2022 jaguar f type r review dont
Altair Club Cars 2022 Jaguar F-Type R Review // Dont Buy That 911 Just Yet

2022 Jaguar F-Type R Review // Dont Buy That 911 Just Yet

The 2022 Jaguar F-Type R AWD ($136,760 in Canada, $121,800 in the US) is a supercharged V8 sports coupe, with an exhaust note that backs up its ferocious looks. Optioned as an R model with its available 575 horsepower engine and all-wheel drive, Jaguar claims a rapid 3.5 seconds 0-60 mph time. But how does it perform when driven spiritedly, or used as a daily driver? And at its price point, how does it compete with some rather serious competition? Thomas and James aim to find out! We hope you enjoy the episode. Subscribe!!

Welcome to extra throttle house i’m thomas i’m james and this is the extra channel yes where we do extra things like review in a low budget fashion a jag f-type which we’ve never done before this is the f-type r at some point in the past both you and i have driven an f-type yeah a lot of miles in an f-type yes because this is now get ready it’s eighth model year

Remember when the f-type was a new thing to see on the road pepperidge farm remembers um so it’s is it possible that it’s starting to show its age now oh my god where’d the headlights go yeah so they tried to update it 20 21. i don’t think it’s an amber heard level of the bed but it’s i think a lot of people it failed for them because it was arguably one of

The most stunning cars on the road uh it’s still got a hell of a presence like that the rear haunts the the profile is beautiful yeah like it was it was it was a mega pint of wine but now it’s just a normal pint of wine do you know what i mean no that was a that was a giant have you not been watching the trial johnny depp amber heard you just made a reference to

It and you missed my you missed my did you get it i hope you did anyway this is not as good looking of a front end as the old one however when i see the old one now it looks old yeah so that makes me annoyed at this because that and that’s what happened with modern bmws as well is yeah they’ve come along they haven’t been that pretty but they have served to make

The previous ones look old so there’s two crimes yeah so no one wins in this scenario so this has been through a journey the r because when it came out in 2015 it was 550 horsepower rear wheel drive only and then from 2016 onwards it was all-wheel drive with a rear-wheel drive bias to make it safe and it put down the power really well yes and then i think 2022

Last year everything else disappeared they had a four-cylinder turbocharged by the end there there yeah they had the manual they did a lot of them the v6 supercharged now you can only get a v8 and there are two options that well not including the roadsters there’s a 444 horsepower supercharged v8 detuned rear wheel drive okay and then there’s this which is 575

Horsepower all-wheel drive i think i would take the rear wheel drive one we don’t know that yeah we haven’t driven it that’s fair but like rear wheel drive you know rear-wheel drive is fun but i tell you what with this amount of power if you floor it in this and we’ll get to it but okay it gives up the it gives up the rear quite quickly okay okay um but yeah it

Is a hundred and thirty something thousand aspects starts at about 120 canadian uh that 120 that’s actually not that bad i can’t believe i’m saying that out loud like for for the performance like the specialness it puts at the beginning of like the 911 range it’s kind of like it’s if you want to have a more gentlemanly english hellcat you know basically this is a

Muscle car it’s not it’s not really a hellcat it’s just kind of like a secretory supercharged v8 yeah well does it make cat noises uh it does still have the start stop button that pulses to the same speed as a jaguar’s heartbeat and i love that about this quite a specific piece of knowledge there i like that um so who’s gonna drive this uh i wouldn’t mind but we

Could do rock paper scissors okay we’re gonna throw on three yeah yeah one two three all right what the that’s a another karate choice you almost swore on national television all right back in an f-type the last one i drove did not have a digital gauge cluster no that is a big upgrade because the gauge cluster in these always really dated the interior right oh

This is also like the new system which yeah so we have this in the eye face right it still has race mode oh the dowels don’t go as red as the other one as used to all just go ready yeah yeah dynamic mode no no this is still got so now the exhaust is on loud it’s all yeah loud and dynamite is always loud right uh do you want sport suspension i mean uh transmission

