2022 hyundai tucson phev ev rang
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV – EV Range Test | Mixed Driving Efficiency

2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV – EV Range Test | Mixed Driving Efficiency

The Hyundai Tucson PHEV is one of a handful of plug-in hybrid compact crossovers for sale today. It has a nice powertrain, but it’s not the smoothest option, and it cannot run on EV alone as easily as the Toyota RAV4.

Hey everybody it’s charlie from daily motor today we’ve got the ev test on the 2022 hyundai tucson plug-in hybrid this is estimated to go about 33 miles in mixed driving on electric power alone so today we’re going to head out and do the daily motor mixed driving loop on electricity only to see if you really can get that 33 miles here in real world driving if

You do want to see more on the hyundai tucson we’re going to have a video testing the highway-only gas only fuel economy so if you were to take this on a highway road trip you could see what sort of efficiency you would get after the electricity is depleted and you’re just running on gas alone and we’ve also got plenty of other coverage on the normal tucsons the

Hybrid and just the gas motor so we are all filled up with electricity right now shout out to grizzly for powering all of our electric vehicles we’re gonna take our grizzly charger and put it in our very safe and scientific resting spot right there but you can see this 24 foot cable actually is pretty cool because we have it plugged into the garage here and it

Powers all of our evs used to power our tesla before we replaced it with the maverick one thing that is a bummer with most non-teslas is you gotta come back over here and close up that manually let’s get on in no sort of preconditioning for the cabin a few things to note for today outside temperatures 36 degrees fahrenheit tire pressures have been set to their

Door placard 35 psi cold and we’re going to set the climate control at 67 degrees auto now yes this will use the heater a little bit but like i said this is supposed to be a real world test so we want to replicate if you were to actually head out and drive this car from your house how far could you actually get and obviously people want to be warm so let’s go

Climate control auto 67 we’re also gonna do one degree of seat heat gps has been reset let’s reset our trip computer and we’re ready to begin oh no the engine kicked on why did the engine kick on is that to make heat electric mode all right i just put it into electric mode is the engine gonna shut off let’s all right i’m just going to turn the car off maybe

This car is unable to make heat without powering on the engine which i could see but is a bit unfortunate because competitors like the rav4 prime do not need to do that so let’s start with this off we’re in electric mode turn the car on okay ready to drive ev put it in the gear and i’m going to turn the climate on yep shoot so we need to use the engine in

Order to make heat that’s unfortunate how do we want to run this test um i guess we’ll run it without heat because arguably there are quite a few people in a lot of different climates that would be able to get away without running the heat on their car and they might just want to know how far this could go but i definitely consider that to be a big con for

Any plug-in electric vehicle if it has to use the engine to make heat because then realistically you can’t own it as a full ev for daily commuting so we are going to keep climb control off but we will run two levels of seat heat at least because i’m gonna be cold and we’re gonna run the heated steering wheel so let’s start it up again make sure we’re in electric

Mode and drive away let’s see what different drive modes we have here we’ve got eco sports smart and snow we’re going to do this test in eco also a bit disappointed that there’s no one pedal driving with the tucson plug-in hybrid so you do still have to use the brake pedal quite a bit one thing i like about driving electric vehicles is being able to come nicely

To a stop without using the brake pedal all right so we’re gonna drive this thing around and see how long it takes to deplete the 13.8 kilowatt hour battery see if we can get that 33 mile figure we’re gonna be averaging about 35 miles per hour on this test it’s got a mixture of 25 35 45 and 55 mile an hour roads so it should be a fairly accurate real world sort

Of mixed driving fuel economy test or electric electric efficiency test so we’re going to catch up with you at the end see how this thing does in the meantime enjoy this time lapse of the entire trip unfortunately about 12 miles in here i was leaning on the throttle to get up to speed on the road and the engine kicked in so we’re uh we’re using some gas

Right now i i wasn’t even full throttle i was about well i guess i i did get pretty full on there but there’s no kick down pedal to uh to engage the engine i guess it just came on on its own so again that’s not quite like the rav4 prime where you can fully lean into the into the throttle and have it be on eevee only so i’m actually gonna cycle the engine off here

In a second turn it back on and hopefully give ourselves back an eevee but i was in electric mode here i was not in automatic that’s disappointing we are down to one mile left of every range according to the vehicle interestingly still 22 left on the on the battery here but it says uh says only one mile so i wonder if when the battery hits 20 if that’s when it

