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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Venue review – Just a facelift, or more? | First Drive | Autocar India

2022 Hyundai Venue review – Just a facelift, or more? | First Drive | Autocar India

The Hyundai Venue has been revamped with new styling, more features and improvements to the back seat as well. Jay Patil brings you the full review.

Now as far as facelifts are concerned i’m sure a lot of you will agree that hyundai has done a rather good job with this the updated venue and if you’ve seen our walk around video you probably know everything that is new on the car but that of course was in a dimly lit room it was closed off a lot of chaos around nikhil today the skies are clear we have it out on

The road for a drive and we’re gonna find out exactly what all has changed and has it made a difference to the way it drives the new venue is a classic facelift job wherein you have the basic silhouette that remains the same but with refresh styling at the front the new parametric joule grille is laden with dark chrome and has plenty of bling factor the headlamps

Get led projectors this time round and the design up top has been refreshed as well the bumper is more angular and gets an end to end panel that gives it a wide look over to the side the wheel size remains the same but the design is the most noticeable change with a new diamond cut pattern and a slightly different panel under the cladding the rear is the highlight

Thanks to the long edge pattern led light bar and squared off bumpers that give it a more upmarket look what’s new on the updated venue on the inside especially is the dashboard layout it’s dual tone now which means it’s black and grey that’s hyundai’s terminology and that means it’s neither grey nor is it either way it works really well breaks the overall flow

And that’s quite nice it looks nice and premium as well other bits are a touchscreen same 8-inch but the ui in it has been revamped you also get some more features like ambient sounds you have these nice soothing sounds while you’re on a drive it can be a bit distracting depends on how you look at it the other thing is sim based connectivity of course venue was

The first car to get sim based connected tech and with this it has only grown you now have alexa support which means sitting in your bedroom you can do lots of things like check your tpms check where the car is fuel level and lots of other things so there’s a lot happening just in this connected touchscreen the new bit is the fully digital cluster looks very sharp

And modern but i really wish that it had at least bars for average because right now it’s just numbers moving around and it’s not really exciting to look at of course you can change the themes around it as well and overall yes it has sort of upped the overall premium quotient of it you still get the sunroof wireless charging you get a type c port and you get the

Air purifier which was earlier manual you got this big flask rubbing away one of the cup holders now it is digital and that means you get some space here as well and yeah it’s a pretty packed car overall other big change are the seats you now get powered adjust for the driver’s seat which means you can move front and rear and adjust the backrest as well electrically

Height is still manual adjust but that said i think ventilated seats is something they should have put in because the sonnet gets it there was no reason for the venue to not get it so that’s a bit of a miss on my side but there have also been changes to the back so let’s quickly sample that out now in the backseat of the updated venue there have been some substantial

Changes and changes that you can easily notice the first is the extended knee room which means you have these scooped out front seats that give you some space for your knees and you also have the seat squab that is now larger which means under thigh support is better as well you also have some space under the front seat to keep your feet in and overall it is a much

Comfortable seat what’s the other big highlight is of course the backrest the two-step reclining backrest it is a bit of a reach but once you have it in the position it does make a big difference you just are a bit more relaxed and long drives as a result are a lot more comfortable so yes overall huge improvements to the back seat other bits include type c ports

For your devices so that means faster charging you have rear ac vents of course and like i mentioned an air purifier that said the venue is not the roomiest of the three suvs and seating three at the back will be a squeeze in terms of safety the venue in even its base spec gets dual airbags abs with ebd parking sensors and isofix mounts while on the top spec it

Gets 6 airbags tpms reversing camera and hill assist control however the venue is yet to be tested by global end cap for a safety rating now powering the updated venue r3 engine option same as before a 1.2 liter 83 horsepower petrol engine that is mated to a 5-speed manual a 100 horsepower 1.5 liter diesel engine made it to a six-speed manual and a one liter 120

Horsepower turbo petrol mated to a 6-speed imt and a 7-speed dct transmission now the thing with the venue is even though it is an suv the diesel engine is not the top choice for buyers and sadly i don’t see why because on a full tank i have a claimed range or rather the range that is on display of over 900 kilometers and i don’t see any reason to deny that

Because when you’re on a nice long highway journey you will definitely appreciate a diesel engine more the nice oodles of torque on offer you have a nice six speed well spaced out gearbox and it really is very very comfortable to drive as well the fuel efficiency is obviously the highlight but hyundai’s missed a trick by not giving the venue diesel an automatic

Transmission option something that its cousin the kia sonnet does get now what’s largely unchanged on this updated venue is the ride quality it still is the same so highway speeds and high speed stability is not a problem but at low speeds there is a bit of firmness especially over sharp patches cuts and broken roads it is a bit jittery in here and yes you will

Feel the bumps slightly that said it is the turbo petrol engine that is favored the most now diesel engine is all well and good in terms of efficiency and long highway driving but when you want to have a little bit of fun it is a turbo petrol that will be at the top of the chart this 120 horsepower one liter turbo petrol engine is just superb and even though it

Is mated to a 6-speed imd gearbox it still is a bit engaging because even if you don’t have the engagement of a clutch you still get the gear shift and that is quite important the shifts might not be as quick and responsive as a traditional manual but it sure offers a bit more in terms of driver engagement the engine refinement is the same as before which means

Vibrations are well contained and the performance is lively but of course the new bit on the venue is the dct as before there’s only one fully automatic version of the venue on sale and that’s the turbo dct this is the one liter turbo petrol engine 120 horsepower but this time mated to a 7-speed dct now there’s nothing new about this this was available with the

Earlier iteration as well but the dct here is a second gen dcd which means shifts are slightly faster response times are better and efficiency is better as well to me personally i don’t see much difference at all it might be minor in the way the tuning is done but overall it is still very very peppy and if you like to go fast this is it now the imt might seem the

Version that rewards driving enthusiasts a lot more you know you get that proper manual shifting but even in this you get paddle shifters which are quite responsive and you get a triptonic function as well which means you can control the gearbox manually to an extent and they will be used a fair bit since the shift speed on the venue dct isn’t the fastest there

Is a hint of hesitation on up shifts and the engine does get quite boomy as well however what the venue has in addition to that for this facelift is drive modes flipping through the drive modes does change the character of the engine in sport the responses are better and the gearbox is sharper as opposed to eco mode where the engine and gearbox are at their most

Leisurely setting normal mode strikes a good balance and is likely to be used the most however we would have liked an end line version like i said you know more than these small aesthetic bits maybe they could have given us something on the outside something like the i-20 and line and that would have been a real hot seller but the good news is that the venue

End line is coming at least that’s what spy picks suggest fingers crossed with the facelift hyundai has refreshed what had become too familiar of face prices range between 7.53 lakh to 12.57 lakh rupees which puts the venue right in the mix of the compact suv segment with the facelift the changes to the exterior have certainly given it a breath of fresh air the

Added equipment list has made it stronger still and the varied powertrain options including a diesel engine gives it a strong edge there’s no diesel automatic and it’s not the roomiest of models for the price but as a friendly urban drive the venue continues to work well you

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2022 Hyundai Venue review – Just a facelift, or more? | First Drive | Autocar India By Autocar India

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