2022 kia ev6 gt line pov review
Altair Club Cars 2022 Kia EV6 GT-Line POV Review

2022 Kia EV6 GT-Line POV Review

HUGE thanks to Autoworld in Manchester NH for allowing me to film this video!

Hey guys and welcome to car guy in 1999 reviews today courtesy of auto world in manchester new hampshire we have the 2022 kia ev6 gt line now first time ever sitting in one ever driving one and i am impressed it’s not the gt it’s not gonna blow the doors off of almost anything out there but it is properly quick and it is honestly very kind of quirky and cool i mean

Look at the headrest design it’s just you got suede in here just oh i’m blown away one thing that i found completely by accident that i’ve never seen before and i think it i don’t think people will find it unless they know about it it’s under the hood i expected a full trunk in here i was like oh there’s no trunk they could have done that and then i noticed

This ready yeah that it’s a little storage tray that is freaking awesome look at that and it’s magnetic so if you want it to go here if you wanted to go here it will go wherever you want it to it also works as a way to open these up to get to the batteries and parts underneath but come on that it’s genius and i love it now let’s go inside here door handles are

Cool headrests are honestly they’re extremely comfortable and they’re looking at them i wouldn’t expect it to be the case look at this interior this is a kia like so here you go guys here’s all your climate controls find the volume knob look around yeah this this works but uh there’s a knob there is a dedicate designated volume knob took me a second too there it

Is that is freaking awesome you just go all right so this is all your main settings and everything but then you’re like oh i want to just climb it that is awesome we are in sport mode do you have paddle shifters they adjust the regen braking foreign it’s not gonna blow the doors off of everything out there but it has more than enough power to be really fun

To drive like i said it’s my first time in one of these i’ve never sat in one before i am extremely impressed go full eye pedal so this is one they’re one pedal driving that is really aggressive but you have four different levels well technically five if you count full off so you got zero one two three and max that’s not bad actually i’m gonna do level three so

What i noticed yes this thing will launch like nobody’s business but doing 25 and you just mat it that’s where its peak power is is 25 to 50. and this thing is a rocket ship again this isn’t the gt the gt if i remember reading correctly it’s gonna have like over 400 horsepower i think over 500 maybe it’s gonna be stupid but this is plenty i don’t i’m not sitting

Here saying i need more power foreign i haven’t taken any handling like turns and stuff with this obviously electric cars battery pack being low it’s gonna give it whoa whoa whoa okay and honestly i love the adjustable regen because i don’t have to modulate between brake and gas and all that you can be you can just sit there and be like all right i need more

Turning i need more of this i need more weight on the front you just give it lift off a little bit wow okay all right i want to try a gt i want to try gt i fell in love with the stinger and i fell in love with the ev6 i fell in love with the telluride too kia is changing the game i don’t care what you say they are killing it right now and same thing with hyundai

Hyundai has the ionic 5 very similar to this what on earth nothing about kia brings that kind of handling to mind except for stinger but even the stinger was a bit heavy guys i don’t know what to say what’s that split no and in terms of head depth display when you go over the lane lights there’s arrows that say hey move that way hey move this way like watch

You also have a hands off free driving so it’s a hand it’s an assist it’s not it’s not a replacement it’s an assist but it’s a good assist very good actually you know i’m going to take this opportunity for a dig okay it’s not a p100d but it’s good it’s good i don’t know kia i don’t know you just might have might have made something pretty cool here and what

I love about it too yes this is one of those cars that it’s not gimmicky but it shouts i’m electric 65 bet this is where cars are going these are two completely different cars i mean you have a 65 bet at a 2022 kia and the 2022 kia has very similar performance numbers to that 65 vet yes i own a hellcat yes i’m all about internal combustion but there’s nothing

I can say to bring out like to bring this car down it’s just good i mean you sit there and you say yeah this is an ikea but it is i don’t know between the stinger the telluride and now the ev6 kia might might no longer be the underdog there might be big mainstream players now and like i was saying yes this thing shouts i’m electric but it does so in a way

That’s fun and that’s good this interior you couldn’t do this interior with a gas car first of all that transmission the transmission tunnel would eliminate that first of all wow that’s a i just keep finding little things and this let me be honest with you a base model 3 or this which would i buy this i’m sorry tesla lovers yes model 3 performance would probably

Be very close to a gt1 i need to drive a gt before i say it would take over a model three but this is one of those cars foreign eliminates that need for a tesla in my mind it’s better to drive it has more just features the interior is nicer there’s more things that support this buying decision over a model three yeah model through his autopilot this is its

Own little system of that yes a model 3 can make fart noises with a turn signal it’s childish this is like all right when you’re over the gimmick that a base model 3 is come drive one of these it’s a more sophisticated gimmick system there’s little easter eggs hidden around like that front storage tray whereas tesla’s like hey we can fart we can have a whoopee

Cushion this is hey find storage here hey do do this check out the heads-up display there’s all little things that are way better than they need to be and they’re useful gimmicks not just gimmicks for the purpose of saying we have gimmicks kia hit the nail on the head with this one and i need to try a gt because that just might take obviously my favorite uh

Electric car i’ve driven it as a tycon turbo s and that is a different kind of car different segment of car that’s two hundred thousand dollars but if under a hundred thousand dollars what’s my favorite car electric car i’ve driven is model 3 performance this might give it a a gt ev6 might give it a really good running for its money but i mean a really good friend

Thank you guys so much for watching please like share subscribe i’ll see you all in the next one

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