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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Tucson Plug In Hybrid [POV]

2022 Hyundai Tucson Plug In Hybrid [POV]

The Hyundai Tucson plug in PHEV is probably the best solution to the gas vs EV thing currently. Charging is slow, EVs are expensive, and the public infrastructure is a joke so being able to charge up at home with a smaller battery overnight and have the backup gas engine makes total sense.

Right welcome to short shift we’ve spent the last week with this handy tucson but this is not your average tucson this is not just the plug-in or not just the hybrid but the plug-in hybrid there’s absolutely no way of knowing from the exterior aside from this badge right here so you can see plug-in hybrid right there so what that means is you have a petrol engine

And a battery pack big enough to supply you with a significant enough range on fully electric so you can do 33 miles hyundai say in fully electric mode now i charge it all the way up in my house and i saw about 31 and that was with my aircon and stuff on uh which is probably going to take well i’ve noticed it takes away one mile of range then of course there’s

Probably like a battery sealing in a temperature you know thermal capacity whatever but let’s open the hood and i’ll show you what’s going on right so under the bonnet we’ve got a 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine of course and then we all know what this color means this is obviously the hybrid stuff so you’ve got motors batteries and all that sort of thing

Like i said 33 miles fully electric range 1.6 turbocharged four cylinder combined output is a pretty healthy 261 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque this is of course the quickest uh the most spunky and also the most efficient tucson that you can get now with the bonnet clothes we’ll talk about how this thing looks now like i said the only indication from an

Exterior perspective is the fact that you have the plug-in badge on the back this only comes for the plug-in in sel and limited trim so you do have like the dark this is the limited trim which is the most expensive it’s about forty three thousand two hundred dollars to start i believe and then it of course looks like a normal tucson so we’ve got the gray paint

It’s got some nice metal flake in there and then all of the running lights see right there that bit that one that one that one and that one that’s all running light and you can’t tell when the car is off but of course when it’s running it looks different then your actual projectors there and then you’ve got some cooling down here you’ve got functional aero bits

Right there but otherwise it’s a tucson which means that they’ve been snorting cocaine in the design studio because they just can’t stop adding creases and styling elements to this car so that’s what i’m talking about here we’ve got all of this going on here crease crease crease crease right here like even in the even in the wing here we’ve got one two three

Bits right there and then of course we’ve got it here this isn’t even kind of functional but just leave it handy uh anyway i mean i think it looks the thing that i’ll say is i will give hyundai absolute credit for just going for it and maybe their brand look isn’t consistent throughout their models but they are at least interesting to look at whether you love

Them or hate them they’re at least different and i like that so again you’ve got crease there there there everywhere i mean it’s just everywhere interestingly though you’ve got chrome bit here and then black down here black here and the chrome bit terminates into something else that’s arrow i don’t know but then you’ve got black roof rails huge panora roof which

Is really really nice i probably should have it on but the tail lights are really nice full width of course and this bit is interesting this is usually where you have your um your windshield wiper it’s tucked up under here which is kind of nice and then i will say so on the passenger side this is where you have your plug and the other side of course is where you

Would fill up uh your fuel tank no towing uh no exhaust you can actually see it kind of hanging down there so it’s not really made of shell but you have this like diffuser style and towing capacity maxes out with the trailer brake at a pretty pathetic thousand pounds not great not amazing this is also a bit confusing it’s kind of ford esque the release for the

For the boot is down there when you do open it you’ve got pretty sizable boot here which is really nice so i’ve got my bag in there and then under here it just folds up nice and easy and you’ve got like organized storage here of course this is what i was using to keep the um the charging cord all together so it’s pretty good i mean you can just see it’s a nice

Big space check out the rear seat now going into the rear seat again the thing that we’re going to look at is space got really really nice panoramic roof got good leather seating it is black it is black black black and then the high traffic areas for your fingers gloss black but you do have heated seats in the back which is quite nice juice on the door sill and

Then i’m sitting behind myself still got an inch or so of room this seat comes back a little bit when you turn the car off so when i get back in and start the car this will actually give me more leg room which is nice dual climate vents dual chargers for usb and then yeah like i said this is just really really nice i’ve got loads of headroom which is great i’ve

Got pretty good knee room and i’ve got heated seats back here map pockets you know all of the luxuries but let’s go in the front okay we’ll turn it on obviously it doesn’t do that because we’re in electric drive this indication is the fact that it is ready to drive it’s on because obviously an electric doesn’t make much sound um i charge it overnight 120 volt

