2022 infiniti qx55 review
Altair Club Cars 2022 Infiniti QX55 Review

2022 Infiniti QX55 Review

The 2022 Infiniti QX55 is a fine personal premium SUV. Good drive, impressive cabin, but it has nothing to do with the legendary FX.

Now i will freely admit that i have been quite mean to infinity products and infinity as a whole and acura for that matter for the last 10 years or so maybe even 12 in the case of some acura products um and i’m afraid i’m not exactly quite done yet unlike in the past for infinity products this time i’m not exactly going to be mean about the product itself

This is an all new 2022 infiniti qx55 now in fact there are two things that bother me about this vehicle one very much and the other at this point it’s not even worth mentioning but i will bring it up anyway uh and that one thing that bothers me the most is that well actually i first got to see the qx55 uh for or at infinity’s 30th anniversary bash a little

Over two years ago closer to two and a half years ago at this point i think and it was revealed to us they showed us you know the roof line and the hatch and all that and they mentioned the letters fx and then the pre in the press release sometime later they mentioned that the qx 55 is the spiritual successor something like that to the infiniti fx no it is not

The infiniti fx was novel innovative sexy excellent incredible in all kinds of ways from design to performance the qx55 is just a re-bodied qx50 which isn’t a rear wheel drive setup like the fx was it’s front wheel drive all-wheel drive anyhow it’s a very very different beast so that’s wrong but that’s essentially it really because everything else about the qx55

Much like the qx50 is just about spot on now just before we do the walk around and the drive uh just some observations in my neck of the woods i have only ever seen one other qx55 since it arrived on the road i think in late spring of 2021 right around there whereas a colleague of mine at mortar illustrated says that they are everywhere perhaps that has more to

Do with the median household income of where i live versus where he lives it’s possible not because this is expensive because this is actually reasonably affordable or what you get for the money there’s value in it anyhow what i’m saying is that i think it should be a better seller because of what it is but maybe the competition is just too fierce anyhow it is

Time for that walk around and then some wheel time now styling certainly isn’t that other element that bothers me about the qrx 55 truth be told i think it actually looks really good it’s very trendy the style as it is right now and i mean the long wheelbase short overhangs um it just it looks very very contemporary how about that it looks good period uh just

In to give you an idea size wise to the compared to the qx50 this thing is about five and a half centimeters lower or overall height is lower and it’s a little over three centimeters longer so essentially they share they do share the exact same footprint it’s a good looking suv with maybe one weird thing the taillights they’re comically almost oversized at night

There’s so much light from those leds it’s completely out of step with the overall size of the vehicle but otherwise it’s still a really really good looking crossover suv whatever you want to call it alright so pricing for the base lux in the us forty six thousand five hundred dollars in canada fifty one thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars for that price

You get these 20 inch wheels not bad uh remote start uh wireless apple carplay android auto led lights a heated steering wheel and a twin uh screen setup in the dashboard eight inches on top seven inches on the bottom i’ll show that to you in a moment and at the other end of the spectrum is the sensory the model you’re looking at right now which is priced fifty

Seven thousand fifty dollars in the us sixty thousand nine hundred ninety eight in canada for that money you get uh pro pilot suite the complete collection of all the driving aids semi-autonomous stuff available from nissan heads-up display semi-aniline leather cooled front seats and so on and so forth yeah i think it looks good i kind of like nissan’s front

End uh nissan whoo but infinity same difference we understand each other right okay so it’s open trunk power hatch obviously you can expect this this price point excuse me so that reveals 762 liters of trunk space which is very accessible surprisingly i mean it’s very deep and height wise is very little lost when it comes to the angle of the hatch and there’s

Actually some decent storage under the floor too this was a nice surprise to be honest good stuff okay well on the inside this is a smaller ish not quite compact suv so it’s a little bit snug back here but imagine the baby seats are gone and you’re sitting down as an adult that’s where my driving position positions the seats so there’s a decent amount of leg room

Three adults across might be a little bit snug to be quite honest but overall it’s really it’s pretty good okay so infinity um look they do beautiful interiors i mean the contrast stitching there are so many layers of material everything comes together really nicely and some components are a little bit older than what maybe we would expect in a vehicle from the

2022 model here but overall it’s nice beautiful leather contrasting colors too that match really well with the exterior shade let’s jump in start her up so okay the twin screen setup we’ll just get right into it so eight inches on top seven on the bottom um it’s fine it is is well integrated i love how it’s flat on top of the dashboard but honestly i mean

The graphics are getting old same thing with the interface here we had this in qx and q50s years and years ago but it’s still quite functional i mean everything about it is okay we got the audio the home button climate controls like any other system or all of the modern systems i mean you have to give it a few moments to boot up when you start it when it’s cold

