2022 jeep grand cherokee limited
Altair Club Cars 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited – POV Review

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited – POV Review

MSRP: $45,710

Today we’re driving the 2022 jeep grand cherokee now this is about a foot shorter than the l the long wheelbase we get a 3.6 liter pentastar v6 that makes 293 horsepower 260 pound-feet of torque we have an 8-speed zf automatic transmission this is a limited four-wheel drive which means it starts around forty five thousand dollars we have a few options on this grand

Cherokee we’ll include that in detail in the description let’s walk you around this thing let’s start with the interior you can see we remote started it that’s really nice in these cold winter months because it will pre-heat the cabin it’ll turn your climate control to max and there’s also a setting to enable the heated steering wheel and heated seats so that when

You get in it is nice and cozy all you have to do to start up the vehicle after remote starting it is just hit the start stop button right here and you are ready to go so we have a whole new design throughout this interior we drove the grand wagoneer a few weeks ago and i do see some similarities lots of physical controls lots of actual buttons which i really

Appreciate lots of buttons here for the climate control you don’t have to go into the touch screen to control everything you can control it through the touch screen but you don’t have to unfortunately we do get quite a bit of gloss black plastic in the center console area and some harder cheaper plastics here in this limited trim this jeep only has 1400 miles on

It and it’s already looking a little bit scratched up and just kind of not so great underneath this fold back cover we have wireless charging and a bunch of usb ports you can see we’ve got our rotary shifter here which i actually really like really nice reverse 360 cameras nice option on this grand cherokee a few different drive modes sand snow auto and sport

And lots of storage and space throughout this cabin we have a nice panoramic sunroof you can also see we’ve got our rear seat entertainment screen inspect in this car we’ll show you guys those once we head into the back seat and we get this passenger screen you can see it’s an angled display so only the passenger can see it you can see whatever’s plugged into the

Hdmi port so you can control the rear entertainment uh pretty nice screen and it is very cool that it’s an angle display the driver can’t really see it you can turn that off on and off with this button right here overall i do really like the functionality and design of this interior it is going to feel more upscale in some higher trims though this is still just

The limited trim one thing i’m not a big fan of though is this center digital display it’s digital you can make it look however you want it to and it just doesn’t quite deliver and stay consistent with the design of the rest of this jeep i feel like it just the screens look a little bit cheap the design of the gauge cluster and the tachometer just isn’t very nice

It is a responsive screen though sometimes switching between menus in the past with jeep screens has been really slow and sluggish that’s not the case here so between that and the gloss black center console here those are really my only complaints with this interior this new uconnect display is super responsive very quick pretty well organized too your carplay

Integrates beautifully it’s a nice display at angles too retains contrast really well you’ve got a few settings that you can customize in the deep menus here but for the most part you have physical buttons for everything you can turn off stop start your lane keep assist traction control your parking sensors there’s a button for your hazard lights we have a heated

Steering wheel heated and cooled seats all easy to access physical controls and there’s also some quick access stuff here that you can set for your home screen if you want to we’re just gonna leave it on carplay all right let’s hop in the back seat and show you what the rear seat room looks like in this grand cherokee so pretty spacious back here i’m five foot ten

That driver’s seat is set to my driving position i have lots of leg room back here and look at all these these entertainment options with amazon fire tv we can watch netflix amazon prime youtube hbo max disney plus the whole lot and that’s really nice you can plug in headphones you’ve got an hdmi port you could play your xbox back here too if you wanted to we’ve

Got an arm rest a couple of cup holders we have privacy shades specked on this grand cherokee couple of heated seat buttons down there come on there we go and a bunch of usb ports 115 volt ac outlet no rear climate controls but uh you do get your vents and a little bit of a place here to store your phone which is very nice let’s check out the trunk tailgate

Lifts pretty quickly lots of storage space back here we even get check it out joey of joys a full-size spare tire don’t see in that in a lot of vehicles these days pretty basic back here otherwise of course no third row that’s not being the long wheelbase here’s your button to close the rear tailgate and again closes nice and fast here’s what the key fob looks

Like got a bunch of different buttons double press to remote start and lift or close the tailgate unlock and lock nice key fob nicely weighted feels pretty good in hand only one thing i did forget to show you guys in the back seat these are adjustable so you can adjust the backrest you can lean back a little bit if you want to here’s what everything looks like fold

