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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid | Interior Deep Dive |Driving.ca

2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid | Interior Deep Dive |Driving.ca

Our mandate here at the Ministry of Interior Affairs is to pick apart vehicle interiors in excruciating detail, which is where the point about grades comes into play: if you’re spending to get a Tucson Hybrid Ultimate as shown here, you’re getting a hybrid powertrain along with the best this vehicle line has to offer. The unit in question is priced in Canada at $43,524 including destination fees.

Welcome back to the ministry of interior affairs where today we’re taking a closer look inside the 2022 hyundai tucson hybrid the redesigned 2022 hyundai tucson hits the canadian market among a very crowded group of compact suvs but the pool of hybrid competition is relatively thin the tucson is one of only three hybrid compact suvs sold in our market we recently

Tested the tucson hybrid head to head against this segment’s best seller the toyota rav4 hybrid find out the results in our comparison test feature here at the ministry of interior affairs we focus on vehicle interiors in excruciating detail and with the tucson entering its fourth generation for the 2022 model year there’s plenty to talk about here we’re examining

The interior of the top grade the tucson hybrid ultimate which is priced in canada at forty three thousand five hundred twenty four dollars including destination fees let’s start with the updated interior design hyundai’s design studios are not timid about stepping outside the box and giving each of the brand’s vehicles a unique character i’ve been hot and cold

On hyundai and kia interiors over the years but in my view the interior on this tucson hybrid ultimate knocks it out of the park the clean lines and different uses of color and material are visually interesting yet tasteful and the fabric and gloss piano black accents lift it to a level of refinement beyond its price point this is one handsome looking car and

It’s made even better by the expansive panoramic sunroof which is standard on hybrid tucson’s and floods the cabin with natural light hyundai also tends to go big on feature content and we see that reflected here heated front seats are standard in all tucsons a heated steering wheel is close to standard and ventilated front seats heated rear seats and a wireless

Charging pad are standard in all hybrid models not just this top ultimate trim several of these features would require spending at least a couple thousand dollars more to access in the tucson’s competition all tucson hybrids come with a 10.25 inch fully digital instrument cluster which allows hyundai’s blind view monitor system to be included in the ultimate grade

This safety feature overlays a camera view of each side’s blind spot on the speedometer and tachometer circles when the corresponding turn signal is activated it’s a popular feature but i still tend to use my mirrors however i appreciate that this system doesn’t use the center infotainment screen as honda’s system does so i find it less distracting what it would

Be nice to see more of on this display is information on how a driver’s accelerating and braking style is affecting the tucson hybrid’s efficiency there is a graphic that shows power flow between the engine electric motor and battery but using it takes over the middle portion of the instrument cluster and other than a tiny graphic that shows when an ev mode is

On or off there’s little feedback on how acceleration or braking is reducing fuel use or recharging the battery hyundai has these systems employed in other vehicles so it’s puzzling that they’re not included here there’s also no button to force the tucson hybrid into ev mode as is found in the rav4 hybrid this only works for very brief periods in a conventional

Hybrid anyway but people do enjoy having flexibility in fact there aren’t very many buttons in the tucson hybrid ultimate at all which leads us into its greatest flaw either hyundai’s designers missed the enormous uproar that ensued when honda tried removing volume and tuning knobs from its infotainment systems a few years ago or they thought that a touchscreen

Flooded world might be ready for it the flat touch activated surfaces don’t offer any haptic feedback and the driver needs to look down to find them the only heart buttons for volume and tuning are on the steering wheel and require flipping up and down in single click increments making a quick reduction of volume to yell at your kids or order a coffee a slow

Process adding knobs isn’t exactly a quick over-the-air fix and unfortunately hyundai may feel complaints about this one for a while or maybe the world is ready for it and i’m getting old time will tell the rest of the infotainment system in the ultimate grade is displayed on a 10.52 inch high resolution touch screen with the same operating system found in other

New hyundai and kia vehicles android auto and apple carplay functionality is standard which is where a lot of owners will want to spend their time because radio action in particular has its flaws the big retro light bulb style graphics denoting the station numbers look very cool but they’re disproportionately large compared to other elements on the screen that i

Actually use such as the preset buttons i like to use a lot of these so it drives me nuts that i can only cycle through them in one direction if i’m on page two and i want to get to a station on page one i need to hit the tiny button three times to get back to it and i can’t set the stations in whatever order i want they sort themselves into numerical order and

Hyundai went backward a couple of steps with this implementation but fortunately this is only software and it’s possible we’ll see updates offered down the road if enough owners dislike the design the shifter is a button style and while traditionalists may prefer the lever still found in other vehicles like the rav4 this does remove obstacles from the top of the

Center console which is quite tall already front row storage is a little below average for the segment with two cup holders in the center one in each door surrounded by small pockets and a pair of small pockets built in underneath the center console that are only a couple inches deep and don’t pass through the middle the center storage bin is fairly deep but only

Wide enough to fit a small wallet or wristlet behind the wireless charging pad of the front rows two usb-a ports there are no usb-c ports here as of yet and a 12 volt outlet for second row passengers access is easy with a wide door opening and legroom is more plentiful than its direct competition at 1050 millimeters the headroom measurement is less favorable at

983 millimeters but among compact hybrid suvs two centimeters more is the most that’s available on top of the heated rear seats the seat backs are tilting and there are two usb-a ports in the back of the center console latch connected child seats can be installed in either the two outboard positions or the center position but not in all three at once there are

Two small cup holders in the fold down center armrest and two in the doors that are secure enough to keep larger puddles from moving around but no other storage is available other than some seat back netting for driving.ca i’m stephanie wahlcraft for more interior deep dive features click the bell to subscribe or follow us on social media you

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