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Altair Club Cars 2022 Kia K5 GT Line: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround, POV and Review

2022 Kia K5 GT Line: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround, POV and Review

👋 2022 Kia K5 GT Line: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround, POV and Review

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel so today i’m down at kefra kia we’re going to take a look at this 2022 kia k5 gt line so huge shout out to them for providing the sedan for me today make sure you guys check out their website all that info is down in the description the k5 that you see behind me is finished off in wolf gray and it has an msrp just under

30 000 underneath the hood of this k5 you’ll find the 1.6 liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine it’s paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission and pumps out 180 horsepower around 5500 rpm and 195 pound-feet of torque as low as 1 500 rpm this model is front wheel drive it weighs in right around 3 200 pounds it’ll do zero to 60 in 5.8 seconds up to its

Top speed of 130 miles an hour and it also has a fuel capacity of 15.8 gallons you can expect to see around 27 miles per gallon in the city and 37 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 112.2 inches its overall length is 193.1 it has a width of 73.2 a height of 56.9 and its ground clearance measures in at 5.3 inches as we work our way to the exterior now for

This k5 let’s start off with these headlight housings because this has a really nice set of led drls and turn signals you can see that they extend down the side of the vehicle in the top section of the front quarter panel just to give it a really cool and unique look this also has the triple beam design for the led headlights and high beams and it matches nicely

With this front grille you can see how it’s incorporated wrapping right around the headlight housing itself and there’s a really cool pattern in this mesh definitely a lot of openings to provide cooling to this turbocharged engine along with all the cutouts down in the lower section this also has a forward-facing sensor as part of all the technology features and

This model also has led fog lights you can see that the black trim from the center portion of the bumper goes right in between the bodywork leading all the way to those fog lights and this has some really nice contoured lines surrounding them especially down in the lower section of the bumper and then you can see there’s really nice lines coming down the hood

With the brushed aluminum kia badge front and center i think that’s a really cool new logo it’s been on a few of the kia models so far and then as we work our way to the side you can see this has a really nice set of 18-inch wheels they have a two-tone design to them along with that five-spoke design too this has blacked out mirrors along with the integrated turn

Signals and this model does have the full panoramic sunroof so you can see it’s blacked out gives it a really clean look we do have some brushed chrome trim surrounding the windows you can see really nice lines running down the side some contoured lines in the lower section of the bumper and then some subtle lines just underneath the door handles we have that nice

Sloping rear glass to give it more of that coop like design and then in the rear you can see the gloss black trunk mounted spoiler along with that brushed kia badge this does have led tail lights and you can see the connector bar running right through the middle has a cool design with some gaps in between them just to give it more of a unique look you can see the

Dual exhaust down below along with some gloss black trim we have some more off color trim right in the middle with a few fins to give it that sporty design and you can see some more black trim pieces over on the sides with a really nice line running right through the middle and with the exterior wrapped up it’s time to move on to the rear cargo area where you can

Use the button on the key fob or the button to the right side of the backup camera and you can see with the back seats up there’s definitely plenty of room in this sedan we have a lot more room over on that driver’s side and over on the passenger side and these spare tires up underneath where you could place some other items if you needed to and then to fold down

The back seats all you need to do is pull on these tabs on both sides and you can see with them folded down that provides you with a lot more interior space and then this trunk lid is very lightweight making it easy to close and now let’s work our way to the back seats and you’ll see on the inside of the door panel this has some really nice materials you can see

The black leather on the armrest along with this black trim this does have a six speaker audio sound system you can see a little bit of storage down in the lower section of the door along with this trim piece just underneath the release handle k5 is also down on the door sill and now at 5 foot 10 it’s time to work my way into these back seats i do have the front

Seat set at my height you can see there’s a little bit of storage behind the seat as well as plenty of room for my legs and my feet and then i have around two or three inches above my head here it’s actually pretty comfortable in the back you could easily have two other people next to you right in the middle you’ll see that we do have this armrest along with two

