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Altair Club Cars 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Series III: Should You Wait For The New Hurricane Engine?

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Series III: Should You Wait For The New Hurricane Engine?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Series III!

Anyways slipped out a little bit there hey everyone it’s ben hardy here in english days they’re going to be going over a jeep grand wagoneer series three first and for almost a huge shout out thank you to the national gmc here in american fork utah four give me some time with this grand wagoneer this one is available for sale for the time being so include a link

To their inventory in the description down below if you’re interested and then on a side note if you’re gonna save time and money the next time purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below as well let’s get into it under the hood we have a notch aspirated 6.4 liter hemi v8 that goes for an 8-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 13

Around town and then 18 on the highway with powerpoints being 471 horsepower and then 455 pound-feet of torque there will be an engine change for the 2023 model year to a turbocharged inline six so if you want a v8 you have to get a 22. foreign end of the grand wagoneer so first off you guys can see here at the hood pretty much flat there in the center and then

It kind of falls off on either side we’ve got the wagoneer logo here front and center and then you guys can see with the brushed finish on the trim over jeep signature front grille and then here’s a quick look at the lights so we do have a daytime running light there at the top and then there’s kind of like a little bit of carbon fiber inlay and save inside rather

Which is pretty cool fog lights down below and then you have parking sensors there on the front end and you guys can see the tow hooks and the rest of trimmer at the bottom all has the same finish as the grille and there’s the front come around the side here our target wheel setup is 285 45 22 in the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see here

With the design on the wheels nothing too crazy kind of like a normal luxury car looking wheel but it does say wagoneer there in the center which is pretty cool now this does come with air suspension i have it in the off-road two ride height settings you guys can see what this looks like when it’s all stretched out notice the fender flares are body painted we have

Our grand wagoneer logo there and then notice the trim here around the whole window and each window is like separate which is kind of interesting but you still have that brushed finish and all the trim and here’s your full site view now here is our key fob for the grand wagoner we have our unlock function or lock function remote start the drop down for the air

Suspension and then the opening here for the hatch and yeah pretty cool looking key fob overall now this is just the regular grand wagoneer for the 23 model year you will be able to get an l version which will be longer similar in size like a suburban for example this is more like a tahoe but anyways notice here we’ve got our 12 volts and then you got the controls

Here to fold down the seat so for the second we can just fold them down for the third row you can fold them down and raise them up so notice i can do this and goodbye seats but now we have tons of storage space and this carpeting back here is like very thick it’s the best way to put it you guys can see that um anyways storage space underneath and then when you are

Done you can just press this again and then the seats will automatically raise all the way back up and when you’re done with the rear just press this bam now search things up with the rest of the rear for the grand wagoneer and you can see with that brushed trim how that kind of goes all the way here to the rear got our grand wagoneer badge and then here is a

Quick look at the tailored switch i’ve actually been a pretty big fan of since the release of this parking sensors here at the bottom we’ve got our quadra drive too and then it says series three there on the other side bezel that covers the receiver hitch there at the bottom and that’s the rest of the rear now here’s the door panel in the back we’ve got beautiful

Leather trim pretty much all over the door panel you can see the stitch that goes throughout and so yeah definitely really nice from a trim piece perspective i do have sun shades here for the rear passengers and then notice the windows are automatic speaker for the macintosh sound system which sounds amazing and here’s the seat set up so you can see here with the

Leather seats and that’s the brown stitching and the piping and then we got this cool kind of like quilted design there in the center of these seats and let’s pop in so we’ve got the little tvs here in the back and apparently comes with fire tv which is pretty cool but you can see it’s a little touch screen and basically fasteners can use it to watch movies but

Notice that we have our own climate controls back here so for example i can turn on my air conditioning seats it’s got the climate off here in the rear but you keep it in cold seats in your own climate zone which is definitely fun some cup holders and then we have a center console here and yeah tons of storage space inside and here’s a better look at the seats

And then what you guys will notice here is even on the uh grab handles here on the back you’ve got like leather and stitching really nice interior overall it’s just funny like all the stuff that they throw leather on um we do have some vents here in the back and then down below that we’ve got some usb ports and then you guys can see the whole outlet set up now as

For the third rub button back in that third row a million times before you’ve got nice trim here where you can rest your arms you’ve got leather trim usbs cup holder all that stuff you can move the seats forward and then the seats themselves look really nice they’ve got tons of space here so you can fit adults back there very comfortably they even have their own

Sunroof there in the back as well so just tons of luxury features overall let’s head to the front here’s the front door panel you can see with the leather trim there at the top and then notice with the contrasted stitching all down below and then we have all of our adjustments here for the seats we do have massaging seats as well memory seats all that fun stuff

Automatic window controls adjustments for the mirrors the mirrors do power fold in they also have blind spot monitoring and then you guys have probably seen the power side steps throughout the video it’s cool they look flush what the body works like when they’re folded up they’re painted on the outside so that you don’t notice them and well here’s our front seat

So same beautiful design as the rear seats perforated quilted padding on these seats is very top notch i love it says grand wagoneer there on the side and then wagon air down below pedal layout right there then we’ve got our parking brake right here light controls pedal adjustment steering wheel is power adjustable let’s pop in so here is our steering wheel for

The grand wagoner really nice leather trim all around you’ve got the stitching there in the center portion gear limiter this is for the steering assist this also has adaptive cruise control rated controls are on the back of the steering wheel controls for the center stack phone controls and then you’ve got your turn signal stock and then your windshield wiper stock

And there’s the steering wheel now here’s the gauge cluster full digital gauge cluster and notice it says we’re at maximum with the suspension you can scroll through a few different menus to see different bits of info on the vehicle and on stuff like the radio fuel economy which you guys can see what this has been averaging so far from a fuel economy perspective

