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Altair Club Cars 2022 Lucid Air REVIEW | Buyers & Investor Guide | Crash Testing | Interior & Exterior | Supercar

2022 Lucid Air REVIEW | Buyers & Investor Guide | Crash Testing | Interior & Exterior | Supercar

Lucid Air. The longest range, fastest charging luxury electric car in the world.

Enjoy your drive enjoy the experience and we’ll be with you every step a warm welcome to everyone joining us here in lucid’s headquarters we’ll see the fusion of the art and the science the technology all coming together in an incredible product which will offer the customer so much more luxury and comfort incredible performance remarkable range so much space

Just the volume of the frunk and the hmi it’s a beautiful piece of art the technology that underpins it is out of this world the automobile is a unique space to curate from a design standpoint we put so much focus on the materials and the space of the interior the color and all the senses we’ve had to be super meticulous about the placement of hardware speaker

Positions throughout the vehicle and all of that’s been done to be very hidden and discreet you’ll notice on the interior of the lucid air there’s not big polished metal speaker grilles and things like everything’s very much hidden away and subtle because we want the sound to lead not the hardware the other side of that goes beyond the music and more into the

Sounds that the car makes so all of the signals warnings indicators and how the car communicates back to you we’re able to control those sounds and really design that to be immersive we have a lot of people in the company that are audio enthusiasts especially around automobile the lucid immersive system is really about this further evolution of dimension

And depth it’s not only about front to rear or left to right it’s also up and down so we have the ability to position sounds position tone whether that’s music or vehicle signals and sounds anywhere in space front back side to side up and down with movement and i think that’s what makes it truly unique because we always look at the automobile as like it’s

A captive environment you know short of having a sound booth at home uh or wearing a high-end set of headphones the automobile is really like a captive sound chamber so to be able to partner up with a technology partner like dolby means a lot the advantages that lucid has is that our drivetrain components are incredibly compact and power dense we push all

Those components down and away to give all that extra space to the passenger compartment it creates a very unique paradigm where we’re larger on the inside but more compact on the outside we’re going to launch lucid air with the exquisite limited edition dream edition this car has over a thousand horsepower not to 60 under 2.5 seconds a standing quarter in

9.9 it’s an incredible and unique fusion of performance and range starts outside the car in our vehicle app this app is tied to your lucid id so as you approach the car it knows it’s you and loads your unique profile you can then use natural voice commands to play music set a stop on your navigation or even check your calendar this lucid id further connects

All aspects of the lucid customer journey to create a seamless experience from retail to web to app to overall in-car experience on the highway dream drive really shines because lucid air is one of the only evs with lidar a high resolution laser scanner dream drive sensing capabilities are remarkable dreamdrive is among the most advanced adas systems when

It comes to object detection display accuracy and safety all of this technology enables highway driving features designed to help keep you safe while making lucid air even more delightful to drive dream drive’s hmi or human machine interface elevates the highway driving experience at all times you’ll know exactly which driving mode you’re in it’s clear and

Natural hmi utilizes visual audio and text cues autonomous parkin identifies parallel and perpendicular parking spots and provides full control as it enters or exits the spot it selects your gears steers accelerates and decelerates using park distance warning dream drive can show you the actual distances from detected objects they’re beautifully displayed

On your screen to remove all guesswork so no matter how crammed tight or crowded the parking situation dream drive makes it happen from day one dreamdrive pro is prepared for what’s to come it’s so smooth and sleek that the learning curve to unlock its incredible features is virtually non-existent thanks to its serious camera suite surround view monitoring

Offers a full 360 degree view of your car giving you eyes on all sides it has an impressive 32 sensors all seamlessly integrated into the design that see things the human eye cannot and with a fully comprehensive vision package short and long range radars an array of ultrasonic sensors from the very beginning our core mission has been to accelerate the

Adoption of electrification for the last 13 years we’ve been pursuing this goal we began by advancing our battery technology under our ativa brand where we logged over 20 million miles in real world driving data armed with everything we learned we then turned our efforts to creating the best car in the world by rethinking from the ground up every single

Aspect of the vehicle’s engineering and design on the design side we wanted to simplify the vehicle to its core essence to create something future forward yet timeless we wanted our car to be effortlessly sleek seamless and to cut through the air like an aircraft this is just the first phase of our manufacturing expansion with phase two kicking off shortly

And scheduled for completion of the first step general assembly in 2022 because if you’re building a luxury vehicle without quality there is no way it requires quality in every step in your design in your engineering in your manufacturing processes and in the people you hire quality must be the foundation and the first principle of everything you do

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2022 Lucid Air REVIEW | Buyer's & Investor Guide | Crash Testing | Interior & Exterior | Supercar By Addy Craft

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