It down you get a nice flat loading surface and everything folds up pretty easily though you do have to set the backrest back to where it was previously behind this fuel door you have a quick fill cap right here which is super convenient adds up over time this grand cherokee has 20 inch wheels which i think look pretty good can’t go wrong with a classic fat 5

Spoke i do like this front end design i feel like they didn’t square off the lower part of the grill as much and it looks less like the grand wagoneer wagoneer this is a nice evolution of the grand cherokee design in my opinion a little bit lighter than the previous version too all right let’s hop inside and we’ll take this thing for a drive we have an alpine

Sound system sounds pretty nice too we’ll do a little sound system test at the end of this video i do like this rotary shifter super easy to use steering is light this v6 is very smooth pretty torquey and powerful too they’ve used this in just about everything over the years it’s rated for 19 miles of the gallon in the city 26 on the highway we do get paddle

Shifters for this zf 8-speed automatic put into sport mode and that’s pretty responsive too not bad there’s not a ton of power from this v6 but it is definitely adequate the responsiveness is nice from this eight-speed automatic and that does help kind of get you up and going as quickly as you need to this also comes with a 5.7 liter v8 i haven’t driven one

Of those but i imagine that is a pretty desirable option sport mode it’s holding our revs a little bit higher it’s downshifting under hard braking giving us just a little bit more of a sporty driving experience throttle response has also improved see how this handles no air suspension in this grand cherokee we just have coil springs very little body roll this

Being just the limited though i felt like this is a pretty nice jeep to drive all week super easy to live with lots of functionality and user friendly controls in this interior drives well enough kind of how you would expect with this powertrain no real surprises or major complaints with the way this thing is on the road ride quality is nice there’s a little bit

More noise over bumps and suspension impact with these uh 20 inch wheels but that’s to be expected we have adaptive cruise control i like to do is press the button to the far left to enable that skip five mile on our increments super easily by holding the up or down buttons a very easy system to use you can turn on active lane management with that button right

There and it’ll kind of just bounce you between the lines it’s not necessarily the best lane centering system it will pass slower vehicles pretty quickly though as soon as you turn your turn signal on it’ll begin to accelerate and even at highway speeds we have a pretty quiet cabin the sun shade open we also get a digital rear view mirror which is nice if you have

That sun shade pulled all the way back it does reduce the visibility a little bit but you can kind of fix that by closing half of it very nice highway cruiser super comfortable pretty quiet if i had any complaints i think the throttle response is a little bit over eager i would like to see that muted just a tad this is just a standard passenger vehicle and it’s

Can be sometimes difficult to accelerate smoothly when just that top of the accelerator pedal gives you so much acceleration and a really aggressive downshift this limited trim is probably just about enough for what most people need luckily if you want more luxury features or more comfort there are higher trims and if you want an off-road focused grand cherokee

Which is probably what i would swing for they have the trailhawk and the frailhawk four by e which is coming out later this spring or summer that’ll have about 25 miles of plug-in hybrid driving range which is pretty cool so how can we sum up the grand cherokee limited well i think overall this is a pretty nice jeep great road manners really nice implementation

Of technology i love that they’ve kept all these physical controls and buttons it’s an attractive looking suv i think kind of one of the best american options for a luxury suv and again you can get the higher trims and really spec these things out but for what it is this limited is a nice option for the more budget conscious and depending on the options that you

Select you can save a little bit of money here off of price of this jeep 45 000 starting price this offers a pretty nice blend of off-road capability luxury tech comfort and value personally i’d be very curious to test out the trailhawk and the trailhawk four by e when those come out that’s kind of a little bit more my style but i can understand how it would

Be interesting to see what this more mainstream a limited jeep is like to drive so hopefully we give you guys an idea of what that’s like this week let’s park this we’ll walk around one more time and then we’ll do a sound system test with this standard alpine audio system let’s see what the taillights look like there all right well thanks for watching if you are

Not interested in listening to the sound system test we’ll be posting some more videos on this on the winding red magazine youtube channel and the daily motor youtube channel but if you do want to stay tuned for the sound system we’ll get started right away with it so we’ve got a wired connection with carplay that shows up pretty much immediately volume controls

Tuned controls off we go we have track and volume controls also behind the steering wheel in typical jeep fashion let’s sneak in a little bonus 0-60 here there you go oh of course you can also spec these with the macintosh premium audio super impressive sound system but as a base audio system this is very nice it’s clear excellent bass i’d be

Happy with this for around forty fifty thousand dollars okay guys i think that’s gonna wrap this video up thanks for watching we’ll see in the next video take care

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