2022 lexus gx 460 black line edi
Altair Club Cars 2022 Lexus GX 460 Black Line Edition is my Favorite GX

2022 Lexus GX 460 Black Line Edition is my Favorite GX

MSRP: From $56,125

Today we’re driving the 2022 lexus gx460 blackline now this is a new trim for 2022. we just drove a gx460 luxury a couple weeks ago that had a price tag of close to 70 thousand dollars this is around 62 grand as tested so much more reasonable price we have a few different features than we did in the luxury this has the standard suspension i haven’t driven a lot

Of lexus gx460s without the air suspension without the adaptive dampers this has coil springs at all four corners and just standard dampers it actually rides really nice we do not have a mark levinson sound system honestly i don’t really miss it this is it sounds pretty good played through spotify played through sirius xm satellite radio it sounds pretty similar

To the ml unit and the big news for 2022 is we have a touch screen with look at it apple carplay and android auto compatibility you can kind of switch between this touch pad down here and the touchscreen display it works great you have a nice high-res view nice and close to the road too so you don’t have to take your eyes off too much i really like this new

Infotainment for 2022 this is a really big improvement they’ve moved around some of the buttons in this center stack uh downhill assist control and four wheel drive for high four low is moved up here instead of down here where the touch pad is now we get heated and ventilated seats a couple usb ports cigarette lighter port down there a pretty crappy reverse

Camera still that is definitely a downgrade from the previous gx but otherwise we’re not lacking too much in this black line trim we even get a heated steering wheel and headlamp washers which is pretty exciting i think if i were going to get another gx which i may someday uh this would be exactly what i would go for this is a fantastic spec let’s show you

What it looks like on the outside oh yeah look at those roof rails 18 inch wheels which actually look pretty good on this we have two 65 60 r18 tires these are black line specific wheels blacked out headlights slightly different grille surround kind of a dark smoked chrome nice looking gx 4.6 liter v8 301 horsepower 329 pound-feet of torque that’s made into

A six-speed automatic transmission with full-time four-wheel drive we get these dark red tail lights which look fantastic swing out tailgate pound towing capacity one difference between this and the luxury is that we do not have power operated third row seats they just manually are operated right there and uh i don’t know how they all the bottoms pop out but

The third row and the gx has never been that useful it’s just kind of something to use in a pinch i had a 2012 lexus gx460 for three years about 30 thousand miles loved every minute of it ended up selling it for my 4runner looking at this makes me want to go back to a gx this is really nice we have a faux leather vinyl material on these seats actually feels

Pretty nice these fold nice and flat we have grab handles at all four doors for passengers to get in and out pretty nice spacious back seat area rear climate control two usb ports down there and arm rest ooh look at that that’s old school and black headliner a lot of people appreciate that the black line i believe is the only gx that comes with black headliner

I know it does get scuffed up pretty easily so that is a positive for this truck let’s take a look under the hood at this legendary 4.6 liter v8 you’ll average about 15 to 17 miles to the gallon and these they’re not the most efficient but they’re bulletproof reliable overbuilt under stressed belt driven fan zero w20 oil listen to that it’s just silky silky

Smooth what a wonderful engine sounds good too and one of the last v8s in an off-road luxury oriented suv let’s take a look at these roof rails and then we’ll hop in go for a drive it’s nice to see these on a gx the roof mounting system has never been very ideal from the factory in the gx and this adds a pretty useful element they don’t make a lot of noise on

The highway either which is good two memory seating settings of course this is a hugely capable body on frame suv you can outfit these with crawl control with various different drive mode settings you can do that after the fact or some i think some gx’s do have an off-road package in the us this does not have that but we have a very off-road capable suv with

Kdss uh a track four low i mean this is a very very capable chassis and you get a little more approach and departure angle in this black line than you do in the luxury which has a lower front valence i think overall this black line trim has just about everything you need and it’s kind of the sweet spot they did a really nice job putting this together and uh

Packaging this new black line for the 22 model year are we getting a new gx i would consider this as my top pick all right let’s take this for a drive we have an interesting steering wheel on this gx it looks like it’s all leather but it’s kind of a plastic faux wood grain at the top it’s kind of rubberized it’s nice and grippy i like it but definitely something

Different i haven’t seen this on a gx before so i don’t know how many gx videos we’ve filmed on the channel it’s been dozens probably at this point but i’ve got to say this is the best riding gx available the luxury is nice and that height control at the rear is useful for towing and maybe a little bit of off-roading but the ride in this is so much better

Controlled it’s so much smoother it’s less bouncy it really feels good and it still handles great this feels a little bit lighter a little bit more nimble we actually have a pretty nice handling suv in this gx460 there’s a 30-70 power distribution to this four-wheel drive system it’s actually pretty rear biased on throttle you can lock the center differential

And that’ll be a 50 50 split for off-road driving you do have some manual control with these gears but at the limit this is actually a pretty neutral chassis it feels really good i don’t think there’s actually that much of a curb weight difference between this gx and the luxury with a different suspension and a few more features they both weigh about fifty

Three hundred pounds but for some reason this just feels a little bit nimbler and a little bit lighter to the touch which i actually really like you can kind of chuck this thing around surprisingly we have hydraulic power steering which provides pretty good feel for an suv and the six-speed auto doesn’t need a shift all the time because it’s just has six speeds

I have great visibility really nice greenhouse looking out of this gx all around me even my rear three quarter view is pretty open this is our bumpy road test right here pretty rough section of pavement and this just steamrolls over everything it stays very well composed rough pavement back roads some light off-roading you’re pretty much only limited by ground

Clearance and approach and departure angle and these gx’s you throw a lift kit on them and they become incredibly capable that is another thing about this is that in recent years the aftermarket for these gx460s has just exploded there’s a facebook group called gxor and the number of members has increased exponentially since i bought my gx in 20 chinese 2018 2017.