Shifts itself into hybrid vehicle mode rather than full ev i should say from that little clip i shot earlier it’s clear that there is a a little white ring around the outside of the power meter here right about a maybe 80 or 90 percent of power that if you go over that the gas motor is going to kick in i understand that in an emergency situation you need to be

Able to put the accelerator all the way down and get full power from your vehicle i’m fine with that but the solution i i appreciate for that is when there’s a kick down button right at the very bottom of the pedal that if you push through that and push that button then you get the engine kicking in you get full power i want to be able to have a resistance point

Before that that i can push the pedal all the way down to that point and still be an ev only i don’t want to have to watch this meter and see oh my am i going over that little that little indicated bit that being said it is pretty easy to drive within that that power meter there you just you got to pay attention rather than just letting it be by feel oh well we’re

All the way down to 18 so maybe uh maybe we will take it all the way down to zero be interesting here it is a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery according to hyundai now again i don’t know how much of that we can use in ev only mode here i don’t know if it’s going to switch into hybrid mode before that or what we do still seem to have all of our power so that’s nice i

Am cold in here i i would not have done this format of test at many colder temperatures than this it’s 38 degrees fahrenheit right now my feet are quite cold but i have had two levels of seat heat and the one heated steering wheel going to keep me somewhat comfortable and fortunately the big panoramic glass roof has allowed a good amount of sunlight to come in

A little bit of a greenhouse effect i’m not a huge fan of the conventional six-speed automatic transmission in this car when you’re driving an electric vehicle you want that perfect smoothness in the powertrain and instead you get little little hiccups little bumps from the car shifting even though we’re in electric only mode so just it’s it’s not a huge deal

Most people probably won’t even really notice it but again why not have it just be perfectly smooth this is an application where i would be totally for a cvt or even better one of hyundai’s intelligently variable transmissions essentially a cvt with a chain rather than a belt i’d be happy with that sort of application here or maybe some sort of entire disconnect

Where the electric motor is on the other side of the transmission and can power the wheels directly rather than having to work through the transmission i don’t know i’m sure they’ve engineered it the best they could but i would prefer a cvt in this sort of situation you also feel it when you’re coming down to a stop oh wait my engine’s on when did that happen

It’s such a it’s such a calm uh a smooth engine that i didn’t even notice it kicked in but it must have been somewhere around 37 miles according to the odometer but we know we were running on gas for about a mile there in the middle of the test so about 36 miles of mixed driving here on electric only it looks like at about 15 is when we uh we started running in

Hybrid vehicle mode interesting okay so pretty good to know we’ll have to uh get back to the house here and do a little bit of our number crunching to see exactly how efficient we were how much electricity we used and sort of our our miles per kilowatt hour but looks like you can do about 36 miles without running the heat on electric only and mixed driving here

In the tucson plug-in hybrid let’s get back to the house calculate our miles per kilowatt hour and wrap this up all right back here at the house we do have a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery like i said i i don’t know if that is included in this is 15 16 percent here i don’t know if that means we still have 15 of the 13.8 kilowatt hours left i would assume so but i so

I guess we’ll calculate both and kind of talk about that so if we really did use the whole 13.8 kilowatt hours as hyundai says this car is available to use then we’ve got 36 miles traveled divided by 13.8 giving us an efficiency of 2.6 miles per kilowatt hour not fantastic but for kind of a mixed hybrid like this not really that awful either now if we actually

Only used 85 percent of that then 13.8 times 85 percent then really maybe we only used 11.7 kilowatt hours oh there’s my mailman 36 divided by 11.7 that’d be giving us 3.1 miles per kilowatt hour that would be a little bit more believable in terms of how we were running without the heat and a vehicle this size and weight okay so not my favorite plug-in hybrid

From the plug-in hybrid usability aspects for me in a colder climate i’m gonna want something that can create its own heat even if it’s not as efficient even if it would be more energy efficient in a lot of ways and and vehicly efficient if you will a simpler design to just fire up the engine to make heat i would rather have a car that i can just power entirely

From my house for daily driving type of situations maybe i’m powering it from my place of work and then when i go on trips then i can fire up the gas motor but i do enjoy driving the the hybrid tucson the plug-in hybrid tucson it’s a good car i like it i like a lot about it but maybe not the best plug-in hybrid option thank you all so much for watching if you want

To see more on the tucson hybrid plug-in hybrid check the links in the description i’m gonna go do the highway fuel economy test after this we’ve got dm test drive sound system tests all good things and we’ll see on the next one i’m charlie from daily motor and as always drive on you

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2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV – EV Range Test | Mixed Driving Efficiency By Daily Motor

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