Yeah why not yeah so the f-type’s good for three and a half seconds to 60. so it didn’t feel really like torquey off on there i think that’s because you just lit up the rear end no i think i was in the in they are so loud this is a zf8 speed why can’t the new m3 and m4 competition sound that exciting i don’t know because jegs somehow finds a way within their like

Fuel economy ratings or whatever to make these exhausts shout all right and then on as i decelerate there should be pops and pops in bit james where’s my pops and bangs again i’ve given it a few bubbles for you but i’m no i’m not i don’t know no no f-type f-type should be gunshots okay so i so it was that i have a theory as to why it’s gone okay you know how

When you grow up and you do something like you become good at skating or something and then your friend’s annoying little brother starts doing the same thing okay and you’re like that’s no longer cool yeah i think that hyundai and the end division doing all the pops and bangs made everything everyone in the jag boardroom was like all right cool i guess that’s

Not our gamba anymore because they still make oh that’s just a proper v8 yeah they they own that upshift oh man that’s good so i know you said you’d rather get the 444 horsepower rear wheel drive but i like i like the confidence putting the power down uh yeah i suppose it’s still rear biased i can still kind of feel the rear squirreling a bit but it is nice

To be able to know that you’re driving so i won’t die when you put your foot down oh my god the op shifts are as good as they oh i love that yeah that is fun these seats are very comfortable they’re very thin they’re very thin yeah yeah very thin and and the only downside to that is they’re padded in the right spots though yes but yeah they are not heated seats

So much as they are yeah like they’re not trying to like before you get into mangoes yeah so hands on the seats for a second cold mornings they just kind of warm up a bit the same is true for their steering wheel and the steering wheel when you put the heated steering wheel on yeah you can’t really see it now but this goes orange oh wow and so at night it looks

Like a maintenance light in front of you so i don’t really like that but okay but yeah i mean the f-type is an interesting car are we in like our mode right now we’re in dynamics yeah the ride’s quite nice it is out here in the city this is a harsh car it isn’t don’t don’t think of it as an lc 500 combating grand tourer okay it’s it’s stiff it’s a stiff car but

It’s a lot more agile it’s cool how’s it steering yeah yeah it’s there it’s light is it it’s it’s grand touring okay you know i mean this again this is kind of like a 911 like 911 steering feels a bit more accurate a bit more but but i think this fits the personality of the car which is that english muscle car oh that’s a great um it is a slightly aggressive

Transmission around town yeah the way it’s tuned yeah but i mean the damping is is pretty good it seems though yeah so i’ll take us out of control aggressively especially in little tunnels you could go through yeah and people would jump yeah yeah they’re bangs yeah this is a car that when it came out looked artful and gorgeous enough that you felt like you were

Doing everyone a favor right but you you cashed in that karma by going into a tunnel pissing everyone off yeah that’s right so it was you know zero sum by the end no i think this is i think this is a really nice cabin as well right this like it comes up quite high so it does you do feel quite encamped in it yeah like that like the the the hood bulge is very high

Above us very high but it makes it feel more special so you know when this came out people were comparing it to like the cayman gts at the time which and the results were that the cayman was sharper and more of a surgical tool and this was more brash yeah and i i kind of like that about this i like it has fun things the way this is only up when you need it so you

Turn off the air con yeah and then it goes down he just goes down bye-bye he’s like you don’t need me anymore yeah i want you back sir here you are the materials fill quality in here yeah i know it’s all very nice and i like the climate control is this all is this new or is it always been like that it’s always been like this but i think there’s the new addition of

When you push it in you can control the seat but don’t worry don’t quote me on that okay okay and then this is you know these materials never used to be here yeah this feels lovely i just love touching this yeah the car is like doing more please stroke the fairy dust the glass roof here comes forward enough hopefully for your no this so here’s here’s the thing

Everyone’s i always complain about sun roofs but i only complain about sunroofs if they are not useful to me as a driver this one is because this is so far forward that i can literally look up yes it does add weight but this isn’t you’re not going to track this car i have tracked one of these really it does okay yeah it feels heavy but that’s not really for that

