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Altair Club Cars 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe – Plug-in Hybrid Trailhawk

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe – Plug-in Hybrid Trailhawk

In my 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe review, I’ll give you a full tour of this electrified plug-in hybrid Jeep. My test model here is the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk which this is the more off-road focused one. Now, all Grand Cherokee 2022 model years have received a significant upgrade becoming more luxurious than ever. It has a bunch of new modern tech and an interior that’s very well crafted from high-quality materials.

So yeah everyone is going electric and jeep will be launching its first fully electric suv in 2023. according to a press release by the brand jeep will offer electrification options on each of their nameplates in the next few years as it strives to become the leader in eco-friendly premium technology yeah couldn’t have said it better by myself but in the future

All jeeps will sound like this like absolutely nothing my name is omar and this is the jeep grand cherokee 4 by e is it just me or does 4 by e sound a little weird i’ve personally been calling this the 4xz which i think sounds a bit cooler and i get it the whole 4×4 and 4 by eating it’s a cool play on words but i just think it sounds a little bit strange

Either way this is the second four by e from jeep the first was the wrangler four by e which i’ve already tested and right off the bat this is a much better experience the wrangler four by e wasn’t terrible but it just felt a little rough and that could very well be because the wrangler itself is a tough off-roader however the grand cherokee 4 by e feels more

Refined it’s smoother it’s more comfortable not to mention the new grand cherokee itself is more luxurious than ever by the way while this video is about the four by e part of things this is also about the new grand cherokee jeep has been making quite a push to become more luxurious especially with the addition of the wagoneer and the grand wagoneer and some of

The luxury elements from those two models have made their way into the grand cherokee so is the new grand cherokee something you should consider if you’re in the market for a luxury suv and if so should you consider the plug-in hybrid electrified 4 by e let’s find out let me give you a quick tour of everything that’s going on over here and then i’ll give you my

Opinion on whether or not if you should buy this make sure you hit like make sure you hit subscribe alright let’s go and do this all right so every time a brand like jeep starts going green or starts introducing electric powertrains into their lineups loyalists and enthusiasts get pretty upset and hey i totally understand but just take it easy and let me break

Down what you’re working with here on the grand cherokee 4 by e first up you have a 2 liter inline 4 cylinder turbo engine making 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque then you have a 44 horsepower electric motor along with a 134 horsepower motor that replaces the 8-speed automatics torque converter now working all together this gives the grand cherokee

4×8 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque so that is more horsepower and torque than the outgoing 5.7 liter v8 not to mention that’s the same 470 pound-feet of torque as the outgoing grand cherokee srt of course keep in mind that’s only for as long as the lithium-ion battery has enough juice in it speaking of the battery on a full charge it’ll give the grand

Cherokee 4 by e a total of 26 miles of range comparatively the 4 by e wrangler gets 21 miles so this is a little bit better and if you’re wondering it’ll take you about two to three hours to charge that battery from a 240 volt source but you can also charge the battery while you’re just driving along if you put the grand cherokee 4 by e into the e-save mode that

Will save your battery power for later use and once you’re in e-safe mode you can select battery charge and this thing will actually use the engine to charge the battery you’ll also have the help of braking regen to help you charge the battery as you’re driving but you can also pop this into max regen mode by clicking this button right here to help generate more

Charge to your battery now the other two modes here are hybrid and electric the hybrid mode is the default mode for the grand cherokee 4x and that’s where the engine and electric motors work together pop it into electric mode and this will run only on electric power until your battery runs out of charge or if you decide hey i gotta go a little bit faster i’m gonna

Get aggressive then that’ll kill your battery all right moving on let’s get into the jeep grand cherokee part of things starting with this updated interior now the new three-row grand cherokee l and the wagoneer were the first to debut this updated jeep interior keep in mind the four by e is only available for the two row grand cherokee for now but again jeep has

Promised electrification for each model in their lineup so i’m sure the grand cherokee l and the wagoneer will eventually get it sometime soon but yeah the interior is really nice jeep has done a really good job on updating the quality of their interiors this area right here on the center console has your dial shifter it also has a switch to circle through your

Drive modes and another switch to adjust your air suspension the trailhawk that i’m driving here is the second trim level in the 4x lineup starting at 64 695 now throughout this cabin you’ll see a bunch of trailhawk specific elements but since this is a 4 by e all of them are highlighted in blue instead of red all 4 by e grand cherokees get leather seats as

