2022 lexus rx 350 f sport handli
Altair Club Cars 2022 Lexus RX 350 F Sport Handling – POV Review

2022 Lexus RX 350 F Sport Handling – POV Review

MSRP: $52,850

Hey guys this is substitute topher here filling in for the topher today and we are driving the 2022 lexus rx 350 all-wheel drive f-sport now if you are subscribed to the tofur channel you know that this is a car that we are pretty familiar with we drive lexus rx’s pretty frequently but this is the latest one the 2022 not much has changed but i still wanted to

Take you guys out on a test drive to show you what this thing is like this one is a little bit of a different spec than what we’ve had before it’s the 350 so we have the 295 horsepower v6 8-speed automatic we’ve got all-wheel drive and this one has the f sport package so a couple cool exterior bits and pieces we’ve got these different wheels we’ve got different

Sort of chrome colors here for our grill this one’s in nebula gray looks pretty nice we’ve got our f sport badges here on the fenders and you’ll notice that the f sport badge has a white background and starting i think it was uh this model year 2021 or 2022 lexus introduced these sort of different pillars of the f-sport line so you’ve got the f-sport that we

Know the the the the f-sport design that’s your normal f sport then you’ve got this one this is the f-sport handling so this car actually has active suspension it’s kind of strange for a for a um an rx but we have that here on this car and then the lexus is 500 that is an f-sport performance so we’ve got three different tiers of f sport the is 500 performance

That kind of explains itself it’s got the big v8 you know it’s almost all the way to an f car but not quite so lexus is kind of like complicating this whole f sport thing but if you see the white badge just know that that is f sport handling and with every f sport pack you get all of the f sport design language as well so this one looks like any other f sport

Would this i think has wave your foot under it and it opens but you might have to have the key in your pocket and i don’t so just do it this way pretty good amount of room back here as you can see we’ve got f sport rx right here on our little trunk mat as well first aid kit velcro over here we’ve got this privacy shade for if you’re want your luggage to be

Private that snaps all the way back we’ve got this nice sort of luggage net as well so lots of room back here see how long this takes to close would your dogs be able to escape yes well that’s actually not too bad we were driving a mitsubishi outlander this week as well and it shut way slower than that one let’s take a look in the back seat here oh yeah tons

Of room in this lexus rx this is always how this car has been so comfortable lexus always does such a good job with just the softness of their leather and just how plush everything is in here and it just makes everything feel so homey and comfortable and just a very nice place to be overall this one has a very very bright red interior which is pretty sweet i think

It really adds to the sort of f-sport flavor of the car the gray exterior the red interior it is a really really nice speck that’s fancy look at that all goes together really nicely red accents here on the door panels got some nice black stitching here i don’t know what that trim is it’s a little bit textured two usb ports to charge your devices and this one

Does not have a third row this is not the 450 or excuse me this is not the rx 350 350l which adds i think like three inches to the body i think the wheelbase stays the same but the the body’s a little bit longer so we do not have a third row seat in this car but that’s okay you know i think that this is a nice sort of five passenger suv design and it doesn’t

Really need a third row to be the great lexus rx that it already is a couple interesting sort of accessories on this car for one we’ve got these like door edge guards and i don’t know if these come on every rx or not but those are a little bit interesting at least they’re body color but the most irritating thing on this car the most irritating option that’s

Been ticked are these very silly sort of side steps and this car is not high off the ground so they’re really just in the way when you’re trying to get in you have to like step over them and then when you’re getting out they like hit your calf and they like scrape the back of your leg because you’re not thinking about having a side step getting in and out of a

Lexus rx and even when you do use them they feel kind of silly i don’t know it’s just kind of in the way and it costs money so like why would you get them they’re a little bit silly so i would say probably don’t tick that box if you’re ordering a lexus rx as for everything up here it’s pretty familiar we got this new infotainment last year in 2021 it’s just a

Nice big screen which is also touch now that’s very nice if you don’t want to use your mouse pad you can now just use the touchscreen but the mousepad is right here for you standard lexus stuff you know you either love it or you hate it i’m kind of in between uh it’s okay i mean i’m not really huge on it i guess if i’m being honest get some haptic feedback there

With the mouse the infotainment actually reacts pretty quickly just back into the lexus infotainment everything’s down here at the bottom and it makes that nice little ding noise let’s go back into apple carplay because that’s where i feel the most comfortable but below this big new touch screen we still have our little analog clock which i think is so cool i

Hope lexus never gets rid of that the clock is just such a staple and directly below the clock if you go past the hazard switch here we have a cd player as well again just something that’s so like typically lexus and it really just shows you their market and um i like it you know you can’t you can’t fault them for for trying to appeal to their certain buyers that

They’re trying to appeal to clock cd player we do have a volume knob which is awesome it works well it feels very smooth we’ve got our own little climate control panel down here we don’t have knobs for that but we do have physical buttons so that’s always good i’ve got this little phone holder for my phone here it keeps everything nice i’ve got my phone plugged

In here for carplay and there’s like little rubber pieces in here that hold the phone and it keeps it from jiggling about so that’s pretty sweet pretty good room in the console glove box that opens nice and smoothly when you don’t force it like i just did the headliner is a nice material it’s not quite alcantara but it’s like a very sort of soft material and being

That this is an f-sport car we do of course have a black headliner which is sweet i think the black headliner looks awesome with these red seats and overall just a really nice place to be in here all right guys well enough of that let’s go ahead and take this rx 350 f sport handling all-wheel drive i think i got that all let’s take this thing out on the road and

