2022 kia telluride front emblem
Altair Club Cars 2022 Kia Telluride front emblem plastidip

2022 Kia Telluride front emblem plastidip

Good morning and welcome to did i fix that today is father’s day 2022 so happy father’s day to all the dads out there hope everybody’s having a great father’s day um the project for today is um kind of fixing what uh kia in my opinion messed up on as far as the emblem on the front here this is a nightfall edition um telluride and it’s got a brushed metal emblem

On the front of it so we’re gonna take care of that today so um tools you need for this job is um just some generic windex or window cleaner some isopropyl alcohol um some tape a little towel and some plasti dip and uh this holds up okay it’d be interesting to see how well it holds up on the front end of the car i did my other car here uh that’s about eight months

Ago granted it’s on the back of the car doesn’t have a lot of wear on it so to speak but i mean it’s holding up fine um looks pretty good looks like it came from the factory like that it didn’t originally it was a silver badge so it didn’t have much contrast that’s why i did that but at any rate so the first thing you want to do is grab your windex and we’re just

Going to kind of hit that and clean it off rag and this is i’m basically i’m just trying to um trying to get rid of any waxes or oils or anything like that that’s on the on the badge from the factory and any bugs or whatever the car only has i don’t know 85 miles on it or something like that so it’s not too dirty yet so then after i’ve done that i will grab my

Alcohol put some on my rag and then i’m just gonna i wet my rag with ice probe alcohol i’m just gonna hit that one more time this just kind of helps get everything off there all right so the next thing i’m going to do now is grab my painters tape and start putting that i’m taping everything off really well and this is a little different than the uh back that i

Did because the back has a nice flat area this is really kind of chopped up and that kind of stuff so i’m going to get a little creative with my tape in here but i’m going to go ahead and start taping it up and i’ll come back in in just a second and show you what i’ve done okay and as you can see i’ve gone ahead and taped everything up um when you’re taping this

Up there’s a little gap in between the grille and the emblem so it’s um i just kind of slid the tape underneath that i did use the edge of actually a razor blade the back side of it like this and just kind of went underneath and tucked it underneath like that i guess you could use a toothpick or something like that as well that would work um so now i’m just going

To apply the plaster dip and um like i did with the back emblem i mean just kind of light coats back and forth and hit all the angles you know going up and into these little crevices really well and we’re gonna put about four or five coats on this so um like i said just all angles just trying to get good coverage on this just take your time it’ll turn out just

Fine so kind of got it let it tack over good then put another coat on there they the plastidip says 30 minutes in between um i’ll be honest with you on the last one the rear emblem i did not do 30 minutes just kind of let it get tack you know you can see when the sheen comes off of it it’s real glossy right now but it’ll dry um dull finish and that’s when you

Know or at least when i thought i could put it on another coat um so i’m gonna put several coats on there and then we’ll tune back in all right so now it’s dry and all i’m doing is just kind of peeling off my um masking tape and this is kind of like the big reveal here but you can see how it’s shaping up um just take your time um like i said when you’re taping

Off as you can see i don’t know if you can see back there there’s a little tiny air gap in between the emblem and the plastic and tuck your your masking tape underneath that probably be i mean if you wanted to do it on the rear emblem as well you can do that i don’t think it’s necessary but at any rate let me get it all peeled off and we’ll get an entire view

Of the front of the vehicle in just a second okay so here’s the big reveal um there’s the finished product get down close and let you guys look at it uh there’s a slight like pebbly type texture to it um which i actually kind of like and i think i remember the one on the my porsche that i did and i think it was kind of like this but after it kind of cures and

Dries a little longer i think it kind of settles down a little bit but at any rate that’s what it looks like um the regular trim on the vehicle is kind of like this black chrome if you will so this is kind of more like matted almost like the grill so it really blends in with the grill um all in all i mean you know total work time probably an hour if that and

Uh just a little patience and you know turned out looking pretty cool so this is really i think the way that they should have come from the factory if you guys would please comment let me know what you think about the looks of the of the car with the blacked out grill i think it looks a whole lot better but at any rate this is a nightfall nightfall edition so

All right guys thanks again and did we fix it yes we did

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2022 Kia Telluride front emblem plastidip By Did I Fix That?

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