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Altair Club Cars 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring – Owner Review

2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring – Owner Review

While charging my i4 M50i press vehicle, I met this friendly owner of a 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring. Virgil was kind enough to give us a walk-around of his car which he ordered a year ago. Since he ordered it, prices have increased by $12K. Thank You Virgil for spending time with us and providing the insight into why you purchased this particular car. Virgil has owned other EV’s including a Tesla and Porsche, but with 470 miles of range, the Lucid Air is the clear champion of range anxiety.

Hi i’m virgil and i’m the new owner of this 22 lucid air grand touring i just received it about uh four weeks ago from lucid and i’ve got now about 2 000 miles on it it is the grand touring edition um that um i particularly actually love the color as you see that it comes uh with the uh with the great with the gray body with the light silver top it comes with the

Deviated uh stitching and the black front black front interior as lucid has done a more focused uh sporty interior in the front with a kind of a relaxing and sorry with all the other stuff in there but we’re kind of relaxing white uh more inviting interior in the back i’m currently charging here in california southern california she has soft closed doors which

Is a very nice feature just slowly close to doing it’s nice nicely closed the things i like about this car first and foremost is the range in this configuration with the with the wider tires with the 21 inch tires uh they’re i think they’re looking at the back there 265 35 r21s in the back and front you get about 400 mile 470 miles uh for 100 range and uh which

Was important because i want to be able to go from southern california to northern california without having to charge another thing that i’m a big golfer so i wanted to have a large trunk so the great thing about this design with this kind of wide mouth chunker that allows me to have lots of entrance room for not one but two golf bags you see here i have a pretty

Very large opening in the back and with that we also have additional storage down here along with the charging bag and additional storage on the side and what it’s to note is that there’s also this cubbies under here which allows additional storage these actually go in quite easily and along with the se kind of round it entrance design for the uh rear trunk

It’s very easy to move i find to move heavy bags you know traveling luggage in and all the car so that i thought that was a great feature within the design up front you’ll find that there’s a fairly large frunk you can see it opens up electronically and although it looks shallow here look how wide it is you also have additional storage under here and actually

You can put a whole human being in there i hate to be that sounds sick but that just shows you the really the advantage of the design of this car on here which then goes up if you wanted to leave but it probably won’t do it by charging yeah that’s when it stops charging but that that that retracts into the dashboard and um yeah it’s it’s hugely and remember this

Is how much room you have in the back seat i’m currently using electrify america uh you can also i hear i’m using the 150 kilowatt charger but you can also use the 350 kilowatt charger and in my uh kind of in my um uh my experience with this car is that it will get using the 350 watt kilowatt charger i’ll get about 300 miles in about 20 minutes if the charge total

Charge is less than let’s say around 20 percent of course as you’re closer to the 99 charge capacity the charging rate does slow down but that’s it’s amazing this is a car at its uh highest setting as 800 horsepower and you’ll get about anywhere from 420 to 440 real range mile range if you don’t gun it too fast uh what do i think about the build quality i have

A model three which i do love but it didn’t the build quality i think has kind of been suspect i also have a porsche which i love to build quality bit but one of the issues with my porsche is that it doesn’t have the design to hold in hold a lot of a lot of luggage golf golf clubs and things that i enjoy also you probably have to remove your uh your lower limb

Just to get in the back seat for the tie cam so i love this car i’ve had it again for about a month i’ve had up to i’ve had about seven updates since i’ve had it and they’re slowly improving uh the things i don’t like about it well again it’s a startup so uh certain things are kind of slow as far as uh having it wake up when you walk up to it and have enough of

The doors um sometimes it doesn’t respond very quickly uh for navigation and for entertainment infotainment center uh but those are the things i think will be correct over the next year or so with the car uh overall i i think i’ve made a perfect perfect um uh uh purchase for this type of car i think it’s it’s my everyday car and that’s what i want to do but also

Provides me the luxury uh the the quality and the uh the just the driving experience that i look for in a daily driver so uh i would not uh i would say that it’s one of my best cars i’ve ever purchased in my life so far and i have had really no really bad experiences

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