2022 lincoln nautilus new color
Altair Club Cars 2022 Lincoln Nautilus New Color – Gilded Green Metallic

2022 Lincoln Nautilus New Color – Gilded Green Metallic

For 2022, Lincoln dropped a few colors of the Nautilus only to add a few new ones. In this video, Sam from South Hills Lincoln goes over a review and walkaround of the brand new 2022 Nautilus color, gilded green metallic.

Hey guys this is sam here with south hills lincoln today i want to talk to you about the nautilus i want to show you a beautiful new color that they’re putting on the vehicle for 2022 it’s called gilded green it’s a very interesting color i’m just walking you guys across the lot so i can show in contrast with the background without any vehicles around it so here

We are here it is guys gilded green lincoln nautilus 2022 brand new color this is one of two new colors that they’re adding for 2022 the other one is called bronze smoked metallic it’s really really popular as soon as we get one it just flies off the lot in fact i had to rip the stickers right off this one on a saturday morning just so that i could film this video

Otherwise i’m scared this thing’s gonna pop right off the concrete for 22 lincoln also dropped a couple of colors for the nautilus they dropped four there’s iced mocha artisan blue red carpet and a fourth one called green gem which is a lot more metallic and a little bit lighter than this one if you ask me for the nautilus this color is only available on the standard

And reserved trim levels this is not a fully exclusive color to the nautilus fortunately you can also get this color on the aviator this one is a little bit more of a flat color there’s a very slight sort of metallic flavor to it but overall it’s a little bit more pastel a little bit more ceramic and flat this style is really blowing up right now of using more

Flat colors other makes are using it on lighter colors lingan did it a year or two ago for the dark chroma caviar gray color available on black label exclusive models that fits the same description if you ask me it’s the coolest looking color that you could get on an aviator but maybe that’s just me the interior of this one is sandstone with more of a brown sort

Of cappuccino combination that you’re looking at of course you have the quiet ride lincoln nautilus feels like you’re sitting in a sanctuary driving in a living room watching your big plasma 13.2 inch lcd touch it’s not plasma to my knowledge but let us know what you guys think of this color combination i think it really pops and i’m not just saying that i a lot

Of people really like light interior and dark exterior let us know what you think in the comments below if you guys had a nautilus would you want it in this color have you had the chance to drive a nautilus if not give us a call let us know 724-941-1 always always always make sure to ask for sam we do accept orders for these so if you are strongly considering a

Nautilus i made a video about how to order one and i’m gonna drop a link to that in the description otherwise for more information again call 724-941-1600 and always ask for sam or extension 522 and i’ll take it from there other than that i’m a little new here and i’m trying to work with as many people as humanly possible so i’m going to pay you for every person

Who comes in and buys from me saying that you referred them or you could just give me a call and let me know that they’re coming in for anybody who doesn’t want a brand new lincoln we have a pre-owned inventory we have a ford store i can sell through as well and for anybody who lives far from pittsburgh pennsylvania we do deliver so that’s it let us know what you

Guys think gilded green metallic lincoln nautilus 2022 i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already but thank you so much for watching stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day

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2022 Lincoln Nautilus New Color – Gilded Green Metallic By South Hills Lincoln

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