Outlet in my garage only about 20 miles is about two miles away from my house where i shoot this so you probably may want to upgrade your electric if you get this car um but you do have different drive modes you can toggle here they make different different things in your gauge cluster smart of course anticipates what you want to do sport of course engages both

Electric and petrol to give you the most sporty response and then eco will default primarily to ev mode but you can select what you want specifically if you want hybrid automatic or ev which is kind of nice like driving around in hybrid uh because you have the the benefit of both however the thing that they’ll say is you have the 33 miles of electric range and you

Have 35 combined mpg from the hybrid system but since i’m driving around mostly in electric mode my mileage will just continue to go up so long as i drive with electric range and i plug in every time i go home which is just really nice like if if you’re not ready to go to ev which i don’t necessarily think that we’re going to be ready publicly with infrastructure

Perspective for another five years this is this is the solution right so you can get to and from work pretty easily on electric you know you just plug in charge overnight all done and then if you need to go further you want to road trip whatever you have the reliability the dependability of the petrol engine and being able to fill up wherever of course you’ve

Got your media controls here we should talk about this right so this is the volume control this is the head unit volume control which is just maddening there’s no knob so you’ve just got these so to mute if you want to like quickly adjust the volume you can only press this in so if your passenger is like need to take a call they can’t you know mute it real quick

They have to ask you which is annoying like just leave just leave a knob right okay uh otherwise these are all touch sensitive this is touch sensitive uh you do have cooled seat heated seat heated steering wheel descent control your 360 cameras are quite good which is very nice come on just don’t show this again come on i’m trying to show the people how good

Your cameras are handy right so it’s pretty good resolution is very good it’s better than the toyota we’ve got wireless charging pad down here and then this is an interesting bit as well oh i should mention digital 10 and a quarter screen 10 and a quarter screen this is the the plug that you have for wired apple carplay you do have wireless apple carplay in the

Lower sel trim but you have wired apple carplay in this upgraded limited trim which just makes absolutely no sense to me but that’s what they’ve gone and done of course we’ve been through this quite a bit you’ve got quiet mode just all of the typical hyundai gimmicks you’ll have your sounds of nature which are just fun lively forest i love some of these they’re

So funny where’s the snow one here that one it’s supposed to sound like this one’s a little bit different some of the snowy village just sounds like you’re just wrinkling a bag of chips it’s just really loud but you do have this fev screen so you can actually see like what your range is how efficiently you’ve been driving where the power is going of course you

Can control your screen here to see exactly what power’s going where and all that sort of stuff so it’s really really nice you’ve got cup holders of course i’ve got my extender in for my emotional support bottle and then of course you’ve got additional storage down here no charging in here but it’s not like you don’t have enough charging down there um you’ve got

A differential lock so you can lock all-wheel drive because it’s an off-roader no not really um but yeah it’s pretty nice in here it’s nice and comfortable seating i’ve got loads of visibility and i think that means good time to go for a drive okay behind the wheel of the tucson fev plug-in whatever they want to call it i don’t think they like to call it the fev

So this thing mainly competes against the teo tarav4 prime which we’ve also tested previously and is a very good car again i think the concept of the plug-in hybrid is the car for right now five years from now evs make total sense fine but for right now the charging infrastructure is just not practical for mass consumption also there’s the whole thing about the

Electricity grid not being you know powerful enough reliable enough to sustain everyone moving to ev so we’ve got some work to do but hyundai is kind of easing the transition for us so what we’re going to do in typical short shift fashion we’re gonna have a launch we’re gonna go into ev mode specifically and you cannot go in just electric and launch the car in

Sport mode it is going to use the combined power of the hybrid pack uh and the petrol engine so we’re going to see if we can get away with it in dedicated ev mode and in eco mode so we’re going to stop right here pin it nope see the engine’s turned on you can hear it buzzing away it sounds pretty crap but you could hear like the electric motors they get you out

Of of the hole and then once you’re going a little bit then the engine kicks in which is just more economical the engine can function more more smoothly and do do its thing more efficiently now we’re gonna we’re gonna do it again we’re in sport mode so uh the 1.6 t is revved up and ready to go all 261 horsepower and 258 pound foot of torque so we’re gonna go we’re

In hybrid you can see ev see that hesitation there around a thousand rpm and we’re off i mean it feels plenty quick if i’m honest i’m going to go back down into smart mode which is kind of the closest thing that you would have to like a normal so smart is going to like try to use the computers your throttle input your you know some of the telemetry information

To kind of guess how how you want to drive the car if you want to drive more economically it’ll default into eevee if you put your foot down it’ll be a little bit sharper so like i said uh 1.6 turbocharged four-cylinder you’ve got a six-speed automatic gearbox which does pretty well um i do if i’m honest notice the transition between electric and petrol and when