Cup holders if you need to use it and these seats as i mentioned earlier also fold down so you can see from this angle here you definitely have a lot more space you can see out of the back glass there along with the small window in the back so you definitely have a lot of visibility right in the middle you can see two usbs we have more storage space over on that

Passenger side and then we can take a look at this full moon roof goes all the way back for your passengers here and then before we work our way to the front seats this k5 does have remote start so if i lock the vehicle and then hold this button on the side this will automatically start up which is a really cool feature to see if you do need to shut this off for

Whatever reason you can hold down that button and then just by clicking on the unlock button we can work our way to the front door panel what you’ll see is finish off just like the rear one this has a really neat design for the speaker cover you can see a little bit of storage space we have all the window controls along with the side mirror adjustments more of

That trim piece running on the upper section k5 is down on the door still just like in the rear seats and then looking at these black leather seats you can see gt line right in the middle really nice silver stitching running down the sides and a cool insert running down the middle these are automatic seats so we have all those adjustments down on the side and now

Hopping in this has a low door sill so it makes it really easy to enter and exit and you can see just how far that door opens so that definitely helps and then looking at the steering wheel you’ll see it’s completely covered in solid black leather we have black stitching running along the inside now it’s time to start this up so with my foot on the brake we have

That brushed aluminum button over on the right side we can bring this to life and looking at this gauge cluster you can see on the left side is the engine temperature and the tack on the right side is the fuel gauge and the miles per hour and then front and center you have a lot of information you can go through using these buttons over on the right side of the

Steering wheel you can see the steering assist as well as the distance pacing we have the smart crews as well as the pages button and these dials here to go through all this info so currently you can see miles per hour you can also pull up the tpms if i push on this pages button you can go to the next tab where it will show you your fuel economy you can look at

Some more driving information as well as pull up the different driving modes so currently the vehicle is in sport mode you can also go into smart normal and custom so just depending on how you’d like to drive this you can easily configure that and then you can also scroll over look at your compass you can look at your attention level so when you’ve been driving

This for a long period of time it will tell you when it’s time to pull over and take a break you can also look at the distance pacing and then over on the left side you can see bluetooth and voice commands along with volume and tuning this also has a flat bottom design for the steering wheel along with the gt line badge and then working our way to the left side

You can see the trunk release along with traction control we have the lane keeping assist along with a dimmer switch for the gauges you can see more of that trim along with one air vent and then right in the middle we have this 10 inch screen there’s a lot of info you can go through on this but over on this left side you can see map which is currently pulled up we

Have navigation so you can go to all those icons to be able to set that up there’s also a favorites button too so you can pull that up and customize this button with what you’d like to use the most you can see power and volume for the radio is also over on that left side and then we can quickly get to this home screen here where you have a lot more icons for your

Map and navigation you can see your phone your phone projection is how you compare your phone to this system you also have media your climate look at your manual and a few notifications and then looking at this home screen here it’s basically more of a calm setting so you can see your music date and time along with a small diagram there for the map so if you don’t

Want to see these you can quickly hide them if we go into climate now you can see you can quickly adjust this when you have it on you do have physical buttons down below which i’ll come back to and then over on this right side you can see shortcuts to radio and media along with seek and track and you even have a setup button too so you can go through all this info

And just configure it how you’d like to so it’s really helpful to have all that info you can see more of this brush trim surrounding two air vents right in the middle along with the hazard button and then coming back to all these climate controls you can see we have the temperature dials for driver and passenger fan speed is right in the center you can see the

Front and rear defrosters as well as some other research controls nicely laid out as well and then in the lower section you can see there’s plenty of room to place your phone or other smaller items you can see a 12 volt along with two usb ports so that’s great to have there’s two cup holders over on the right side of the gear selector and then with my foot on the

