2022 lexus is 500 f sport perfor
Altair Club Cars 2022 Lexus IS 500 F SPORT Performance | MotorWeek Track Test

2022 Lexus IS 500 F SPORT Performance | MotorWeek Track Test

When it comes to small, luxury-minded sport sedans, it’s all about balance. And over the years, Lexus has been all over the place with their IS 4-door. Too much luxury for some, not enough for others. Too much technology, not enough performance—and on and on. Let’s hit the track in the new IS 500 F Sport Performance and see if they’ve finally found that perfect balance.

Motorweek is made possible by lucas oil tirerac.com and rockauto.com when it comes to small luxury-minded sports sedans it’s all about balance and over the years lexus has been all over the place with their is4 door too much luxury for some not enough for others too much technology not enough performance and on and on so let’s hit the pavement in the new is-500

F-sport performance and see if they finally found that perfect balance 2021 saw the arrival of a lexus is that was not all new but with significant updates to further its mission of both offering the lexus faithful a legitimate sports sedan as well as attempting to attract buyers away from the european brands that have for so long dominated the segment for 2022

The news gets even better with an is-500 f-sport performance model that sparks a total f sport revamp as the first model to come from what is now known as the f-sport performance line the is-500 f-sport performance was designed with u.s buyers in mind thus there’s a roaring v8 under this compact sports sedan’s new raised hood and if that story sounds familiar to you

You’re on to something the is first arrived here in 2001 strictly for the purpose of competing with european sports sedan lexus then launched f sport in 2008 with the 416 horsepower v8 powered isf so now here we are again with that same 5-liter naturally aspirated v8 engine setting this is-500 in motion it’s been updated of course 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet

Of torque are the current numbers same as found in the latest lexus rcf coupe much like the rcf it’s a fairly easy rear-wheel drive car to launch lots of grip and a chassis that likes to hunker down and spring off the line we hit 60 and 4.4 seconds as lexus predicted we would the is-500 still works with the same eight-speed automatic and while it won’t fool

Anyone into thinking it’s a more advanced dual-clutch setup shifts are about as quick and aggressive as it gets for a true torque converter trans our best quarter-mile pass was 12.9 seconds at 112 miles per hour the is-500 comes standard with f-sport’s previously optional dynamic handling package it includes an adaptive variable suspension with a more aggressive

Tune a limited slip rear differential unique yamaha performance dampers and larger brakes now the is-500 is strictly rear-wheel drive where the lesser is-350f sport can still be had with all-wheel drive as an option for best handling results engage sport s plus mode which adjusts steering response and stiffens up the active suspension chassis response is quite

Immediate but keep input smooth and deliberate as intervention systems always seem to be lurking in the background and can be quick to trigger this is just shy of 3 900 pounds of vehicle so the rear tires do struggle to maintain grip at times and lexus’s overall soft demeanor remains but there was minimum body roll and a very neutral feel with no excessive oversteer

Or understeer not to say you can’t find a little oversteer if you go looking for it and when you do the is-500 provides enough feel to easily control slides it’s not quite the return of the isf but a clear step in that direction is 500 brake rotors are larger by about an inch for both front and rear and also get additional cooling airflow and despite a very soft

Pedal they held up quite well through our few days of hard track abuse the is-500s hood is raised by two inches with highly sculpted center character lines new front and rear bumpers unique grille tweaked fenders dark chrome window trim rear diffuser with quad exhaust tips lighter 19 inch 10 spoke alloy wheels rear lip spoiler and special badging to highlight its

Status above other f-sport offerings inside there’s a new perforated leather steering wheel that feels nice and compact f sport pedals and kick plates and some unique displays for the instrument cluster a premium version adds a 17 speaker mark levinson surround sound audio system navigation panoramic view monitor power rear sunshade and tri-beam led headlights

Pricing for this is 500 f sport performance starts at 57 575 dollars with premium trim costing just 4 500 more the 2022 lexus is 500 f sport performance truly holds up the performance part with a raucous v8 that’s a glorious departure from turboland now we’re not convinced the revamped f-sport lineup has achieved that perfect luxury sport balance just yet but we

Sure love a good v8 and did find the scales tipping more and more in lexus’s favor you

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2022 Lexus IS 500 F SPORT Performance | MotorWeek Track Test By MotorWeek

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