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Altair Club Cars 2022 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport – POV Driving Impressions

2022 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport – POV Driving Impressions

MSRP: $45,550, Price as tested: $53,875

Foreign a 2022 lexus is350 f-sport handling all-wheel drive substitute topher is in the passenger seat greetings greetings we have a 3.5 liter of v6 makes 311 horsepower 6-speed automatic the all-wheel drive cars get the six-speed auto the rear wheel drive cars get the eight speed this is mechanically identical to the rc 350f sport that we had a couple months ago

Let’s walk around this we’ll talk about what it’s been like to live with and drive this week cool all right let’s see what the outside looks like this is painted in silver with a red interior looks super sharp it’s actually such an attractive car outside yeah it does look really nice i love the way these look yeah the refreshed front end is cool too we have 19

Inch wheels that updated lexus spindle grille just a very sporty looking four-door sedan i love the hips oh yeah nice wide hips yeah just i think a good looking car from pretty much every angle some people hate the way these look but i really i i like it look at this trunk opening this is massive yeah folding rear seats you even get a spare tire that’s how old

School this lexus is they give you a spare i love it back seat you want to show me what that looks like i would love to chris is a little bit taller than i am at five foot eleven i’m five foot ten so seated behind my driving position good the is has always just had enough room in the back enough space yeah let’s take a look under the hood at three five v6 311

Horsepower very smooth fuel economy isn’t amazing only 26 mpg highway and 19 city for a 22 mpg combined rating but i probably do a little bit better than that have you done a fuel economy test on this yet or no so i have to go check out the daily motor video on the is-350 f sport all-wheel drive that we had last year they have a real world fuel economy test on

That so i feel like this car is just kind of the right size too it is it’s the right size for 2022 because i feel like my first genius is the perfect size and was the perfect size for 2003. yeah it’s grown just slightly but so has everything so yeah they’ve kept that formula just about perfect it’s still a manageable vehicle on a road fits in the garage well nice

Looking reverse camera i mean the lexus has done a nice job updating this car and keeping it fresh given how long this generation has been out and i like that they’ve added a touch screen recently yes the screen just kind of juts out of the dashboard it’s not as beautifully integrated as it could be but the functionality is improved i think that’s worth it i love

The feel of the buttons and the just the feel of this interior is so high quality i’m not seeing that same quality from some new rolex this is like the nx yeah also use some materials because this stuff isn’t going to scratch you know and they that’s right put this in just the right spot you’ve got a little bit of piano black up here but where it really matters

All of this is non-reflective and on the sunny day like today that makes a big difference yep all right let’s take this for a drive we’ve got all the luxury features the heated ventilated seats three seat memory settings the whole family can drive this car and you can all be very comfortable yes immediately do you know the price on this 53 53 grand not bad not

Bad so we have a few different drive modes eco normal sport and that’s it that’s it i’m used to eco normal custom sports sport plus uh no we just get three drive modes and that’s all you really need huh it’s fine yeah normal has very smooth transmission programming it’s sport ramps things up a little bit it gets a little bit jerky to be honest especially with

This six-speed auto oh and one of my only complaints about this car previously was the asc i think it’s an automatic sound control or something along those lines there’s a little twitch down at the bottom here where you can turn that on it’s on right now and it kind of plays augmented engine sounds through the speakers it’s just not a very pleasant sound but

Lexus is very smart and then it created a physical button for it and you can turn it off so here it is off that sounds more like a regular v6 which i appreciate so the tall gearing with the six-speed kind of puts a little bit of a damper on your fun with spirited driving but it’s not bad honestly i’d probably take the eight-speed auto rear wheel drive car yeah

You also have that little hump by your right leg with the all-wheel drive car oh yeah that’s right transfer case or whatever there’s a little tiny yeah there’s a little yeah little bump divot bump by your foot i didn’t notice until you mentioned it yeah no i you you don’t really notice it unless it’s pointed out but then once it gets pointed out it’s like oh wow

There’s like it’s a bit it’s a big intrusion yeah but as a daily driver just driving this thing around normally a little acceleration around here or there the v6 sounds great yeah it’s too bad it’s not more fuel efficient but that just again kind of shows the age of this car let’s miss like the low down torque of the 2jz yes that is such a great torquay engine

Yeah this you really have to rev out and the gearing is very tall yeah second gear is over 60 miles an hour on one hand i like that they still have a six-speed in this because it’s not the new 10-speed automatic that’s got all sorts of gears and it never knows which one to choose but at the same time i’m like uh the gearing is way too tall i think eight in the

