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Altair Club Cars 2022 Kia Stinger GT1 RWD: Start Up, Exhuast, Test Drive, POV and Review

2022 Kia Stinger GT1 RWD: Start Up, Exhuast, Test Drive, POV and Review

👋 Checking out the all new 2022 Kia Stinger GT1!! This is a very performance oriented sedan from Kia and also the most underrated! Find out what features it has to offer and how it drives!!

What’s up everyone and welcome back to the channel so today i’m down at keffer kia and we get to take a look at this 2022 kia stinger gt1 so huge shout out to them for providing the sporty sedan for me today make sure you guys check out their website all that info is down in the description the stinger that you see behind me is finished off in ceramic silver and

Has an msrp right around 45 thousand dollars so we’re gonna start off today’s review with what powers this stinger underneath the hood you’re going to find the 3.3 liter twin turbo v6 engine this is paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission and it pumps out 368 horsepower around 6000 rpm and 376 pound-feet of torque as low as 1300 rpm this is rear-wheel drive

Weighs in right around 3 800 pounds it’ll do 0-60 in four and a half seconds up to its top speed of 167 miles an hour and it also has a fuel capacity of 15.9 gallons and you can expect to see around 18 miles per gallon in the city and 25 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 114.4 inches its overall length is 190.2 it has a width of 73.6 and a height of 55.1

Inches as we work our way to the exterior now for this kia stinger let’s start off with these headlight housings so this does have led headlights you can see the quad beam design for the headlights and the high beams right in the middle the led drls are on the top and the bottom and then in the lower corner we have nine individual bulbs for the led turn signals just

To give this a really unique appearance front and center you can see the brushed aluminum kia badge i really like the new design it definitely looks really nice you can see gloss black trim on both sides of the hood along with really nice lines coming down it and then as we work our way to the grill now you can see this surround is finished off in black chrome

There’s also more brushed aluminum surrounding the mesh and plenty of cutouts to provide maximum cooling to this twin turbo engine you’ll see right in the middle we have a forward-facing sensor as part of the adaptive cruise really nice to see how that’s integrated right in the middle of the grill you’ll also notice more cutouts in the lower section and there’s

Also functional air inlets on both sides of the bumper providing better aerodynamics for the sporty sedan and you’ll see there’s really nice lines on the lower section of the bumper they also surround those inlets too just to give it a really nice front end look and as we make our way to the side now we have a staggered setup for the wheels they measure 19 by eight

Up front and 19 by eight and a half in the rear really nice two-tone designed to them along with a multi-spoke pattern and hiding behind this wheel is the brembo brakes so we have a plenty of stopping power for the sedan and also behind the front tire you can see there’s another functional vent so there is a cutout right here airflow can exit that trim piece and

Go down the nice body lines that you see in the lower section of the door we have the black chrome for the side mirrors with the integrated turn signal this does have a sunroof so you can see it’s gloss black in the front section there more lines continue down the side profile just to give it that sporty look you can see the rear hatch there with a nice sloping

Design and then as we work our way to the rear now you can see this has led tail lights with a connector bar that runs right through the trunk we have the turn signals of course which give it a really nice design this also has a backup camera you can see all the parking sensors down below and then in the lower section of the bumper you can see all the gloss black

Surrounding the quad tip dual exhaust and there’s a few fans right in the middle just to add to that sporty design so there’s a look at the exterior for this kia stinger now hopping to the interior this is the key fob you’ll see the kia badge on one side we have lock unlock and the panic button as well so i’m going to go ahead and lock the vehicle you’ll see the

Power folding side mirrors automatically fold in but if i walk up to it place my hand on the door handle all i need to do is push on this button you’ll see the mirrors fold out and then we can go ahead and check out this interior where you’ll see we have a really nice design black leather with silver stitching there’s brushed aluminum surrounding the armrest here we

Have all the window controls along with the side mirror adjustments lock and unlock there’s also a really nice brushed trim piece surrounding the release handle along with one of the speakers this does have a nine speaker audio sound system and you’ll see there’s a little bit of storage down in the lower section of the door as well and then working our way to these

Black leather seats you’ll see gt up in the head rest more of these silver stitching really nice design running down them and good bolstering support and then down on the sides you can see all the automatic adjustments and now it’s time to work our way to the interior for this kia stinger i have the door opened up all the way and you can see with the very low door

Cell it makes it very easy to enter and exit we have the grab handle where you can see more of that brushed aluminum just to give it a really nice touch and looking at the steering wheel you can see it’s covered in solid black leather we have perforations on the side more of that silver stitching and brushed aluminum we have the flat bottom design along with the