Brake you can push the release on the left side put it into reverse so you can see the backup camera appear with the guidelines you can also have these split screens so you can still have that information over on the left side and then you can go into the camera and configure that of course you have a top-down view with the guideline and then you can also go back

To the camera that you just saw very helpful in backing up especially in parking lot situations you can also go over into the sport mode setting here so you can shift using the gear selector right behind that we have the auto hold for the brakes along with the electronic parking brake this is that rotary dial to go through the different driving modes that i showed

Earlier you can see the wireless charging pad is just behind that and you can actually sync your phone down in there just a little bit so that way it’s going to hold in place and then opening up the center armrest you can see there’s a lot more storage you can see a little bit more of that wireless charging pad and then over on the passenger side you can see the

Glove box with all of that room for all the information you need to place there we’ll take one last look at these seats here and as i mentioned earlier we have the full panoramic roof so i currently have the sunshade open we have all the adjustments for the sunroof as well along with the dome lights and you can see some call buttons in front of that as we get this

2022 ikea k5 gt line out on the road for 30 000 you’re getting a really nice sedan as you’ve already seen in today’s video all these materials are super nice we have the leather steering wheel the leather seats all this brushed aluminum and then you there’s a lot of technology for this car you have these super cruise which i’m going to try to do in a little bit

In this video and you have this large screen here with a lot of info to go through so i really like for the money you’re getting a lot it doesn’t have all the crazy bells and whistles but it has everything that you need to make this a great daily driver and as far as maneuverability goes doing a quick three-point turn there very easy to see with that backup camera

And now with it in sport mode giving it a little bit of gas there just a small acceleration with traffic that we have here it definitely gets up and moves so i like with the smaller engine here you still have plenty of power you can opt for a larger engine you can get all-wheel drive just depending on your needs just overall a really nice vehicle we have plenty

Of space in those back seats there as you can see you can fold the seats down too just making it very versatile but with it in sport mode we can give it a little bit more of an acceleration and we’re up to speed so it’s definitely plenty powerful merging out into the highway or under the highway things like that shouldn’t be an issue and now as we switch over to

The pov angle you can see what it’s like to be behind the wheel of this k5 i love the materials on the steering wheel all these controls are nicely laid out as well and since we have a vehicle in front of us we can activate the supercruise here currently has a distance of two and just by pushing that one button it automatically sets it and so that’s pretty much

It you have the speed that you can adjust right here so i’m going to go up to the speed limit and that’s really easy to activate so we have the distance pacing obviously and before we get to the stop here we can see if this is the full radar crew system we’ll take another quick look at visibility so over that shoulder there you can easily see same with the left

Shoulder there quick glance and then as we come to a stop now the vehicle is automatically breaking and we’re coming to a complete stop so it’s really nice to see that feature i’ve been driving a lot of vehicles with the full radar crews now obviously since that vehicle has taken off to the right there the vehicle will go up to speed so of course you have to use

The brake from there but i have been driving a lot of vehicles with this adaptive cruise and i gotta say it is really impressive it makes it very convenient when you’re driving this especially every single day if you’re coming home from work you’re in stop and go traffic it makes it so much nicer to drive not having to worry about doing the gas or the brake and

The fact that you get it in this vehicle for around thirty thousand dollars is very impressive so let’s do one more acceleration here and like i said with this smaller turbocharged engine it’s very peppy this vehicle doesn’t weigh a whole lot either overall it’s a comfortable vehicle to drive i haven’t had any complaints with how it’s going over all these bumps

The seats have a really nice seating position too so you could definitely drive this every single day and be very comfortable but i think that’s going to wrap it up for this walk around review and test drive behind the wheel of the 2022 kia k5 gt line once again a huge shout out to kefra kia for providing this sedan for me today make sure you guys check out their

Website all that info is down in the description if you enjoyed today’s review give it a huge thumbs up and consider smashing that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on our daily uploads and i’ll see you guys in the next video

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