See what it’s like to drive funny enough you actually get a unique shift knob with the f sport package no matter what sort of f-sport trim you go for get that nice perforated leather on there you know it is the f sport way you also get it on your steering wheel here right at the bottom you get your little white f-sport logo there so as i mentioned earlier this

Rx350 has 295 horsepower from that v6 that’s made it here to our eight-speed automatic transmission which you can control manually it’s all right you know this is a 4300 pound suv so the 295 horsepower is really not quick or fast but it feels sort of adequate for this car because it’s a lexus you know you’re not you’re not trying to get anywhere super quickly

Especially in an rx you know this car this car is such a staple in the lexus family i saw an old rx earlier in fact i’ll insert a clip of it right now and it was one of those late 90s early 2000s first generation rxs it was gold you know with those sort of clear and red altezza style tail lights and that just really reminded me of how much of a legacy this thing

Has i mean this car has been around for like 25 years or something it’s been around for a long time and it’s been going steady i’m not sure on the exact amount of generations that the cars had i want to say it’s like four or five but i think we’re going to be due for another generation here next year so i think this will be the last rendition of this generation

Of rx and man has it come a long way from the old gold suv with the chrome tinted windows you always know when you see an old rx going down the road because it’s got those bright reflective chrome window tints which i don’t really know the purpose to or if they’ve just sort of deteriorated to be like that over time i don’t know what the explanation is for that

But you always know them when you see them the overall sort of powertrain performance and throttle response is not really as smooth as i was expecting uh it’s not you know terrible but when i think of lexus i think a very smooth and refined and sometimes this can be a little bit jerky you know you can have some excessive throttle response when you’re taking

Off off the line but when you’re just going down the road it’s totally fine it shifts very smoothly and everything the v6 makes a pretty cool noise but again it’s a little bit loud here we’ll give it a little it kind of makes a cool noise so if i’m being honest let’s go ahead and try out sport mode i wonder if that changes a little bit quicker throttle response

There also got sport s plus which is the sportiest mode you can have in this car it does rev match our downshifts here so that’s nice coming up quick on the van again that’s not a very common sight here in michigan but anyways as you saw pretty flat handling there around that entrance ramp as it should because it’s the f sport handling if i’m being honest i

Don’t have a ton of time in other lexus rxs so i can’t really tell you if it’s worth getting the handling pack on this car i mean really just adequate performance there it’s not quick but no problem at all with passing power and with transmission kick down as well not bad at all what i can tell you is that even with this f sports handling package with the

Active suspension and whatnot the ride is still fantastic this thing just floats down the highway over bumps no interior rattles no exterior rattles no anything it’s just so smooth it’s very tailored to the driver’s comfort and i love that about lexus and you know why not throw on the f sport appearance package or f sport handling package i love the red leather

It just adds more road works reported on the road ahead thank you jeeves appreciate that it just adds more flavor to this otherwise sort of what would be a boring suv so we’ll give that to lexus and um the topher will be happy i’m mentioning this it has his favorite sort of cruise control i own a lexus i have a 2003 lexus is 300 and it has probably the same

Exact cruise control stock that this thing has they’ve been going at this design for quite a while and it just works you don’t have to worry about setting the cruise control on your steering wheel or anything like that you just reach your hand down press in to set it press down and this car has radar crews as well so it’ll keep the distance there uh from the car

In front of you you can choose how you want to do that except i’m not doing it right because i want my what am i controlling right now all right well anyways something i found with lexus is sometimes they follow a little bit further back than you would really like them to follow it’s still usable it’s still a system that that you can use and not feel bad about

You just have the occasional moment where you’re like am i holding up traffic right now because i’m so far back from this car but you get over it eventually yeah not too bad a little bit of attraction or stability control going in there it was a little bit jerky off the line i like how even in their suvs lexus still has the like shift light that comes on

The whole cluster turns red when it’s time to shift i think that’s pretty cool i just realized as well we’ve been driving this in sport s plus since we got on the highway very very quickly reacting paddles i’m very surprised actually at how fast these react i wanted to test out the handling part of the letter here a little bit of understeer through there but

Nothing too serious and we’ve caught up with traffic so let’s go ahead and push down put this thing back into normal mode back into drive and drive it like everyone else is going to drive their lexus rx alright guys so before we wrap up today i want to test out the mark levinson sound system in this rx this car has the navigation package which means we get that

Mark levinson premium audio so let’s go ahead and try that out we’re gonna do a quick little highway drive here and just vibe to some ncs i don’t have the topher’s sound system test playlist in fact i should probably get that from him but um let’s just see how this mark levinson system sounds nice is all right well that song was like equally as

Hardcore but you get the idea that was just sort of an abbreviated sound test uh because we are going to wrap up our review here but that sound system sounds great i think charlie from daily motor would probably give that an a tier which would be high praise from him i don’t actually know what he gave the sound system but if i had to guess i would say that it’s up

There i mean that’s a that’s a pretty good sound system we usually hear very good things from lexus and their mark levinson systems especially in the lexus ls and lx but this rx is no exception it sounds great but otherwise this lexus rx is really just what you’d expect it’s a very nice comfortable luxurious soft family suv crossover all right guys well that’s

Going to wrap up our review here of the lexus rx there’s another lexus rx look at that people love them do have a 360 camera here that tells me i’m parked over the line all right welp that is going to wrap up our video here on this lexus rx350 nice power steering wheel i love that about lexus is the steering wheel just moves out of your way so you can have an

Easy time getting in and out of the car you know one last little walk around here all right everyone well i hope you’ve enjoyed watching this rx350f sport handling this has been substitute toe for filling in for the toe for today we’ll be back to your normal topher content very soon all right everyone well thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you very soon in the next video

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