Standard my trailhawk test model here has a luxury tech package which gives you a mix of nappa leather seats along with a suede center all trims of the 4×8 except the limited get heated and cooled front seats the limited only gets heated seats you also have a heated steering wheel and all four by ease get heated rear seats as standard the higher trims will even

Give you ventilated rear seats as well you have dual zone climate control in the 4 by es standard the higher trims will give you tri-zone climate control with a separate zone for the rear passengers all of the 4 by east come with a sunroof as standard so that’s pretty awesome but if you want a dual panoramic sunroof that’s an extra 1 835 all right so let’s check

Out the legroom in the second row once you get in you’re working with 41.3 inches of legroom i’m about 6 foot tall that’s my seating position as you can see i have a good amount of room not bad at all it’s actually pretty comfortable back here you can stay here for a long drive or a long period of time and the rear seats also recline back and forth a little bit so

You can get more comfortable as a part of the luxury tech package you also get manual side window peasant blockers now the two screens here on the back these are a part of a 1995 rear seat entertainment package and that package gives you two touchscreen displays with an hdmi input so you can hook up your ps5 or your xbox and you also have amazon fire tv built right

In here with all the streaming apps that you’ll need that said the jeep grand cherokee 4 by e also comes with a bunch of other screens as standard first up you have this 10.1 inch touchscreen display right here in the middle for your uconnect 5 infotainment system you’ve got wireless apple carplay wireless android auto a tomtom navigation will be optional but yeah

The system overall is very nice it’s not packed with any high crazy graphics so it will work quickly you have a bunch of different options here on the app section for all your various settings and all of your other various apps you obviously have your offroad pages over here since this is a trailhawk and you have a variety of information for all your off-road needs

Now you also have a climate screen here but relax the cool thing is that you can use this screen to adjust the climate but you also have the option of using real physical controls right down here if you hate digging through the infotainment system the 4×8 also comes standard with the front passenger screen now this screen only becomes active if someone is sitting in

The passenger seat now is it a gimmick yes is it useful probably but not that much but it’s cool that it’s there the other screen you have in here is your digital gauge cluster display now the one thing that i love about this screen is that you can adjust it and customize it in a million different ways so it displays all the relevant information that you need and

Want you have a ton of info here now if you add the advanced protech group package for 2 235 this gauge cluster display will also give you a night vision camera that’s super super cool you know because i live in an area with a lot of deers and i can now spot them at night time that package will also give your range of other drivers this tech like an active driving

Assist system where this will actually keep itself in the lanes as you use your adaptive cruise control system which by the way the adaptive cruise control is standard and you can get a bunch of other driver assist tech on your grand cherokee 4×8 a rear view camera is standard obviously a 360 degree camera is optional as is a heads-up display now the coolest safety

Feature as a part of the pro tech package is that it gives you an off-road camera system where you can go in and clean the front of the camera if it gets dirty while you’re off-roading once you hit the clean button it’ll spray water on the front camera and if you have the night vision camera it’ll also clean that lens as well you also get a rear camera washer but

That will only spray water every time you clean the rear windshield you don’t have a dedicated cleaning button for that now when it comes to the looks of the jeep grand cherokee the new one i think it looks awesome i think it’s a great update from the outgoing one it’s a little bit more grown up looking a little bit more elegant the trailhawk model that i’m testing

Here obviously looks a little bit more rugged since it’s more off-road focused but everything is blued out instead of red like on the regular gasoline-powered trailhawk all the hooks are blued out the hooks on the front look really cool in this blue color you also have a rear hook that’s also blued out and then you have a graphic on the hood that says trailhawk

In blue obviously since this is a four by e of course you also have a bunch of four by e badging so you can let everybody out there know that you’re being fuel efficient the charge port right here also has an e badge in blue because you know that’s the color for going green but yeah overall i like the updated looks to the new jeep grand cherokee i think it’s a good

Balance of looking a little bit luxurious while still looking a little bit rugged since this is an off-road brand let’s check out the cargo capacity really quick you can pop the trunk or the tailgate just by using this button located right there and once you get it open you’re working with 37.7 cubic feet behind the second row and if you fold the second row down

You get a total of 70.8 cubic feet so that’s pretty good now to close the tailgate you just hold this button down right over here and quickly step out of the way well not too quickly because it does take a while for the tailgate to come down so you don’t have to like run now before i give you my opinion on how the new jeep grand cherokee 4 by e drives let me put

