2022 kia stinger gt twin turbo v
Altair Club Cars 2022 KIA Stinger GT Twin Turbo V6 (Two Dads Review) | BRRRRM Australia

2022 KIA Stinger GT Twin Turbo V6 (Two Dads Review) | BRRRRM Australia

This week we “Fun” and “Family Friendly” review the 2022 version of the last affordable rear-wheel drive performance sedan standing – the awesome KIA Stinger GT.

Hello everyone it’s justin and matt two dads again from australia and mate we’re coming to today in a 2022 twin turbo kia stinger gt okay mate we last drove the kia stinger i think back in 2018 um and it really impressed us it really did yes i guess it’s because it’s pretty much the the last sort of affordable rear wheel drive uh performance sedan on sale in

Australia today yeah and nothing else comes to mind in that segment yeah anymore that’s right it’s the last man standing yeah now mate the one that we’re in today is the top of the range gt version which comes with a twin turbo 3.3 liter v6 pumping out 274 kilowatts at 6000 rpm and 510 newton meters from a low 1300 to 4500 rpm uh all that power drives through an

8-speed automatic back to the rear wheels through a lsd limited slip differential and mate it also stops pretty well doesn’t it with brembo four piston 350 millimeter ventilator brakes at the front and 340 millimeter ones at the back it’s also got adaptable suspension uh it runs 19-inch alloy wheels with 225 40 19s at the front and big 255 35 19s at the rear

And it also comes standard with the 10.25 inch touchscreen like all the high-end keys and hyundai’s um these days as well as apple carplay android auto but you do need a cable to like it is not wireless yeah um the gt comes with powered napa leather sport seats with memory and they’re heated and ventilated as well so we’re spoiled it also has a pretty awesome 15

Speaker harman kardon premium sound system too hey yeah the v6 versions also come with a bimodal exhaust and the gt comes with a head-up display anyway now that you’ve had the stinger gt this week give us your driving impressions what do you think this thing is i’ll just say it straight up it’s fantastic well that’s a quick review thanks everyone it so this

We reviewed the the first one back in 2017 and loved it as you mentioned this thing uh it’s evolved slightly but it still kept its core fundamentals there and fantastic for doing that because it just has everything you’d want and need and it’s just dynamic in every regard i love driving it the yeah it’s just lovely what do you think the uh the performance the

Right the handling right uh it’s they’ve nailed that as well so when it’s in comfort mode it really is comfortable you know we don’t have the best roads in sydney but it just soaks up those bumps really well it’s very comfortable but then when you dial it up to sport you can really feel the difference in the way that the suspension’s been been tuned it it is a

Sporty feel and it really it transforms the way that the car drives so it’s fantastic handling as well it’s a long car obviously it’s a gt but when you drive it it wraps around you really well i really feel that you really feel connected to the car with the lsd in the back as well the way the suspension dialed in handling spot on performance again as well the

Engine’s just really been tuned well it’s quite linear and it’s power delivery but it does have some punch when you get into it but also it’s really smooth as well the engines really they’ve just nailed that as well okay right um i think you’ve answered the question but was it fun to drive absolutely love it so every time i thought i’ve got to go to the shops or

Just did you know normal chores it’s exciting it really is and it’s because it’s so dynamic if you feel like just you know being quite lazy i guess and and having a cruisey drive it does that if you want to get into it it will do that as well yeah it does it does the gt thing really really well doesn’t it like a grand tourer that’s what it feels like it’s not

It’s not a nimble sports car but the gt thing it’s great it’s exactly right okay mate we’ll talk about um family friendliness the practicality safety features in the car now um your opinion of the driving position what do you think yeah so driving position the seat the seats are fantastic um bolster the positioning you’re sitting uh i i believe you’re sitting in

A really nice position as well so you’ve got forward is fantastic and the steering wheel you know infinitely adjustable so really really nice seating position you like steering wheels with flat bottoms this one’s got a flat bottom i do and it’s i love this steering wheel it’s a really nice design uh the diameter is spot on and it’s not too thick but it’s got

Those nice cutouts for the thumb position if you’re really getting into it with the paddles just behind love it driving vision what do you think yeah the rear window is not overly large but you’ve got a really nice size um side mirrors as well so you really feel like you’ve got ample vision easy to park it defies the length because you’ve got all the features

There for the parking assistance cameras front and rear which i found really handy if you’re going to be parking in a tight spot parallel parking so if you need if you’re worried about you know tapping the front you don’t have to because it’s got that front parking camera easy to park it’s so luxurious in here it really appointments are beautiful the brushed

Aluminium look the the actual materials that are used the design everything’s so intuitive as well you just i was looking for how to set things up when i first got into spot on everything’s easy to reach uh and it’s just been really thought of really well and executed beautifully the door handles you just got that sense of luxury to it you open and close the

Doors you just feel like you’re in a you know a super expensive car that’s been well designed engineered and executed in regards to the sound system it’s awesome so i absolutely love it i agree it sounds sensational you’d expect it in a 200 000 car it’s got it in this and you can tune this the sound to your liking so if you like you know dance music it will really

Punch out some bass but it’s also got that nice balance where it just sounds spot-on so infotainment-wise nailed it um mate you said in the back um give us your rear seat impressions what do you think right it feels like a limousine back there it’s so comfortable the seats are just that nice recline so you really feel like you’re sitting in a luxurious vehicle

The materials are spot on and again enough a nice ample view out the side window lots of legroom and being that it’s a fairly sort of low coop uh from the roof line you’ve got heaps of headroom as well speaking of the headroom the headliner or alcantara it’s really beautiful um in the back mate uh good for kids has it got enough um features there yeah it’s got