Um this does come with fun stuff like the map view night vision all you know all the normal vehicle stuff right but overall cool digital gauge cluster now we do have some different drive modes so first off we have a sport mode that shows the wagoner in sport and then you got the snow sand and mud and then you have a rock mode as well and the different drive modes

Will adjust the suspension accordingly now you guys can see the whole massaging seat function popped up right there again you just press the little button there on the side and then it’ll bring up the menu but popping it into reverse we do have a full 360 camera system so we got trajectory lines that turn at the steering wheel and got a bunch of different camera

Points i love how it tells you like the viewpoints that like all labeled which is kind of interesting but overall really good camera system add the restaurant it’s kind of dark but you got the shortcut bar here at the bottom which lets you going to the different menus notice we can like pop out the steps got the surround view i can turn the passenger screen on or

Off if i’d like and notice with the headrest fold for the third row because you always got to be able to smack your kids in the back of the head also you’ve got actual like buttons here on the side for the heated and cooled seats so you can just basically press that that’s your shortcut to it and yeah that’s the screen so we’ve got analog controls here for the

Climate system again you’ve got the duals on here for the front you have the rear climate and we have two million usb ports literally and then also there’s a wireless phone charging pad inside and you guys are probably wondering how do i close this well there’s this button right here that you press and yes we have yet another screen where you can control stuff

Like the climate system and all that yeah definitely uh interesting and we have one screen two screen three screen is so three screens up front is pretty crazy but when you’re done you can just press that and then it’ll fold it back and then you guys can see here with the auto hold and then lane departure stability control hazard lights parking assistants parking

Sensors total mode and that is for the passenger screen there off to the side drive mode select and then this is for the 8-speed automatic transmission little gear selector air suspension to raise and lower it this does have four wheel low and then you’ve got your off-road cruise control and notice we got this covering here over the cup holders and then look at the

Trim here on the side for the center console definitely high quality we do have a refrigerator center console always a nice feature and pretty normal glove box actually i love how it says grand wagoneer right there and they got nice leather trim all over the dash we’ve got the camera mirror as well and then popping up top we do have a panoramic center here for

The front so we have two different sunroofs inside control foot center right here and then you guys probably noticed nice premium headliner it continues there onto the pillows like everything that you touch and look at pretty much in this interior is definitely nice looking so here’s a window sticker for this grand wagoneer um you guys can see the base msrp 107

995 and before i go over the total msrp i didn’t mention this is a pre-owned vehicle so this is not the current pricing on the vehicle uh the pricing the vehicle will be whatever the market is on them so if you want that just go look at uh national gmc’s website in the description down below night vision standard equipment but pretty much everything is standard

With the series 3 package store but the lighting on this is absolutely horrible but notice that there’s a couple of options including those pesky california emissions total msrp 114 930 and then notice with the warranty five year six thousand mile on the powertrain 3 or 36 000 mile on the basic let’s see how it drives well let’s talk about this buddy before we

Set off here’s your visibility of the hood and hopefully you can see the heads up display now and then both the mirrors are still blind spot monitoring throughout the rest of the rear and set off so setting off here in the grand wagoneer and it’s been a little bit of time since i’ve driven one of these i’m gonna pop the suspension down into the normal setting

Now because that’s what you’re you know going to have it in when you’re doing regular driving and uh forgot how nice this interior is it’s it’s seriously like a sleeper when it comes to nice interiors because um i’m not trying to insult jeep but like when you look at this on the outside you don’t think it’s going to have an interior as nice as what this has um

It’s crazy because this interior in my opinion from a material standpoint is nicer than the cadillac escalade interior and the lincoln navigator interior even though lincoln just did their whole uh refresh basically this still has just nicer material use throughout and just more nice materials if that makes sense anyways slipped out a little bit there gotta love

V8 hemi power it is just fun and it sounds great and that’s one of the big benefits of this version of the grand wagoneer the 2022 grand wagoneer is the fact that you have a v8 yeah the fuel economy probably will be a little bit better with that new inline six and i’m actually interested to see the wow so this is actually better from a suspension standpoint than

The escalade that’s interesting um anyways yeah it might get better if you’ll call me but it won’t sound as good and you know simplicity with this engine right it’s a big natural v8 which you can’t uh go wrong with that and so yeah i definitely think that um you know you’re gonna be missing out a little bit with the inline six and you know i don’t think this is

Ever really going to be a collector’s car but i think that like you know in 20 years from now just like how people look for the big v8 versions of like the suburban um you know the half ton what is it the at the half to like the 2500 version of the suburban and the tahoe people can do the same thing with this they’re gonna be what but with the 6-4 hemi if you’re

Gonna be like oh you have an inline six one ah that ain’t worth anything oh you got the six four hemi grand wagon here oh yeah i’ll pay all the money for that so yeah overall super smooth ride really good luxury suv the only downsides to this in my personal opinion is uh just the exterior styling and the fact that you can’t get a new hemi anymore because they’re

Going to a turbocharged inline six so this one obviously has the hemi v8 um but yeah you know maybe jeep will do some sort of like stylistic tweaks just to make this look a little bit more unique i mean like look at the national gmc has like every vehicle ever so you guys can see we’ve got a couple of these new body style escalades like that looks really good and

Distinctive whereas this doesn’t really look all that much different compared to the regular wagoneer and like i said it the exterior hides the fact that this interior is this nice it’s pretty crazy but anyways that’s all that’s got something’s up for our video on this grand wagoneering and a huge shot i’ll link you to the national gmc here in american fork utah

Four give me some time with the grand wagon here check out the intro in the description down below i’ll see you

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2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Series III: Should You Wait For The New Hurricane Engine? By Ben Hardy

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