When the petrol engine kicks in i’m a little bit aware of it uh i’m a little bit more aware of it than i would be in like a comparable toyota um which is not surprised there’s a there’s a flight there’s a huge fly in here eyes on the road mate come on jesus right anyway um so it’s not quite as smooth as the toyota although i will say that having just got out of a

Toyota uh and so i’m very familiar you will not notice the difference in terms of how the transmission engages the transition between petrol and electric unless you drive these two back-to-back so this is still a very good system another thing that’s very good oh look at this g-wagon aren’t we just very posh on a saturday morning well that must be nice but i’ve

Got the hyundai tucson fev and i’ll have a race mr amg uh anyway what was i saying okay the the thing that i like about this car it’s quiet on the interior the ride is really supple it’s really really comfortable this is a great compact suv as a package the plug-in just makes it a little better but the thing that stands out to me is the visibility look how low

This dash is um i can see everything the a-pillar is kind of off to the side it’s never really in the way and then even through the rear view mirror the the headrests in the rear seat don’t obstruct my view at all so it’s it’s really nice it’s well thought out for what it’s doing and i like having these kind of screens up uh and generally i have like my range or

My fuel economy up just because you find yourself like playing games behind the wheel just kind of like trying to hype a mile uh see what you can get out of it you know i was like okay can i get to 60 mpg this week and i did and then of course i ran out of electric and then it quickly went back down to a more normal range but even still look at that i’ve driven

This thing for a week in normal conditions you know driving you know across the city going to sleep hollow and all that sort of thing and i’ve still got 52 mpg like that’s fantastic it’s just amazing now the petrol the gas tank is is very small i believe it’s like 11 gallons so it’s kind of banking on you using the electric battery pack uh to maximize the range

Of this car it doesn’t have a huge amount of range but you know if you do have a fully charged battery and you have a full tank of gas you can go relatively far but yeah it’s a pretty small gas tank if you’re not going to keep this thing charged what else can i say i think now might be a good time to turn on some of the autopilot because you’ve got really nice

Systems the hyundai systems are always very very good so we’re here on the side of the road going about 43 miles an hour i’m not worried about hitting bicyclists and even though we’ve got nutri there’s probably a race this afternoon which is terrible planning because everyone’s got their bins out you’re going to have cyclists running into wheelie bins on the

Side of the road that’s stupid come on mikwon anyway um but yeah the hyundai adaptive cruise lane keep like all the the autopilot systems are fabulous they always are they’re very good everyone that we test is incredibly good now handy don’t make a body-on-frame vehicle they’re all unibody so i think that lends itself we were just in the toyota it has a pretty good

Autopilot system but it does struggle more in its bigger body on frames the tundra we were just in it struggles more in that application but like there’s so much construction going on around my house and this is not bothered by it changing speeds changing lane lines temporary lane lines lane lines that are kind of like carved out are removed temporarily it’s

Not bothered at all all right we’re gonna come in here the steering is really light you’re not this is not a sports car don’t even pretend that it is oh no i usually use this bit to kind of test like cabin isolation and then some of the suspension because this is usually a huge mess but they’ve cleaned it up that’s annoying this is a one time i’ve been annoyed

At construction for doing their job and doing it properly and doing it like really responsibly but this is a decent time to mention that the suspension is very good um it’s a static rate damper as it would be on you know economy family you know compact suv but it’s just really smooth it’s just good there’s nothing about this suv i guess this is kind of my final

Thoughts there’s nothing about this suv that offends me in any way i don’t mind the styling i could understand how it could be polarizing to some but i think it’s fine and again i appreciate handy going for it i like the application the concept of the plug-in makes so much sense to me and then the interior space is so comfortable it’s usable sure you’ve got gloss

Plastics here and i’m a little annoyed about the volume knob but other than that it is perfectly usable it has all the features uh apple carplay i do wish was wireless but that and the volume knob are my only complaints on this thing really other than that it’s it’s fantastic if it comes down between this and the toyota rav4 prime i’m probably having this one

Because i think they’re less common and i like that two because it looks weird and i like that and three i think it’s just a nicer interior the rav4 kind of is going for this like almost like rugged utilitarian there’s like more rubberized materials on the interior and it almost seems like the plastics are cheaper in the toyota so i think i’d find myself having

This if i’m honest and it’s a really good car so you know with that said this has been the handy tucson plug-in i hope you’ve enjoyed it here’s a send in smart mode okay that’s all electric oh now smart’s gone red when it uses the petrol engine thanks for watching we’ll see you in the next one

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