2022 jeep wrangler 4xe rubicon u
Altair Club Cars 2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Rubicon Unlimited Review

2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Rubicon Unlimited Review

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Well friends if you know anything about my channel you know that i like to do a lot of electrified vehicles and we’ve also had the chance to feature a number of jeep wranglers the gladiator and other jeeps over the years and now we can combine the two this is a 2022 jeep wrangler 4 by e unlimited rubicon now i’ll go over some of the information about this vehicle

Before we go on ours is configured quite well most of the features have been checked off on this giving us an as tested price just north of 73 000 canadian just over seventy thousand dollars in the us it is pretty pricey but if you compared to a similarly equipped wrangler unlimited rubicon not the four by e it’s only about six or seven hundred dollars difference

Between the two plus this can qualify for electric vehicle rebates depending on where you’re buying it now why might you be interested in this suv well it uses a two liter turbocharged four cylinder engine and has two electric motors the first one is essentially acting as the starter motor has a very small amount of power but can help to boost the front engine

A little bit and then the second electric motor is located further back into the vehicle and essentially replaces the torque converter on a standard jeep wrangler giving you quite a bit of oomph if you want to go quick this has 375 horsepower combined 470 pound-feet of torque pretty impressive numbers out of this vehicle and it uses a special 8-speed plug-in

Hybrid transmission now this is pretty much the only way it comes you can’t get the two-door as of this time although jeep might expand that down the road and essentially the rubicon is the top-end trim here in canada giving you more off-road capabilities than you would get with some of the other trims available i don’t plan on really doing any off-roading with

This we have done that before with the jeep wrangler but i will be talking about how this vehicle performs as a plug-in hybrid does it make sense to be spending seventy three thousand dollars on this and does it still live up to everything that you would expect a jeep wrangler to do we’re going to be finding out as we spend our time with this it uses a 17.3

Kilowatt hour lithium ion battery currently giving me about just under 40 kilometers of ev range or about 25 miles which isn’t too bad considering it is about minus 15 degrees celsius right now it is pretty cold but i want to take it on the road we’re going to be talking extensively about how this vehicle performs throughout the whole week that i’ve had it and

Most importantly how the plug-in hybrid system works with the new jeep 4xe all right i think the most important thing when it comes to this jeep for by e is to talk about the fuel economy because it is going to be an important selling factor now i was able to do a 100 kilometer test loop without having the vehicle charged up so essentially it was in normal

Hybrid mode i completed the test loop in 12.2 liters per hundred kilometers i then had the chance to fill it up completely car was fully charged did it again and i got down to 9.2 liters per hundred kilometers the us miles per gallon are below in the lower third so not bad numbers overall from like a mid-size off-roader like this if you’re going to be charging

It you’re going to see the biggest benefit because i did do a lot of driving this week and there weren’t a lot of places to charge up and i averaged closer to like 13 liters 13.3 even in some cases now the vehicle was more or less fully loaded i had passengers and cargo but the charge dissipated pretty quickly now we’re at full percent right now well 96 took

Me a couple percent just to get everything started up and going here i have 33 kilometers of range and it currently is 2 degrees celsius outside so it’s not overly cold we’re not really seeing as close to that 40-ish kilometer range that we should be seeing or more now obviously in the spring and summer that will be a lot better i am in full electric mode you do

Have three options for the electronic system here you have hybrid which the vehicle will start up in you have electric which won’t work if it’s too cold out i’ve noticed around minus 10 degrees celsius if it’s too cold you have the heat on it’s not going to be able to run in full electric mode and then you have e-save mode which will either allow you to you know

Save the electric motor that you have or there should be a way to be able to charge it up a little bit as you’re driving along that’s about it there aren’t really any other options so those are the three there you have a brake regen button you either have off or on so if it’s off the vehicle will perform pretty much as you would expect a jeep wrangler to perform

You let go of the gas and you’ll just coast with it on which it starts up in will use sort of that brake force regeneration as soon as you let go of the gas so we’re coming up here to a stop sign if i let go the vehicle will start slowing down recouping a little bit of that electricity so a couple options there works decently enough i haven’t had any complaints

About it but we are in four high automatic mode right now because the roads are a little messy not bad and all week i was able to drive it in two wheel drive mode all of the test loop numbers that was all two wheel drive so that number will increase if you are in four wheel drive mode but overall i mean it works the nice feature the nice benefit of this vehicle