Vents usbs usbs vents the the the width of the seats you can sit three adults through there comfortably no problem at all and all the you know usb the plugs the 12 volt plugs it’s got everything you need for a long journey and it’s quite interesting in the infotainment i found a quiet mode so say for instance you got passengers you go for a longer drive and they

Fall asleep you can hit a button on the infotainment system turns it into quiet mode so it turns off the rear speakers in the back yeah that’s really good it’s really thought of well so they’ve really nailed that the purpose of this car and brought all these features where you think well that’d be nice they’ve actually included it that’s family friendly yeah very

Much how did you find the boot mate man you could probably sleep in there it’s not deep uh i found it’s not very deep but it’s there’s heaps of space it’s long isn’t it because it’s a hatch so yeah exactly it’s pretty easy to get things in and out because that hatch goes up so spot on it’s it really is easy if you’ve got the shopping or whatever you’re putting

In there it’s very easy to put in and pull out yeah again they’ve just nailed it the um the seats have a split fold as well which is great so um yeah plenty of room for your shopping and stuff yeah made in terms of safety it’s got pretty much all the normal safety features you’d expect for a 22 car but some other interesting things it’s got it’s got autonomous

Emergency braking with junction assist so if you’re at an intersection and you want to turn right and there’s cars coming the other way and it thinks that you’re going to hit the car coming the other way it’ll break for you that’s that’s really good wow lane following assist it’s got a rear cross traffic uh collision avoidance as well when you’re back up um blind

Spot view monitor in the dash too have you seen that yeah and indicate the camera um illuminates up there and like you said before the 360 degree camera is great for when you’re parking so yeah all right we’ll um have a quick chat about value for money now um as we mentioned uh the stinger was released in australia i think in 2017 and we got a hands of it in

2018 which was great this latest version was upgraded this year mainly with the safety tech and that um the one we’re in today has a list price of 64 960. um if you want to get in into a v6 uh a bit cheaper there’s the 330s model which is 55 and 30 but even below that you can get into a four-cylinder stinger they start off at uh 51 250 for a 200s and it

Goes up to 58 930 for a gt line version of the four cylinder which um i think has got similar spec to one of these yeah the price point for this this particular model is exceptional i don’t i just don’t know how they do it it feels like a 200 000 car yeah i think it’s punching above its weight isn’t it the impression you get when you jump in the car feels a lot

More expensive than what it is i mean i’m not saying that it’s not expensive in you know general terms but you’re getting a lot of value for money in this thing aren’t you very much through and through now mate the warranty uh that comes with the car is one of the best in the industry it’s a seven year unlimited case which is really really good now servicing

On the stinger um it’s every 12 months or 10 000 k’s i mean a lot of cars have 15 000 but you know once a year 10 000 k’s it’s it’s on the low side it’s more of a performance car well yeah i guess so if you’ve factored that into the equation yeah it’s not too bad servicing costs uh for seven years mate four thousand two hundred and forty three dollars it’s

Kept price servicing um and even if you just wanted to hang on to it for five years i suppose that’s two thousand five hundred and sixty bucks that’s cheap services yeah very much so okay any particular positive or negative that stands out to you with the car uh i think we’ve got the positives covered there yeah let me rephrase that any particular negative

That you can think about the car uh i was trying to find one over the time that i’ve had the car and i’m struggling to come up with something to be honest i i just can’t i honestly can’t i love this car it’s absolutely brilliant maybe i can only think of a negative about this car could the bimodal exhaust be a bit louder you can’t really hear anything it’s

Not um you know when we recently drove the i30 ends and things like that you can hear the exhaust and the engine noise in those things i know this thing’s a gt yeah but look if the volume of the exhaust was up a little bit more i know that there’s you know um restrictions these days and and you know like um emissions and stuff like that but you know it’d be nice

To actually hear it true okay i don’t think i need to ask this question but i will x factor is it the kind of car that when you drive past you’re going to check your reflection of the car or you’re going to you know when you park it you’re going to look back at it after after you walk away go always very much any opportunity yep i love every angle uh it’s just

Beautiful silhouette front rear everything spot on love it you know what what surprises me mate about this car though like um considering it came out in 2017 it still turns heads this thing like you know had it had it the other day and um parked it and people are still looking at the car so that’s that’s a credit to the styling of the car it’s a great looking car

So well done here okay mate uh question without notice yeah here’s an interesting one recently we had a drive of uh the hyundai i30n sedan um you know it’s great car again um comes from the sister company of kia um maybe you know it’s not really a gt it’s more of a like a you know sporty car sort of thing but between the two of these things i know you love this

Car and i know you rated the i30n um pretty highly yeah which would you choose that’s a super tough question super tough i’m leaning towards this yeah yeah i just think it’s executed exceptionally well and if i think about ownership over a time period of say five years i know i’d still want to own this car in five years time the i30n as much as i love it and

It’s so dynamic and you know the review speaks for itself i just think this is a car that for me i would want to own for a longer term okay just want to put a big thanks out to our friends at kia australia for the loan of the stinger gt this week um mate i’d probably have to say like if you’re out there and you’re thinking about getting one of these the world

Of ev is coming along soon rear wheel drive uh performance cars affordable ones like this aren’t going to be around much longer so if you’re really in the market for one of these and you’re thinking about it grab one while you can what do you think 100 exactly right you will be happy with your choice i just want to also put out a big thanks to everybody for uh

The views the likes the subscriptions um and yeah i guess plenty more to come look forward to it we’ll see you later bye

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2022 KIA Stinger GT Twin Turbo V6 ("Two Dads" Review") | BRRRRM Australia By BRRRRM Australia

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