Proper number of years and i like a five-speed manual yeah miss five-speed manuals yeah well you just have to get a polaris slingshot exactly with the old miata transmission yeah yeah it’s very quiet it is you know what’s funny i was i was at the grocery store yesterday in somebody at the jeep their car alarm was going off so annoying and i get in this lexus and

I shut the door and i just couldn’t hear it anymore completely quieted this in here that’s funny let’s see what eco mode oh much more dull throttle response oh this also has the adaptive suspension yes so we should be able to feel a little bit of a ride quality difference between sport and normal mode sport mode still rides fine yeah but it’s just a little bit

Softer i always appreciate how lexus can do all this like f-sport handling stuff but they can still make the car ride so smooth yes yeah they do a good job with it yeah our traction off just a little we’re getting a little so that’s normal mode a little bit of understeer i still feel the 3 800 pound weight of this car yes yeah there’s definitely a good amount

Of safe understeer to this chassis and the all-wheel drive car it does feel a bit heavier and more cumbersome to chuck around it’s not as nimble willing to turn in all that good stuff it’s about 150 pounds more than the rear wheel drive car which isn’t terrible no it’s not terrible but um definitely kind of upsets the beautiful balance though lexus achieved with

The rear-wheel drive car really i think the only reason you’d want the all-wheel drive is if you live in a state or an area that gets snow yep it’s probably pretty hard to find a rear wheel drive lexus is in michigan obviously at the dealer i bet they don’t even stock them foreign yeah 70 miles an hour very quiet quiet it’s very nice i’ve always thought one

Of these cars would just make an excellent daily driver it’s not the best at anything when you compare it to the competition but overall it’s just an easy car to live with it’s not overloaded with complicated tech and difficult to use switch gear peace of mind yeah it’s gonna be super reliable the steering is really nice it has a great weight to it yeah they’ve

Actually done a pretty good job replicating steering feel from every like is generation to generation because the steering feel in my car even though it’s hydraulic it feels similar to the steering in this car at high speeds at low speeds it’s a little different but interesting yeah yeah you have great steering fill in your yeah your ios driving your is almost

Reminds me of a four-door brz yeah i agree i love that car the differential kind of acts the same way shorter wheelbase a little bit smaller yeah torque feels great if only they could recreate some sort of an inline six i think this would be a super proper evolution oh man yeah i’m just personally like not a huge fan of v6s so all right chris any final thoughts

On living with this is this week other than just ease of ownership or living with ship daily operation the operation i mean it’s really been great it’s not it’s not stress inducing to drive this car anywhere i mean even though it’s a sport sedan 50 whatever thousand dollars like i feel like i would just be comfortable getting in this car and driving it anywhere

Driving into california whatever that’s a really good point it’s both sporty and relaxing yes which is sometimes a difficult combination to achieve yeah lexus has that pretty dialed in otherwise though no real irritations extremely well put together interior no rattles so solid yeah the build quality with this yeah is our rc generation is just off the charts same

With the gs yeah yeah unfortunately they got rid of that but yeah no i think that’s that’s definitely highlight with this car okay guys well again we’ve already reviewed this in the past but we had one of these at our disposal this week so i figured we’d just kind of do an updated refreshed video and uh tell you about the asc just kind of talk to chris about his

Thoughts and uh an interesting discussion about this and your first generation is yeah how i think they’ve kind of kept the same philosophy going of course they’ve gotten rid of a manual transmission didn’t they offer a manual on these in the mid-2000s briefly the is-250 had a six-speed or something the second gen is also had a manual but after that i killed it

Yeah i’ve only seen a couple of them listed here and there same yeah they’re super rare they may even be rarer than the first gen yeah which was only five percent manual so well they’re not coming out with a manual ever again that’s done but yeah it’s nice because this is old enough that yeah they’ve done a little bit of a refresh these last couple years but you

Can get one of these at a pretty decent price he used and it’s minus apple carplay and a couple other things it’s virtually the same car uh to drive so they’ll people are probably going to want car play in there at lexus is if they’re going to get one you can retrofit carplay you can let’s have a buddy with a 2017 is okay it’s got carplay in it okay so yeah that’s

Nice there’s so many systems and plug and play solutions or even if you take everything apart replace the infotainment screen with something newer yeah yeah that’s neat yeah he just got it done at the dealer they did it at the dealer oh really wow that’s great yeah cool yeah i know grom is a company that makes a lot of retrofits for carplay but if the dealers

Are doing it these days that’s even better yep cool probably costs 800 000 bucks or something like that but that’s worth well worth it yeah easier than going out and spending an extra 20 grand for a newer is just to get car play exactly so yeah cool all right chris well thanks for bringing us by today yeah of course uh guys thanks for watching we’ll see you next video take care

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2022 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport – POV Driving Impressions By TheTopher

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