Gt badge and now to start this up with my foot on the brake we have the aluminum engine start stop button it’s time to fire this up and looking at this gauge cluster you’ll see over on the left side is the attack and the engine temperature on the right side is the miles per hour and the fuel gauge and then front and center you can see the lcd screen there where

You can go through a lot of information using these buttons over on the right side of the steering wheel you’ll also see that we have all the crews and adaptive cruise control settings as well as the steering assist and then using these ones right here we can go through all this information so you can currently see the miles per hour you can also pull up the tpms

We can pull up some vitals too so that way you can look at these gauges along with the engine start stop you can see that in the lower right just to monitor all of that you can look at that auto start stop again also look at some more driver information like your average trip and your average mpg we can pull up the compass if you’d like to see that along with the

Adaptive cruise so you can see a small icon of the stinger and then any traffic that would be in front of you you can also look at the attention level and then we’re back to this screen here so plenty of information to go through over on the left side of the steering wheel you can see volume and tuning for the radio along with the bluetooth and voice commands we

Even have a favorites button so just by pushing on that you can see on the center screen here it will pull up a few icons just depending on what you use the most you can quickly set it to that button which is nice to see and then we also have the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters they are finished off in more of that brushed aluminum as we work our way to

The left side of the steering wheel you can see the fuel cap release along with the link keeping assist and a dimmer switch for the gauges there’s also one air vent and then as we work our way back to the screen it measures just over 10 inches we have a lot of information to go through if i start off by pushing on the home button there that’s how we get to this

Screen here where you can see a bunch of icons if you like to hide those for any reason we have the calm screen here where you can see the time the outside temperature and if you have the radio on you can see that in the lower left and then going back to all these icons if i push on map you can see that in full screen which is of course great to see you can also

Go into phone phone projection is how you compare your phone to the system we can go into the climate so you can adjust all that information and use those as you need to there’s also a valet mode you can also go to sounds of nature so you can pull up different sounds that you’d like to hear when you’re entering and exiting this vehicle so that’s kind of neat to

See just depending on what you’d like to hear and then the last cool thing i’d like to show if you go into setup you go into vehicle here you can adjust the ambient lighting that this vehicle has so if we go into the lights there ambient lighting and then go into color you can see there’s so many different colors on this color wheel here that you can adjust and

It’s going to be hard to see during the day but we do have that strip running just on the back side you can see i currently have it on purple i’m trying to get a bright color that the camera can pick up of course during the night time it’s going to be really neat to see but it’s really cool to have that on the back of the dash there just gives it a little bit more

Of a unique touch you’ll see the dash also has leather on it we have more gloss black surrounding the base of that nav screen and then front and center you can see three air vents we have the adjustments for them turning them on and off with the center dial and then below that you can see more brushed aluminum we actually have physical buttons for that screen if

You don’t want to use it as a touch screen system you can pull up the map if you’d like to we have power and volume for the radio as well as tuning on the right side you have radio media and setup so it’s really convenient to have those and then just below that we have all the climate controls so we have the dual zone you have temperature for driver and passenger

And you can see those adjustments on the top of that upper screen there which is great to see we have fan speed where you like the air to go a few other research and defrosters and then below that you’ll see there’s a wireless charging pad on the right side there’s also a usb and a 12 volt and a little bit of storage space on this left side you can also close that

You’ll see more brushed aluminum it makes its way around both of these cup holders on the right side and then surrounding the shifter on the left side just by pushing the release on the left side of the shifter if i go into reverse you’ll see the backup camera up here with all the guide lines these sensors are over on the right side too you can go all the way down

Into drive pop it over into the manual mode you can use the shifter or the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters to go through the gears if you’d like to and then behind that you can see the electronic parking brake along with the auto hold you have traction control and then the different driving modes so by turning on the style you can see in the gauge cluster

There we have smart eco comfort sport and custom and then moving behind that this does have heated seats so we have those controls for driver and passenger we have the auto stop feature and then a quick button to the camera system so you can push on that to pull that up if needed you’ll see there’s a little bit of storage space in front of the center armrest and

If i open this up you can see there’s a lot more room along with the removable tray in the back if you need to take that out and then working your way to the glove box you can see there’s plenty of room for all the information we’ll take one last look at these seats really nice bolstering support to them and as i mentioned earlier this does have a sunroof so i can

Use that automatic button you can open up the sunshade you can also use that to open up the sunroof as well so you can see that retracting at the moment also up top you have a few call buttons and then the dome lights are on both sides as well and then as we make our way to the rear seats for the kia stinger you’ll see the door panels finished off just like it is

