only from  maserati when you’re looking at

It from the rivals   it’s going to be something that’s not as it’s  loud but it sounds more artificial this sounds   you can get to work quick move in and out it’s  small enough to do that and yet composed in the   ride i’m not going everywhere and these are not  like racing seats these are more luxurious so   when we’re

Looking at it at that perspective if  you get into the bmw x5 it’s going to be a more   aggressive seat when you get into the sq8 that  one is going to be a luxury seat as well so that’s   going to be spot on as for visibility you can see  through any of the windows you’ve got blind spot   monitoring as for the dynamics it’s going

To feel  bode here because this is air suspension in normal   mode i still hear the exhaust note still super  quiet everything dual pane windows the luxury is   definitely there plus housing the performance  three things that i like about the vehicle   is how when you are engaged in giving it some gas  and actually putting

It through what it needs to   go through it’s ready and very responsive the zf  8-speed automatic transmission does a great job   quiet it is in the cabin when you’re going on   that you want the only thing that you can   sound system is not necessarily the best   i like the harman kardon it’s just for some reason 

In the setup and the maserati it’s not going to be   as much base it’s going to be a little bit more  treble so depending on the way you like to listen   to your music that’s really the plus or minus  on that the last thing that i like about the   to go off-roading on roading on a track tow   it’s epic that’s the way i like

To explain it  the suspension is going to alter back to normal   that i dislike about the vehicle has to go   with the safety features when you let off the  steering wheel to itch your head for the five   seconds it’s almost like the gmc commercial the  clapping if you clap you have to put your hands   right back on

The steering wheel that quick if  you don’t within another five to ten seconds   your adaptive cruise control and tap the brake   some cases this is a little bit unsafe if you’re  not going to be as throaty the second thing  screen i just wish that we got the upgraded   getting older even though you have all the latest 

Technology the last thing that i dislike has to go   with the storage inside the vehicle you don’t have  really any cup holders in the door panel at all   you can only use them in the center because it’s  still a family suv and it’s a practical one not   with mpgs you still would want to see this we’re  and the brakes and you

Can see whether you’re  going at a higher speed or a lower speed it’s   still very composed and quiet inside the cabin  as for the rivals perspective which one would i   choose if i was buying the vehicle the sq8 or even  the rsq8 they’re great vehicles sq8 is actually   one of my favorite vehicles besides the bmw x3m 

Competition the x5 game competition would be my   favorite it’s just it escalates to almost 40 to  50 000 more than the x3 and yes you’re getting a   substantial amount more power it’s just the 0  to 60 numbers are not close but pretty decent   for a 50 000 price point it’s not loads of miles  it’s not like you’re getting 2

Seconds 0 to 60.   so when i’m looking at which one’s the best bang  for your buck porsche cayenne whether you get   the turbo the s turbo it starts escalating into a  lot of money as well and you see i’m in the lane   clearly and the thing just won’t stop features  just draws me nuts again it seems like every   just

Doesn’t know what it’s doing so with them   which one would i choose i would actually choose  this one over them only because of the price point   and because of the fact that you are getting so  much power in pretty much all the capabilities   you can do with the other vehicles you can do with  this and you get the savings the

Savings can go   against your services because the services they’re  going to be expensive i would imagine your first   service is going to be around four or five hundred  dollars second service from experience probably   about eight nine hundred dollars and it just keeps  escalating every year for a four year interval  

Be right at the same maybe a little bit higher   tires on this anywhere from two to over three  thousand dollars breaks anywhere from fifteen   rotors add a couple hundred bucks here and   numbers in perspective because anyone can buy   a hundred plus thousand dollar vehicle it’s really  not about that it’s about servicing

The vehicle   and keeping it on the road and that’s one thing  that i have to actually put back into the category   it becomes a dislike because you’re getting a  vehicle for such a good deal and yet you had   of people saying oh well they depreciate a lot   would make it seventy five thousand dollars   you’re

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