2022 maserati grecale suv protot
Altair Club Cars 2022 Maserati Grecale SUV Prototype Interior FULLY EXPOSED And Heres Whats NEW

2022 Maserati Grecale SUV Prototype Interior FULLY EXPOSED And Heres Whats NEW

Breaking down the BRAND NEW design of Maserati’s upcoming Grecale SUV interior spied for the very 1st time!

What’s good guys welcome back to ron’s rides welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where i was not expecting this today a chinese website has posted a fully exposed spy shot of the new maserati grakali suv prototypes interior yeah the whole thing and i have a few questions and i’m sure you guys do too now the interior of the new grakali

Has adopted a very a great design and the maserati grakali is a medium-sized suv so the new car will be benchmarked for a porsche macan as far as competition goes now the mazdagrika’s interior style is very avant-grade and the new car uses a large floating central touchscreen but its large screen is relatively low there’s maserati’s signature small clock at

The top of the screen and both sides of the clock have air conditioning outlets now the top panel in the middle of the new car adapts a layered design which has the undulating effect the bottom of the large central control screen of the new car is designed with a touch panel covered by piano black paint now the front platform adopts a more concise style and

The water cup holders adopt a more b-shaped style mazda agriculture also uses an lcd instrument panel and the new car steering wheel is in the stylish shape equipped with the column mounted paddle shifters very much so like the mc20 style steering wheel and really like an alpha male style steering wheel but we’ve seen the steering wheel before we know what that

Looks like let’s talk about the lcd the central layout with the cup holders and the storage cover doors with the little storage underneath the lcd panels this is definitely different from what we’ve seen from maserati in the past and we expect changes we just didn’t know it was going to change this much now i’ve not seen a layout like this from maserati ever

Before and my biggest question is where is the gear shifter how do you shift gears is it column mounted is it a button on the lcd screen is it a side panel that i can’t see from here something by the start button on that side i’m not exactly sure where your gear lever is for your transmission i mean for you to go into you know drive or park or even manual

Mode so this is this is my big question here for you guys down in the comments below i need you guys to tell me what do you think the gear shifter is or you know it’s integrated in the touchscreen i’m not exactly sure i’m very confused um also i mean the hvac vents and the controls and stuff looks like it could be straight in the lcd so maserati may do away

With the mechanical buttons and go straight digital alright lcd screen for your hvac vents and everything else that touch screen looks very similar to the 10.1 inch touchscreen that has been set for the mazda riders of 2021 with the new majority intelligent assistant or mia system so i can probably imagine since they just integrated that in 2021 that will be in

This 2022 grakali as far as that infotainment technology but the cup holders i mean normally they’re set up in a vertical style now they are set up in a horizontal style and closer to the armrest which is a little bit different for maserati also the storage doors seem a little out of place right there i’m not exactly sure if that is where you will want to keep

Your storage i probably would have put the cup holders first how maserati does it in the current vehicles and how they have before where they have the cup holders up in a vertical style and a storage door that’s a little bit further back but again i’m not exactly sure if that’s what that is right above the storage doors looks like a cubby hole which could be

Where wireless charging is placed and where your usb type c type a and any other kind of connectivity would be placed it would make the most sense to have it there or maybe that’s where the storage doors come in and you can flip those away charge your phone place it stow it whatever you may do there but as far as the rest we’ve seen the design on the seats and

The door panelings it looks like a very base model i mean very standard model because there’s not really any stitching options or color options here so that is all the same the maserati clock with the vents around it is a very nice look and that clock is very prominent with the 3d aluminum look there really is protruding out of that dash i mean that’s really a

Central piece i wonder if that clock may be something digital this time instead of analog that’s something to think about as well but anything else that i’m missing guys i mean i do see what could be some physical buttons on that lcd screen that folds over at the crease um so i’m very intrigued on what those physical buttons could be maybe you know they could

Be something like the drive mode selector or the hvac unit buttons i’m not exactly sure they could be quick mode buttons you know stuff like your traction control um stuff like your sport mode everything like that you know where you would press those buttons physically i mean there’s so many questions i have here i can’t wait for this thing to come out because

I really want to see what maserati is doing for the next generation of their cars so let me know what you guys think all right first do you think this photo is real second where is the gear selector and third what do you make about the new layout and what this design could really mean let me know down in the comments below now if you guys did enjoy this video

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2022 Maserati Grecale SUV Prototype Interior FULLY EXPOSED And Heres Whats NEW By Rons Rides

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