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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV: The amazing Plug in Hybrid Crossover SUV

2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV: The amazing Plug in Hybrid Crossover SUV

Hyundai has unveiled the stunning 2022 Tucson plug-in hybrid with 33 miles of electric-only range.This vehicles will join the regular gas-powered and hybrid models of the Tucson and bring the variant count to four. The plug-in version of the compact SUV will take on Toyota’s surprisingly quick RAV4 Prime PHEV and be available this summer.

The deep lineup of electrified hyundai vehicles keeps getting bigger hey everyone welcome to another hyundai showroom walk around i’m jion your product specialist and host tucson has always been one of our most popular models now you have some electrified options with tucson hybrid and this the first ever 2022 tucson plug-in hybrid electric when you want it

Gas when you need it it’s a win-win for instance you can drive in its all-electric mode for up to 33 miles without ever using a single drop of gas and like the rest of the tucson family it sports a bold modern look that really sets it apart from other compact suvs it’s nicely packed with the latest in wireless tech intuitive displays and advanced safety tucson

Plug-in hybrid comes equipped with h-track all-wheel drive standard let’s take a better look at it as you can see it’s virtually identical to the gas powered tucson as we take a look at its distinctive 3d grille you have that parametric design that’s really eye-catching with the 10 hidden led daytime running lights only seen once illuminated and since this is

The limited trim you get the beautiful dark chrome finish and badge as we take a look at other features standard 19-inch alloy wheels side mirrors with led turn signal indicators a chiseled surface with strong character lines gloss black panels and vertical led tail light spears connected by a continuous led light bar a parametric diffuser and bumper now for

Convenience you get your hands-free smart liftgate with auto open 31.9 cubic feet of space for your cargo and rear seats that fold down into a 60 40 split now let’s talk about performance i already told you that tucson plug-in hybrid is equipped with h-track all-wheel drive standard but what i didn’t tell you is that unlike most plug-in hybrids this is actually

Fun to drive thanks to its e-handling technology it combines the traction control system and electric motor to give you tighter cornering performance with its combined 261 horsepower from its 1.6 liter turbo engine and electric motor it actually has more power than the gas powered version of the tucson now you have four different drive modes you can select from

With eco smart comfort and sport up to 33 mile range in its all-electric mode which you can get fully charged in less than seven hours on your standard 110 volt power outlet and under two hours with a 240 volt charger now when it comes to intuitive technology tucson plug-in hybrid takes convenience to a whole new level starting with remote smart parking assist

You can actually park tucson without even being in the vehicle simply press and hold this button on the key fob tucson can pull straight in or reverse out of a parking spot hyundai digital key which transforms your android smartphone into a key fob or you can use your digital key card simply place it next to the door to unlock it use it to turn on the engine and

You can even share your digital key with friends and families to their android smartphone device now as soon as you’re inside you’re greeted by an interior that’s spacious and refined for instance there’s no hood over the 10.25 inch digital gauge cluster so the dash feels more open and streamlined then there’s our new multi-air mode technology that gently diffuses

The air from each vent so you barely feel the airflow a 10.25 inch touchscreen display that comes standard with apple carplay and android auto on the buttonless center stack wireless rapid charging pad with cooling fan dynamic voice recognition use your voice to control the windows trunk climate control and more a panoramic sunroof three years complementary of

Blue link hyundai’s connected car service and the bose premium audio system and like every new hyundai tucson plug-in hybrid is equipped with hyundai smartsense an intelligent network of sensors and cameras that really act like an extra set of eyes to help keep you and your passengers safe now some of those include ford collision avoidance assist with pedestrian

Detection cyclist detection and junction turning blind spot collision avoidance assist rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist lane keeping assist lane following assist highway driving assist safe exit warning ultrasonic rear occupant alert and smart cruise control with stop go and since it’s a plug-in hybrid you get some additional benefits up to six

Thousand five hundred and eighty seven dollars in federal tax credit state and local incentives and solo driving access in carpool lanes and because it’s a hyundai you get america’s best warranty a 10 year or 100 000 mile powertrain limited warranty a 5 year or 60 000 mile new vehicle limited warranty 5 years unlimited miles of 24 hour roadside assistance and

Hyundai’s complementary maintenance for three years or 36 thousand miles whichever comes first and because it’s an electrified vehicle here at hyundai it’s backed by a 10 year or 100 000 mile electric limited battery warranty hyundai cares about quality that’s why we produce our own advanced high strength steel which is very strong and very light so there you

Have it the first ever 2022 tucson plug-in hybrid our recharge or refuel modern suv it has all the amazing things that makes tucson our most popular suv plus the perks of being an electric vehicle it really is the best of both worlds you

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