2022 lexus es 250 review lexus o
Altair Club Cars 2022 Lexus ES 250 Review | Lexus Of #Windsor

2022 Lexus ES 250 Review | Lexus Of #Windsor

2022 Lexus ES 250 Review | Lexus Of Windsor

Hello everyone welcome to lexis of windsor my name is afran ahmad i am the assistant sales manager here and today we’re going to talk about a very special car that’s frankly because it’s at home as well we’re going to talk about the refreshed redesigned 2022 lexus es the es got its full redesign in 2019 that’s when lexus applied their brand new architecture the

Tnga platform on the es as a result it was split into multiple variants right all for you guys the es was split into the es250 then you have the es350 and you have the es 300h which is the hybrid powertrain right and along with these you have available packages like the premium package the luxury and the ultra luxury packages and the f-sport series one and two

Let’s take a closer look at these packages let’s start with the es250 right now this vehicle is available in a standard and in a premium package the vehicle comes with a 2.5 liter four-cylinder motor and it only comes in that engine so as to allow for the all-wheel drive system correct the es is now available in an all-wheel drive powertrain that is complements

To the es250 and its four-cylinder motor this four-cylinder generates about 203 horsepower and it’s available with all of lexus’s premium features in the car starting with the adaptive headlamps you’ve got the parking sensors you’ve got the 12.3 inch display with the lexus navigation all of the safety systems and many many many more right now after the es250 you

Have the big boys the es 350s right starting with this one now this is an es 350 2022 ultra luxury package well what makes the es350 that’s because this one has the 3.5 liter b6 generating a full 304 horsepower which is plentiful for you to get that smooth ride on the vehicle and the best part about these cars is that these cars are super quiet that’s because the

The underside of these cars is completely insulated so once you’re in the cabin which is soundproof by itself and you have this 3.5 liter engine that’s taking you through those highways real quietly you get a sense of complete tranquility in the vehicle adding to a completely different experience when combined with all those driver-centric features in the vehicle

Now with the es350 and the ultra luxury packages in the vehicle the first thing you’ll notice is you’ve got the updated spindle grille in the vehicle this was updated for 2022 and you now have the triple beam just like last year but this time you have the byscan lens feature on the vehicle these are adaptive front lighting systems which basically adapt to the

Drivers movements on the vehicle now apart from that you have the full set of features one beautiful feature about this car is the available panoramic sunroof along with heads-up display mark and levinson sound systems full intuitive parking systems with rear cross traffic alert blind spot and the automatic braking systems now this car was specifically designed

For those of you who like the executive but what if you want to have some more fun right so for the first time ever in the lexus ess history the vehicle is now available with the f-sport aesthetic package on them exactly the f-sport package now what does the f-sport bring you it brings you the exact same features that you saw in the ultra luxury package but it

Brings to you the beautiful blacked-out spindle honeycomb grille in the front to give you that aggressive sport feel they’ve blacked out the wheels this time right so the f sport was launched last year but this year it comes with blacked out 19-inch wheels as opposed to the 18-inch soundproof wheels on the ultra luxury package now you’ve seen the exterior let’s

Go take a look at the interior of the vehicle real quick now we are inside what is considered some of the best interiors in the automotive luxury business right now there’s a lot of things to talk about in this car and i’ll try to keep it as short as possible but let’s start with something that i personally like especially that i have one of these cars right so

The first thing first the door it makes a crisp sound that gives you full assurance that this car is completely sealed now here’s my favorite part about this car when you’re ready to go your seat automatically adjusts to your preferred driving position and it’s not just the seat that automatically adjusts itself this car is fully designed to automatically

Adjust the entire climate the heated and the cooled seats and the steering wheel heating system as well now what that means is you can just have everything set to automatic thanks to the lexus concierge system in the infotainment system and once you’re in the car and you turn your system on ready to go the whole car is set to your preferred settings or to the

Best settings based on the climate outside that is one of my favorite features on this car that i don’t have to do anything i don’t have to switch on the heated steering wheel i don’t have to worry about heating or cooling my seats or what level of seating uh the heating is required on the steering wheel i don’t have to worry about any of that stuff i can have

Everything set to automatic switch on the car and i’m ready to go now adding to all those lovely features are the driver centric options in this vehicle that add to that absolute tranquil ambience that this car provides now starting with the steering wheel which is beautifully leather clad with a slight wood trim in the vehicle along with the paddle shifters to

Give you that smooth comfort feel when you hold the steering wheel on the vehicle your digital display in the front is crisp with high definitions and it’s perfectly lit so you can see everything clearly you’ve got the heads up display so you can see all your information on your windshield and you don’t have to look at specific information away from driving

And then you have this beautiful 12.3 inch display that was introduced in 2022 by bringing it forward and making it a touchscreen yes lexus listen to you we used to have the screen in the back it’s front now and it’s an available touch screen system but at the same time you also have this lovely trackpad here that lets you operate the screen from the comfort of

Your armrest right over here so you’ve got the trackpad you’ve got a lovely 12.3 inch display the display comes standard with apple carplay and android auto system so you can just plug in your phone and have your phone on this lovely 12.3 inch display there’s nothing better than that you’ve got a fantastic panoramic sunroof available at your disposal you can

Leave the curtain open to have an open cabin feel but at the same time with the curtain open as well there’s not there’s very minimal sound coming into the car and why do you worry about sound coming in when you’ve got mark and levinson audio in the vehicle that’s right mark 11 is an audio systems in the car once you plug your phone in you’ve got your music

Playing in a lovely 12 speaker system that when drowning out the outside sound gives you a beautiful feel inside this fantastic cabin now this cabin is available in multiple color options for both luxury ultra luxury the premium and the f-sport packages you’ve got the black seeds you’ve got the lovely semi-adeline cognac color the glazed caramel color on the

Other packages and then the f-sport of course is available in the circuit red with the f-sport bucket seats in the vehicle so what more can you want the lexus es is available in array of packages you’ve got the es350 with the six cylinder you’ve got the es250 with the four cylinder you’ve got the 300h with the hybrid powertrain systems premium and ultra luxury

Packages f-sport aesthetics all-wheel drive multiple interior options multiple exterior options you’ve got a cloudburst gray you’ve got the new iridium you’ve got the moonbeam beige new colors for 2022. all of lexus’s safety system features are available standard on the on all the models you’ve got the pre-collision the braking the lane departure alert with the

Lane tracing assist you’ve got the dynamic radar cruise control you’ve got the blind spot with the rear cross traffic light all available standard on these cars apple carplay android auto and then you have a car that is absolutely fantastic of a machine to have in your driveway so we look forward to seeing you here at lexus of windsor we have these cars in stock

Come on in take them off for a test drive and then you will see what i was talking about when i was talking about all the features in this video we look forward to seeing you alexa windsor real soon guys until then stay safe take care and we wish you and your family and friends a very merry christmas and a happy new year see you here soon take care

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