Out a few important daily ownership highlights that i’ll have to show all of you you’ve got four cup holders two in the front right there and then you also have two in the back right there in the center armrest here are the keys pretty nice set of keys you’ve got unlock lock remote start pop-up in the trunk panic and on the back you have a jeep logo pretty nice

Door open and closed down from the outside and from the inside solid charging gamewise you have a wireless charger right here which is optional or included depending on the trim you also have two usbc ports two usb a ports and you have a hdmi port which you can use to hook up a gaming system and play it on the passenger screen you’ve also got a usb c and a port

Right here in the center armrest rear passengers are also pretty well loaded with two usb a ports two usb c ports and a household outlet right there all right let’s start it up and do an indicator and horn sound test that’s the startup animation right there let’s start off with the indicator first once the beeping stops come on that’s the indicator sound pretty

Straightforward and now for the horn sound that’s solid all right so let’s take a drive in this thing in electric mode and see how this thing behaves now getting to cruising speeds in electric mode is much slower than when you have this in the hybrid mode where the electric motor and the engine are working together and even in electric mode if you push this hard

The engine will come on to assist because it feels like you want more power but once you get to cruising speeds it’ll go back in evie mode and it’s a cool preview of what you can expect from jeep in the future it’s actually really nice and quiet now in the beginning of this video i said how this makes more horsepower than the outgoing 5.7 liter v8 and how it makes

More torque than the outgoing jeep grand cherokee srt and again while that’s true that only remains true as long as the electric motor is running in conjunction with the engine so you have to choose whether or not if you want to be efficient and have electric range or have power because when running this on just the four cylinder engine i’m just gonna pop this into

E-safe mode that will turn the battery part and electric part off and just run on the four-cylinder engine it does struggle a bit by the way these buttons are crazy hard to see and reach when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat i wish they were somewhere else but yeah when you’re running on the four-cylinder engine it’s not bad but you can see and feel that it

Struggles a bit so you really do have to find the balance of what you want from it and you have a range of choices but keep in mind it’s not like you’re always going to be out of battery for that electric motor because this thing again does charge itself as you’re driving along for example i went for an 18-mile drive where i had this in the e-safe mode meaning the

Four-cylinder engine is the only thing that’s working and then i had it in battery charge with max regen turned on and during that 18-mile trip i was able to add six miles of range back to the battery so that’s pretty good so yeah it all works pretty well not to mention one of the most impressive things about the 4x is that you don’t feel a big jolt as it switches

Between the different modes there’s no shake or huge mechanical noise it just does all that it needs to do in the background so yeah this thing is a pretty comfortable daily driver and that’s the thing with the new jeep grand cherokee all together this is a huge improvement over the echoing model it’s more refined more luxurious and it rides better now i’ve seen a

Lot of other videos on the new jeep grand cherokee where people say this is equivalent to the bmw x5 the mercedes gle or even the volvo xc90 and it’s not at least not in my opinion it’s really really really good but it’s not on that level and that could be due to the fact that i’m driving the trailhawk and at the top of the line summit or summit reserve that gives

You that full jeep grand cherokee luxurious experience but even then i wouldn’t go as far as to say this is a direct replacement for a top tier luxury brand suv it’s a great substitution if you want something that’s not as expensive or has better off-road capability but you’re not going to get the same driving experience that you get from driving a bmw x5 that said

I would definitely recommend to go and test drive one if you’re interested in one because it is a really good suv it has everything that you need and then some now if i was gonna buy a new jeep grand cherokee would i buy the four by e or four xe like i like to call it well if i was deciding between the four by e or the v6 i would definitely go for the 4 by e because

That v6 just isn’t as powerful or exciting in this day and age now would i get it over the v8 probably not and that’s only because i’m one of those people that thinks that the jeep grand cherokee has to have a v8 and more capability either way thanks for watching make sure you hit like make sure you hit subscribe make sure you follow me on instagram and on tick

Tock my handle is at omar drives i’ll catch you guys in the next one take care peace not to mention i’m one of those people that thinks that evs just aren’t ready for off-roading adventures imagine running out of battery when you’re in the middle of nowhere what are you gonna do jeep is setting up charging station solar power charging stations through like major

Off-roading parks and stuff but probably just on the outside once you’re deep in the park and you run out of battery that’s it came over in that sense the 4×8 might be a good option but a fully electric jeep in the wilderness in the middle of nowhere what are you gonna do

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