Um there isn’t really anything negative to stay to say here i mean some functions are a little bit weird like you have to select between going into park or shutting off the vehicle to auto unlock doors and you can’t have both anyway silly little details like that lovely gauges digital readout in the middle you can see my average fuel consumption at the moment

Visibility is not too bad actually given that the dash is kind of low and my seating position is always at the lowest setting a little bit of a spot there but it’s still it’s very workable you can kind of see yeah you can’t see the heads-up display storage is a little bit on the tight side i mean this bin is very useful this can fill up quickly um over here i

Mean i guess it works out nicely door bins are decent as well but the overall impression in here is very very classy beautiful materials fit finish craftsmanship i mean look at the two surfaces coming together beautifully i mean this is what infiniti is essentially trying to sell you is that this is a hyper premium vehicle especially on the inside on the drive

Actually it’s pretty damn close as well i have to say so let’s do that now so what is that other element that somewhat bothers me about the qx it wasn’t even close the a-pro pilot and these driving assists anyway um well it’s it’s the cvt but quite frankly honestly realistically speaking it’s one of the absolute best in the business right now the only reason

Why you know it’s a cvt and you recognize how it functions is when you take off from a dead stop and you’re accelerating gently the engine speeds will fluctuate as you continue to accelerate but beyond that look there are programmed gears you have paddle shifters and well i won’t say the saving grace because they kind of complement each other really really

Well is the variable compression turbocharged two-liter four-cylinder engine engine up front um it is it is incredibly potent uh this thing is surprisingly quick i don’t remember feeling this way about the qx50 when i drove it almost two years ago at this point um but it really really moves i mean i’ve been driving in standard drive mode the whole time i

Haven’t really played around with the other drive modes i mean toggle’s just right behind behind the shifter there’s eco and then there’s sport but honestly standard has been doing an incredible job of just getting things moving and and it’s a combination of the gearing of the cvt the boost and the power of the 2-liter uh it’s throttle response is incredibly

It’s immediate but not harsh or sharp it is i mean even with the start stop system engaged it works so well that i’m i’m not at a loss for words clearly but i am truly impressed with how it works i mean two two-liter variable compression engine what it does is that it’ll vary compression the engine to i think as low as 8.6 uh to one up to 14 and change or so

What does that mean that means is it’ll give you a little bit more torque it’ll give you more efficiency and vary continuously between the two depending on the amount of load or throttle inputs the result is 268 horsepower at 5600 rpm and 280 pound-feet of torque between 16 and 4 800 rpm which means that at any given time it’s i’m i’m absolutely enjoying this

Powertrain i mean except for the drone at first i mean the cvt shifts wonderfully from one gear to the other unless you’re being unless you’re thrashing the throttle otherwise it glides it’s just so super smooth and the ride quality is surprising as well i mean it’s got a rear multi-link suspension setup obviously independent front um and uh the ride quality is

Good and roads around my hood are always broken but not even close anyhow um what was i saying the ride quality is really nice as it might be you know 51 dynamic 49 comfort overall 20 inch you know narrow sidewall tires give it a little bit more of a well you can feel all the sharpness in the surface of the road or nearly but critically it’s not jarring inside

It’s very comfortable refined even steering is and this i noticed this in a number of infinity products over the last five six years it is it is devoid of feedback there’s a chasm between what i’m doing with the wheel and what the front wheels are doing and the responsiveness is good you know it reacts well to steering inputs but i feel like there’s there’s a

Brick wall between me and the wheels my brakes feel great what else can i say oh intelligent four-wheel drive intelligent all-wheel drive from infinity though essentially you get a 50 50 splits in normal or hard loads 50 is the maximum amount of power that will be sent to the rear wheels and you can get all of one hundred percent of the engine’s power to go to

The front wheels which is one of the reasons main reasons why this is not the fx’s spiritual successor or whatever the exact words infinity used to describe the qx55 this is essentially a front-wheel drive with rear reel assist like most all-wheel drive systems but beyond that i mean this thing is great but uh and the pricing is interesting to see it i happen

To be right by a new q3 and see there’s there’s the toss-up q5 q3 x4 x3 maybe even x2 lexus nx in the list of options in this price point in this segment glc glb gla and i’m skipping over a whole bunch of other ones i mean in my opinion the reason why there are very few on my side or in my hood compared to my buddy’s hood is that well around here there are bmw

And audi people all over the place a lot of lexus obviously but bmw and audi absolutely own everything here with a number of benzes as well and for the brand itself infinity still and never will be able to really compete um you know go to total with the german brands uh but that doesn’t take anything away from how good and interesting this product is i mean i

I think maybe if it had a real transmission like they’ve just done for the pathfinder which i thoroughly enjoyed by the way in good part thanks to nine speed automatic transmission maybe this one would have a a chance but then again i mean the q50 has no chance against the three series the a4 and the c-class and all that so it probably has more to do with this

But then when i got mean with the brand well that’s because they went from being this to being that anyhow that’s it i like this thing you

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