It’s for it’s for driving around making a lot of loud noises showing up to a fancy dinner and going like i have a jag that is why you get one you’re a couple of months away from probably being able to buy a 2023 which would be its ninth model year and in some ways it’s starting to show its age because they updated it well though like to their credit they put

Their new information it doesn’t feel old in here new gauge cluster yeah i mean this still is jealous of the amg gt which is another car it could be with it because the amg gt had that beautiful silver middle yeah yeah this as an interior this isn’t super exciting no it’s you know you can get this in red and stuff but even so but the suspension actually i think

Is the downside of this car because it is quite harsh in the city and since then things like the c8 corvette have come out with magneride oh the c8 corvette’s got an amazing ride yeah so i i wish you could stick magnet ride in this and yeah and interestingly the c8 corvette feels as special as this to be in it does and how much cheaper is it than this um by the

Time you’re all said and done it’s not a huge huge jump it’s probably 10 or 20 maybe okay maybe and that’s if you get a low spec right right right but i think considering this is about to be nine years old yeah it’s held up it’s held up very well i will give them credit for that it feels it feels different it feels special it’s quick it shouts really loudly i

Really like it i really really like it i’ve always liked the vibe of the of the f-type as i said i drove the uh the previous r oh my god that tracks control cut in a bit there oh my god that’s crazy that was fit to the floor the traction control was just like like how was the throttle response based on that like from my perspective it was instant obviously yeah

It’s pretty good that was a really sharp response this is a supercharged v8 and i think i as time goes on the supercharged versus turbocharged any day of the week yeah especially for something fun you know around town sure the turbocharge makes life easy but and i mean the fuel economy is not probably not great in this i don’t even know what i’ve been doing and

It feels a car like this this day and age feels silly because of how expensive fuel is yeah but but yeah if you if you had this and you had like a e-golf to drive around to work every day and you take this thing out of the weekends you wouldn’t feel guilty i love that jack have introduced you know it came out as a v6 option i think the the r was the only way to

Get a v8 unless you got the v8s convertible right and then they introduced the turbo four and they had so at one point in time i think there was a turbo four six and an eight and now as time gets modern everyone else is getting hybrid jack’s like you know what you’re just getting the eight yeah they’ve removed the turbo four no i think that’s a good that’s a

Good move i think it’s a good move because oh jesus this car feels like it belongs with this engine would you take your peas in a pod would you take it in yellow um what other colors does it come in yes yes i will take a yellow one please i mean according to you this is orange you’ve seen our rocky review i don’t know which one’s coming out first oh okay well

If you haven’t then you’ll get that joke when it does come out this is yellow maybe it’s orange sunset the f-type still has a place it came in a sharper the lc 500 is softer yep you know obviously it’s a 911 fighter as well but it doesn’t have back seats no this is uh this has an attitude that those other cars don’t have as time goes on i’m really getting like

The f-pace svr which i didn’t oh great originally think much of when you start driving the other ones yannick is still having fun somehow yes they are 100 they are and i massively respect them for that but safe fun i don’t the all-wheel drive with a hundred and twenty thousand dollar car i don’t mind yeah they’re fair enough they’re not sliding everywhere yeah

Because it feels quite heavy this doesn’t feel like a precision machine no it’s true if there was like a dodge challenger hellcat that like finally went to school would you take this or an m8 not even a question yeah i agree with this any day of the week i think this is quite a bit cheaper as well yeah the m8 is overpriced somehow the jag is the value purchase

Same with the svr f-pace all right give me and then one more off you go making me wait for it i know the spoiler goes up and the spoiler goes up which you can put up manually when you’re parked or a lower speed if you’re a douchebag you ever see someone’s death type spoiler app and it’s parked they have deliberately pressed they might have deliberately done that

Which by the way ruins the lines of this car good to know good to know all right let’s park it so i can put the spoiler up you

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