Up front we have a really nice trim piece surrounding the release handle a little bit of storage space in the lower section of the door and now at 5 foot 10 it’s time to make my way into the back where you’ll see i have the front seat set at my height i have plenty of room for my feet and my legs and then there’s a few inches above my head it’s pretty comfortable

To be in the back even though we have that steep rake to the rear glass there’s still a lot of headroom which is great to see you’ll see right in the middle too we have an armrest along with two cupholders and then making our way back to the middle here we have a storage net on both sides if you need to use those air vents along with the temperature right in the

Middle you’ll see there’s a usb and a 12 volt so that way your back seat passengers can charge their electronics and then you’ll also notice too that these rear seats do fold down so if you need a little bit more storage it makes it very convenient and last up we’ll take a look at the rear trunk storage space now what i love about the kia stinger is that we actually

Have the hatchback design to this rear area here you can see just how much more open that is compared to a traditional trunk so you can pack in a lot of items in this back with the back seats currently up you can see there’s a nice flat area here we have some tie downs on both sides a little bit of an indention on both sides too so you can put an item sideways

If needed and then when you fold these seats down you can remove this cover if you need to it provides you with a lot more room making this a very versatile sedan you’ll also see up under the floor we have some tool kits along with a little bit of hidden storage if you need to use it so definitely makes it very practical and up top there is one grab handle it’s a

Pretty lightweight lift gate making it easy to close all right so getting this 2022 kia stinger gt1 out on the road this has been a really fun sporty sedan to drive i’ve checked out a few this year i’ve even been in the gt2 with the all-wheel drive so it’s really nice how you have different options for the stinger just depending on your budget and what you’d like

To get like i said earlier this is rear-wheel drive we have the twin turbo engine and we have a lot of horsepower so this is basically a straight sleeper because it’s very powerful we have a lot of performance we even have the brembo brakes which are definitely very good as we come to a stop here and i’ve put a few miles on this it’s been a very very comfortable

Driving daily sedan so if you’re going to drive this every single day it’s a great option and if you want a little bit of performance as well in comfort mode we get up to the speed limit there i have noticed there’s a big difference when you pop it into sport mode you get a lot more throttle response so there was a little bit of a delay in comfort mode but as we

Go down we’ll do that same acceleration again in sport mode there is some drama to this it’s not a loud vehicle it’s very very quiet we do have laminated glass up front which allows that to be more comfortable so with passing traffic like that you really don’t even hear it which makes it very very comfortable to drive and then visibility for this is really easy

To see all around too now the pillar over my right shoulder there is a little bit bulky but when you have your side mirrors adjusted properly you can easily look over your left shoulder too it makes it very easy to see so even though we have that steep rake to the rear glass i can easily see that car behind me at the moment and it’s also practical too you could

See i could fit in the back seats we have that hatchback style design so you can throw in a lot more items in this making it very very versatile depending on if you have people or you need that extra storage so it’s really great to see that this pretty much hits all the points as a daily driver and then if you want that performance as i mentioned not even doing

Anything crazy you can feel the the feedback there i’m going back in my seat just a little bit and then relaxing when i take my foot off the brake there or the gas there and so now as we switch over to the pov angle you can see what it’s like to be behind the wheel of the kia stinger i do currently have it in sport mode we have the other settings as i went over

Like eco and smart so if you do want to save some mpg you can put it into eco mode we’re going to keep it in sport mode as we come around this turn here going down to second it’s so crazy to see that a kia can take a turn like that and feel very solid plenty of power to get out of that turn two and if we go all the way up into eighth gear now we’re just driving

Like a normal vehicle so it’s nice to see that performance aspect to this if you’re looking for something that is a little bit sporty something you can take on some back mountain roads or any situation like that you could even go out on the track maybe with this car so one thing i wanted to show real quick is how to use the adaptive cruise so just by pushing on

This upper right button here this is how you can start your cruise control you can use this dial here to control the speed so right now i have it set at 45 which is the speed limit for this road you can also adjust your distance so you have levels one through four that’s the distance with how close you want to be to the vehicle in front of you and how far back you’d

Like to be and this also has the automatic braking so with my foot currently off the gas and the brake we’re gonna slow down with the traffic in front of us so even though i set this to 45 miles an hour that’s the maximum that this vehicle is going to go and you’ll see we just came to a stop there without my foot on the brake so it’s really really cool technology

To have but i think that’s going to wrap it up for my walk around review and test drive getting behind the wheel of this 2022 kia stinger gt1 once again huge shout out to kefer kia definitely check them out i’ll have all their info down in the description below and if you enjoyed today’s review give it a huge thumbs up consider smashing that subscribe button if

You’d like to stay up to date on our daily uploads and i’ll see you all in the next video i’m

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