This is basically the land cruiser prado everywhere else in the in the world but it’s made a little bit fancier a little bit nicer from lexus still built in japan i don’t know what the future holds for the gx whether it’s going to be a turbocharged four-cylinder or v6 but it won’t be as simple and pure of a driving experience as what this offers that’s for sure

Tires are a little bit noisy but they offer pretty good grip and you can turn traction stability control completely off in this thing and have some fun in the winter this will drift around in the snow or on a dirty back road pretty fun to hustle if i’m being honest on the highway we have some new safety features and some new driving assistance systems we have

Adaptive cruise control lane keep assist which is just kind of a lane keep assist system it doesn’t really do any steering we still have hydraulic power steering in this gx after all but at speed it’s pretty quiet we don’t even get a european style turn signal you have to hold the stock for however many uh turn indications you want the adaptive cruise control

Works okay i believe it will work until 36 miles per hour or so so below that speed it’ll beep it’ll shut off you have to do all your braking yourself a nice system to have but again still kind of makes and dates this car makes it feel a little bit more old school i’m very impressed with the ride quality on this standard suspension it is just about perfect it’s

A really nice ride handling balance for an suv this size not as floaty and all over the place as the 4runner trd pro it’s well composed but it’s not overly stiff like it is in the luxury with the adaptive suspension and air air springs steering feel is nice too i mean i i can just kind of chuck this thing around it has a lightness to it that’s really really

Very appealing there’s something about these gx460s that they just feel like they could kind of tackle anything there’s a solidity here that is lacking in a lot of newer suvs there’s no shakes no rattles this just feels so solid lexus has made some subtle improvements to the gx over the years too and it’s just small things little things that add up over time

Nvh noise vibration harshness in this 460 is a lot better than it was in my 2012 gx it’s just quieter it’s a more smooth and enjoyable and luxurious experience driving down the road and these new gxs they’ve tuned the throttle a little bit better it’s a little more linear less touchy off the line brake pedal feel is improved too little things that add up small

Tweaks they’ve actually added usable cup holders now compared to when the gx first came out traction control system seems a little bit less intrusive too i don’t know if they’ve made too many changes to that but pushing at the limit on some of those corners back there didn’t seem to kick in as much as it usually does this new steering wheel is growing on me

A little bit too feels a little bit more a little bit sportier than the four-spoke wheel that we used to have with the gx driving position in this is fantastic my door panel isn’t so high that i can’t rest my arm on the wheel comfortably this feels very nice these arm rests are adjustable i’m very comfortable in these seats did a lot of long road trips in my

Gx460 and i found it to be an incredibly comfortable car on long journeys you can even eat out 20 21 miles to the gallon on the highway in these things too if you’re to keep your speed at a reasonable rate get some neat little features like the sunglass holder and mirror that shows you your backseat passengers you can spy on the kids or anyone in the back

Pretty easily alright guys well there’s the gx460 black line um i think let’s do a quick walk around of this and then we’ll wrap up this video with a sound system test again we haven’t really tested the non-mark levinson unit in these and i’d be interested to give you guys a little bit of a comparison so anyway i think that’s going to be it for this one i

Really really like this gx this is this really speaks to me it’s easy to lift because you don’t have to deal with the air suspension or adaptive dampers this would be the one that i would recommend if you want to use a gx for more rugged off-roady things or you just want a nice daily driver really the only negative to these 460s is their fuel economy they do

Require premium fuel though they’ll run okay on regular uh you just won’t get the extra power and probably recommended to stick with premium so that is an expense that’s gonna last the lifetime of the vehicle but factor all that in the driving experience just the nature of these cars the way they feel on the road i think it’s a worthy concession and this is

My favorite gx that i’ve driven to date i think this is just a great new spec a new package from lexus would highly recommend one if you can get your hands on one these days all right let’s hop in we’ll do a sound system test and uh that’ll probably wrap up this video this black line also comes in a green that is just gorgeous i don’t know the name of it but

It’s a beautiful color you’ve probably seen some pictures of it online in black though this looks pretty sharp too i like that this is actually a touch screen too that’s pretty useful okay so oh oh this base model sound system is still very very nice like i said i do not miss the mark levinson unit i can barely tell the difference if i’m being

Honest with most listening scenarios especially when you’re streaming satellite radio or spotify from your phone um and you’re not using very high quality source material i can’t really tell the difference so anyway you’re not missing out on much there big fan of this gx i want one again dang it i shouldn’t have driven this it’s gonna be an expensive test

Drive someday i don’t know if i’d go out and get a new one for 60 grand but in a couple years maybe finding a used example that would be mighty tempting all right well anyway until then that’s the end of this uh thanks for watching super glad to be able to get a chance behind the wheel of this black line i’m glad i drove this because i do really like it a lot

More than the luxury trip anyway that’s it for this one we’ll see you guys later take care

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2022 Lexus GX 460 Black Line Edition is my Favorite GX By TheTopher

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