2022 jeep grand cherokee l overl
Altair Club Cars 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland: Better Off-road 3rd row SUV than the Kia Telluride??

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland: Better Off-road 3rd row SUV than the Kia Telluride??

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Have you been looking for a fun, capable, and off road worthy SUV that looks incredible? I believe you found that perfect SUV the 2022 #Jeep #Grand #Cherokee L Overland!!

Hey everybody welcome back to the channel today we got a quick walk around video it’s on this 2022 jeep grand cherokee this is the overland l edition so it’s got third row it’s got off-road cred and it’s got air suspension let’s start the video right now all right start right here on the front there you got led headlights here led daytime running lights you got

A seven slotted grille with jeep right there as well jeep stands for off-road nah not really but hey this thing will go off bro that’s for sure fog lights down the bottom you got toe hooks right on the front there plus you got these sensors just in case you get close to a rock it’ll tell you coming around the side baltic cray exterior color here plus you got

These nice gray finished wheels here they’re 20 inches you got grand cherokee spelled out right here on the side of the american flag plus you got a black mirror cat with led turn signals super super nice 21 miles per gallon plus the 62 365 dollar msrp chrome that on the top that leads all the way to the back of the vehicle on the back here you got led tail

Lights jeep badge on the back and l badge 4×4 and down on the bottom you got twin exhausts out the back there plus the overland badge on the key fob you got a lot uh unlocked lock you got a remote start plus you got two button click there for opening up the tailgate jeep on the bed let’s look at this third row you got third row back here you got some mats here

Because it’s brand new you don’t need these mats you’re gonna be getting this car dirty anyways you got a silver crow strip here on the back these seats are also powered go down on their own they’re pretty cool power third row seats in the back of the third row you got some usb chargers some cup holders for the kids if you got them back there and you got some air

Vents up there on the top let’s go to the second row second row you got this uh door panel here with the uh faux wood grain got some black speaker grilles here on this one plus power windows power locks you got captain’s chairs in here with this gray uh leather interior captain chairs with the armrest you also got some air vents back here with some usb chargers

And a 150 watt charger right back there plus two cup holders down there in the bottom of the floor well these seats also do slide up and out of the way so you can get back to the third row very easy all right coming on the front here you got keyless entry and goes you got the key in your pocket put your hand behind the door it unlocks for you you got some faux

Gray uh what grain finish here you got two position memory seating you also have this mirror here that actually folds in so when you’re going off-road you’re getting close to something you can fold them in there so you just turn that knob pretty cool power windows power lock options there plus you got this very very nice leather seating surfaces that is heated

And ventilated with the word overland stamp right in there on top there they are power here four backwards and four one four-way lumbar support steering wheel you got a power steering wheel here that actually goes forward backwards up down you name it all power there on the left side of the steering wheel you got your headlight options there auto headlights plus

You got your interior dimming dimming lights and you got an electric parking brake right there plus your hood release for the front of the vehicle there all right on the inside of the vehicle put your foot on the brake push the start button with the key in your pocket you got a nice 10.1 inch touchscreen here that has apple carplay android auto and a ton of other

Things that you can go through by clicking all these buttons there nice navigation you also on top of that you have some buttons there for auto stop start off your lane departure off your track control off your hazards and your parking sensors off plus you got two air vents blowing right in your face super nice talk about air vents let’s go down here hvac controls

Down here with the different modes right there volume knot tuning knob plus you got ventilated seats heated seats heated steering wheel for both front passenger and of course the steering wheel there download further than that you got a little storage note down here it’s got a little bit of chrome’s in there already you’ve got usb ports down here plus an aux cord

And a 12 volt outlet right there thanks for putting a usb c port in here jeep very nice download further you got your automatic transmission the shifter here fourth you also got some uh different controls here rock sand mud so no auto in sport mode you just press up and down by that plus you got a four-wheel drive low mode you can press right there neutral button

Plus a downhill assist control and your settings for the air suspension you can go up down however you like to do it coming behind that you got a little storage nook in here where you actually have your cup holders and you got your center console there so pretty cool nicely felt lined very nice seat there for the passenger and a super nice view out the front plus

Huge panoramic sunroof right above your head that your passengers have access to as well pretty nice very good view out the front of this vehicle over here you got a fully digital instrument cluster that you can go through that you have different options to go through here and customize when you buy the vehicle you can go through this and spend hours i’m sure leather

Wrap steering wheel here that like i said before is heat it you got your adaptive cruise control settings here on the right side and you have that controls for that digital instrument cluster right there plus your answer and hang up buttons right there for your phone paddle shifters here on the back windshield wiper stock there and you got your headlight and high

Beams uh right there plus your turn signal right on that left hand side very very nice all right so that’s been a really really quick video on this 2022 jeep grand cherokee l overland super nice suv that you can take off-road go on the beach a little bit have some fun with this vehicle plus you have third row so you can carry up to six people here with the captain’s

Chairs super nice suv uh very very nice if you look looking for a mid uh smith-sized third row suv put this on your list you got to drive the jeep grand cherokee l and if you want to go off-road and have some fun look at yourself the overland trim there super nice air suspension on this thing that goes up a lot so you can have more fun on that off-road adventures

There if you haven’t already like this video subscribe to my channel and stay up to date on all the videos i post and if you and if they’re for a jeep a ram a dodge a chrysler a ford a certified pre-owned vehicle hit me up call us 410-957-333 right here at hertrick for chrysler dodge jeep ram a pocomoke alright guys see you in the next video

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