Is you can have four-wheel drive in full electric mode which we’re in now the engine has not started since i started the vehicle up because the way that the vehicle is designed essentially where the engine transmission and then the electric motor sits that drives this vehicle it acts as that transfer case allowing you to use for high anytime you need it without

Having to kick over to the gas system so depending on how much driving you do or what you’re doing with it and how much you know charging you can really do with the vehicle you should be in good shape now i want to talk about a couple other things about the electric system before i talk about the rest of the wrangler experience one thing i’ve noticed with the

Remote starter is if the vehicle is plugged in to a charger for the most part it will start up in electric mode start heating the car through the electricity obviously it’ll start pulling more power from the charger depending on where you’re using it however i have noticed if you’re not plugged in even if it’s not super cold out and your remote started chances

Are it’ll start the engine instead the other things that i’ve noticed too when driving this you know you’ve got the charging port there it’s functional enough you know we can debate all day where the charging ports should be located for the most convenience but at public charging stations i’ve noticed that this would take about two hours 45 minutes from zero to

A hundred percent but at home with the eevee duty smart home charger that i have it’s about two hours so a little bit better if you’re at home obviously that makes the most sense if you’re using like the level one charger don’t don’t even bother it’s like 13 to 16 hours to charge this thing up you know i was using it just to test it out and for a couple hours

I got like like legitimately two and a half hours of charging i had seven percent battery so you know if you’re buying this and you really don’t have an electric charger i guess so that’s one of the things that i want to talk about is how this vehicle could essentially replace most you know not entry level wranglers but if you’re looking at a wrangler you’re

Not necessarily going to be doing a lot of off-roading not that this isn’t capable but i just feel that the people who are going to be buying this will probably not necessarily be doing off-roading then this could be an option because it’s not that much more expensive than a regular wrangler configured the same way as i said it’s about six seven hundred dollars

Depending on which trim you get and all the features but if you were looking at this exact vehicle without the electric portion from what i can tell it’s like 650 bucks so depending on where you live if you have rebates and incentives then this vehicle makes way more sense here in quebec you get the full phev tax credits so you’re saving quite a bit and even in

A area like ontario that doesn’t have any provincial rebates you still should get a federal one giving you a better msrp on this vehicle so there’s some options there i really do like it i think this is my favorite jeep wrangler that i’ve driven you know i’m not even too disappointed with the rubicon trim again nothing wrong with it i just don’t do off-roading

So i wouldn’t configure it as the rubicon but it’s actually worked out very well especially with the potholes that we have here in quebec i don’t worry about them as much this car will eat them up but i like the fact that i have a somewhat electrified jeep it works very well i could barely tell this week that it was electric i think the only times that it’s

The most obvious is the transition between electric and gas especially if you don’t have a lot of charge left so you really are going at like zero percent coming off the line sometimes it will have sort of a jittery transition to get to the gas system from electric but it still works you know for the most part it’s working the way that i would expect it to so

A good job on chrysler but yeah there isn’t anything really new about this vehicle that we haven’t tested before outside of the electric portion and that really is the biggest change for this vehicle we’ve done a number of wranglers we did the gladiator as well so if you really wanted to know absolutely everything that there is to know about the jeep wrangler i

Would take a look at any of the other videos that we’ve done that have been linked throughout this video as well as the end of the video we’ll have a link to it but for the most part you’re gonna be looking at this because you do want something that is somewhat eco-friendly you know you’re still using up a lot of gas even if you’re in town so it’ll depend but

Honestly if you’re in the market for a jeep wrangler definitely look at the plug-in version take a look at the 4 by e see if it will fit in your lifestyle if you’re doing any small amounts of driving like i would be going today to the grocery store definitely going to be using full electric mode even with four-wheel drive i’m quite satisfied that it’s gonna cost

Me next to nothing to do it so definitely consider it if you’re in the market for it but i really do recommend having a level two charger and being in an area that has more charging opportunities it’s gonna make a big difference but if you have any questions about the jeep wrangler please let me know in the comments below i do try to get back to everybody that

I can so you can leave your comment below give a thumbs up to the video if you liked it and consider subscribing to our channel if you haven’t done so already until next time thanks for watching and take care so you

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