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Altair Club Cars 2022 Lincoln Navigator: First Look, Design Walkaround

2022 Lincoln Navigator: First Look, Design Walkaround

Lincoln shows us the newly facelifted 2022 Navigator, which takes things up a notch with new tech, new style, and some other upgrades. With the Cadillac Escalade and the new Grand Wagoneer for Lincoln to worry about, it was time for the Navigator to get some love. Senior Editor Brandon Turkus checks it out and takes a first look.

When lincoln introduced the fourth generation navigator in 2018 we called it a huge step forward for the brand packed with technology and with a single-minded focus on luxury it was everything we were hoping to see from this american icon but the full-size luxury market is far different now in 2021 with the new and hugely improved escalade on the scene and the

Promising jeep grand wagoneer not far behind with that in mind linking is taking the same approach to luxury and technology that made the navigator a standout with this refresh now this is a refresh so you’re not going to see big dramatic design changes but what lincoln has done has made a few tweaks to bring the navigator more in line with the rest of the

Lincoln family this vehicle debuted first but after that happened vehicles like the nautilus corsair and aviator came out with a slightly softer more elegant design these changes to the headlight grille and front fascia along with changes at the back bring this car more in line with the rest of its siblings out back there are even fewer changes than there are

Up front you have a new vehicle spanning led tail light this is a slight tweak of the existing design and it’s kind of softer and more rounded in the entire assembly and again that’s to bring it more in line with the rest of the lincoln family and kind of tame some of this vehicle’s hard edges that were there when it debuted in 2018 now the interior is where

You’re going to see the more substantial changes and these still aren’t dramatic but they’re the kind of small little details that make a luxury car a luxury car now this vehicle has one of the two new black label trims and that comes with this gorgeous matte wood that on the dash has little square etchings it’s kind of an odd design touch but it really works

And it shows that there’s just a little bit more care in how this cabin was crafted but it’s the tech story that really has us excited about this interior you get a new larger 13.2 inch touchscreen and a 12-inch digital instrument cluster but the biggest news is the arrival of active glide it means the arrival of blue crews this is lincoln’s version of this the

Navigator is the first vehicle to get blue cruise technology and we cannot wait to try it out we’ve driven it in the f-150 already and we were hugely impressed one thing that we did notice that is a little bit disappointing is that in the f-150 where the driver facing cameras and infrared emitters are well hidden in the navigator it’s just kind of got a module

Tacked onto the dash that’s a kind of an inelegant solution for a luxury vehicle that said the arrival of active glide is big news with cadillac already offering super cruise and jeep adding a version of its active drive assist to the grand wagoneer in the near future beyond that you still have the same robust tech suite you have wireless apple carplay you have

A infinity number speaker stereo from revel audio which is arguably one of the best in the business there are these amazing 30-way seats and overall it’s just a very nice place to spend time it still feels like a very well-built cabin with premium materials there is some unfortunate plastic we wish this piano black here were wood but beyond that we really liked

The navigator’s interior before we’re really going to like it now there are also some exciting changes in the back and one of the most substantial if you’re spending a lot of time back here is the arrival of a updated link and play rear seat entertainment system now we don’t normally recommend rear seat entertainment systems because an ipad is cheaper and easier

To replace once these are in they’re in but there are some cool features here it’s compatible with amazon fire tv so you can stream whatever you feel like right to this display and it’s a touch screen so you can swipe around and it’s as responsive as any ipad which is great too as for the seats themselves they’re still the same very comfortable captain’s chairs

With heating and ventilation but you control them along with the audio and the climate via a new 5.2 inch touchscreen mounted here on the center console that’s a cool touch and it definitely makes the back feel a little bit more special lincoln’s design and technological changes bring the navigator far forward in a more competitive segment but it’s the rival of

Active glide only the third ford product to offer hands-free driving that has us most excited with similar technology in the escalade already and coming to the grand wagoneer these three vehicles are going to be competing in a new and exciting way for much more on the 2022 navigator be sure to check out motorone.com and follow us on facebook instagram youtube

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