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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid – MPG Test | Real World Highway Range (Limited Trim)

2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid – MPG Test | Real World Highway Range (Limited Trim)

The best propulsion choice for the new 2022 Hyundai Tucson is the 1.6-liter hybrid. It’s smooth, torquey, and, as we found here, decently efficient given the size of the vehicle.

Hey everybody it’s charlie from daily motor today we’re going to figure out the real world highway fuel economy of the 2022 hyundai tucson hybrid in this video we’re going to do 100 miles on the highway and see what sort of real world fuel economy numbers we can get out of this new compact crossover before we get started hop out and take a quick look at it all new

For 2022 the hyundai tucson this is the best powertrain to get with this car at least until the plug-in hybrid comes out this one has more power smoother and gets better efficiency numbers than the gas motor and it’s really not that much more expensive either so there’s a lot to love about the new tucson if you want to see more check the links in the description

We’ve got some first driving impressions when we drove it out in arizona got a sound system test and a dm test drive of the one here shot by christopher so why do we do these tests well the epa’s highway fuel economy test which gives this tucson 36 miles per gallon that test only averages 48 miles per hour we know there are people who take their vehicles on long

Road trips and would like to know what sort of numbers you can realistically expect in the real world not only that but hybrids often don’t do as well at highway speeds than on the epa test because electric assist has more advantage at lower speeds but when you’re just cruising along at 70 gas motors tend to do better with their gearing and a few different reasons

There so it’ll be cool to see what sort of numbers we actually get just doing 70 miles per hour in order to do that we’re going to fill up here at the pump go out do 50 miles out and 50 miles back come back fill up at the same pump using the same three-click fueling method and get a result a few things to note outside temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheit tire

Pressures have been set to the door placard 35 psi cold we’re gonna run the climate control at 73 degrees auto now yes this is going to use the air conditioner but we got to be comfortable when we drive and that’s just how people use their cars in the real world let’s get out and fill it up 5.939 gallons going in for our initial fill before we actually start the

Engine we’re going to reset our since refueling which i suppose would reset anyway got our gps reset climate control on 73 degrees auto we’re ready to go a few different drive modes in the tucson we’ve got eco sport smart and snow we will obviously be doing this test in eco we’re gonna head over to the highway and pick up the test from there about half a mile

Away the goal this test isn’t to hyper mile it’s not to try to get the best fuel economy results possible but rather to get a realistic fuel economy number for this hybrid a lot of people comment on our hybrid fuel economy tests and say well yeah hybrids aren’t very good on the highway so why don’t you test them in the city it’s like well because people go on the

Highway the point of this test is not to see what gets the best fuel economy for a car the point of the test is to see what numbers the car gets in a standardized test at 70 miles per hour so yeah hybrids don’t tend to do as well and people should know that if they’re planning on buying a hybrid for extended highway driving but anyway so we’re going to get up

To highway speeds here we’re gonna actually get to 73 miles per hour according to our gps and we’ll drop that down to 72 throughout the test if we’re averaging good speeds engage our adaptive cruise control here hyundai’s have some of the best active lane keeping on the market and see if i wanted to right now and to take my hands off the wheel or at least just

A very light finger on the wheel and keeps us right in lane drifting a little bit but overall does a very good job initial highway impressions are pretty good i have driven this car before but it’s our first time driving it here at our home location in michigan we’re gonna continue on the rest of the test and catch with you at the end in the meantime enjoy this

Time lapse of the entire trip so coming into the end of the highway fuel economy test here in the new tucson hybrid plenty good highway cruiser this thing eats away at the miles as i said the active lane keeping certainly helps decent sound system getting 33.6 miles per gallon according to the car’s trip computer so a little bit lower than epa but we’ll see

What sort of numbers we actually get once we fill it up at the pump not really too much else to note it’s uh i like the soft materials where your elbows go i like the newer hyundai steering wheel that allows you to rest your hand right here it’s uh it’s just a good solid some uh family compact crossover not too loud in here is this last couple pain nope single

Pane glass not the quietest in here but also not the loudest yeah so let’s get back to the pump and see what sort of numbers we get 33.7 pulling up to the pump 105.4 according to the gps but only 103.4 so lost two miles on the car’s tr uh odometer and trip computer compared to the gps 3.045 gallons going in 105.4 divided by 3.045 is giving us 34.6 miles per gallon

So actually better than the cars trip readout and just barely edging this up to 35. so still a little lower than epa but fairly good result for a vehicle of the size especially when like that infinity that we just drove the qx55 with premium gas you’re only getting 28 miles per gallon so yeah pretty good number for this powertrain we do have a 13.7 gallon fuel

Tank so 35 miles per gallon times 13.7 gallons is giving you an effective highway cruising range about 470 almost 480 miles at 70 miles per hour this hybrid powertrain is definitely the way to go right now for the tucson you’re going to get better fuel economy both probably on the highway we haven’t tested the gas motor here on our highway fuel economy test but

There’s a good chance you’re going to get better fuel economy on the highway and definitely in the city doesn’t cost that much more and it’s a smoother and more powerful powertrain thank you all so much for watching if you want to see more on the new tucson check the links in the description for our sound system test our dm test drive and our first drive and we’ll

See on the next one i’m charlie from daily motor and as always drive on

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2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid – MPG Test | Real World Highway Range (Limited Trim) By Daily Motor

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