2022 hyundai tucson hybrid plug
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid / Features & Overview

2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid / Features & Overview

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Hyundai has launched the new Tucson PHEV in the UK. It’s priced from £39,330 and joins the SUV’s existing range of 48-volt mild-hybrid and full hybrid variants.

Welcome to the audio tucks on walk i will take you for a walk around on the fourth generation of the new young direction as you can see we are in front of a revolution not only on design but also in terms of power trends and features let me explain you some highlights the new hundred took some is the first hundred suv to be developed according to the sensor

Sportiness design identity it is something very progressive for customers that want to stand out from the masses the daytime running lights are seamlessly integrated into the grille thanks to the alphamirror led technology we call them parameter hidden lights another result of the attention paid to the details is the spatter we call them parametric jewelers

And you can find them not only into the front of the car but in all the design moving into the side you can immediately notice that we changed the proportion of the car now is longer wider and also the wheelbase has been increased then the same view is also further accentuated by this chrome accent line starting from the outside mirrors and arriving until the

Seat pillars into the rear the full width tail lamps continue the parametric teams and also the rear bumper is decorated with the parametric jewels the design of the car is not compromising anything in terms of roofiness the boot space is generous with a cargo capacity up to 620 liters depending on variance and then is also possible to fold the rear seats

In a four to four ratio for any kind of adventure customers can choose from nine colors with also the possibility to have a phantom black or dark knight roof the interior has naturally flowing lines which represents the seamless user experience and it is also kept with many new human-oriented technologies for example for the first time the united took some

Features multi-year mode which is a combination of direct and indirect events both for heating and conditioning now the hair can blow gently from fine holes inside in director vents while keeping the overall wind volume stable customers can enjoy a fully digital experience thanks to the two 10.25 inch screens the cockpit features an open cluster without a

Hood that remedies the dashboard and the large infotainment touchscreen is integrated in the first unite full touch center console and of course is also coming with our latest version of the blu link connected services turning into safety the audio took son has the most comprehensive safety package of class it features system like the highway driving assist

Which is using the navigation based smart cruise control for automatically adapting the speed on every incoming bands on the highway or another example of feature unique to this segment is the blind spot view monitor which is showing directly into the supervision cluster the rear side of the car when the driver is activating the turning signal on the hybrid

And the plug-in hybrid is possible to move forward and rear the car from a parking space without being inside it thanks to the remote smart packing assist those are just some examples but there is a broad range of safety features that can help the driver in preventing from collision or improving visibility when it comes to power trends the all-new took zone

Has a null electrify line up next to traditional combustion engine are available diesel and gasoline 48 volts my divert and as you can see here next to me also hybrid and plug-in hybrid option those two electrified version are the combination of the electric motor together with the 1.6 turbo gdi engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission which delivered

The perfect balance for lowering the co2 maximizing the full efficiency and no compromise on driving fan then on the plug-in hybrid the 13.8 kilowatt per hour battery delivers plenty of opportunities for electric drive only with a range of over 50 kilometer the four wheel drive version of those two variants come with the rainmock selector which is a system

That can optimize braking power and torque depending on the rod surface selected by the driver we hope you have enjoyed the new hyundai tucson walk you

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2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid / Features & Overview By 4Drive Time

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