2022 hyundai santa cruz review n
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Review – Needs Turbo

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Review – Needs Turbo

Here’s my 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Review. This trim does not have to Turbo engine. See what I think of that in the video.

Hey what’s up guys i wanted to do a quick review of the 2022 hyundai santa cruz um let me know what you guys think in the comments i actually think it looks really cool which you probably weren’t expecting me to say but um the coolest thing i think the way it looks is i love the grill and i love how you can see those lights how they go into the rest of the grill

I just think it looks so cool like that um so this is a black one here obviously you can see um it’s got the i think it’s called they call it a sport adventure vehicle so it’s got that like truck bed thing going on back here um this is strong enough that you can stand on it you can see down here there’s a bed that automatically retracts um what’s cool is you’ve

Got this storage thing down here you can also use as a cooler and it drains through that there’s this one is the sel package so it’s got in there you’ve got a plug that you can plug into your laptop into and stuff so pretty cool let’s take a look around here real quick this seo has android auto and apple carplay and a and a wireless car charging you can see

That’s where you’ve got the the jack in the back and there’s some storage underneath that seat over there i like the rims on this too let me know if you guys like the look of this car or not um this has heated seats and a sunroof pretty cool i really like the touchscreen it’s super nice i’ll show you a little bit more of it going to go around to the front here

The driver’s seat so this also has the the button where you can just push that and it’ll unlock it or lock it so i really like that so then when you get in this is one of my favorite features on like any car so i love that you can just you don’t even have to take your keys out of your pocket you can just push the button and it turns on so as i mentioned it’s

Got wireless android auto and apple carplay this screen thing too is pretty dang cool um i i just love that so i’m gonna be 100 honest um i just got done driving this i think i love the way it looks um i would kind of hope that for a package this high that you would get leather seats you don’t but that’s no worry out i’m a big cat skin guy so i would just

Recommend adding cat skin seats anyway and then you get to pick your leather i do love the dual gauges on it i like the way that it drives but i don’t like i like it handles well but i actually hate um that the guts that it has i feel like it doesn’t have hardly any guts um but you can see too it says it’s averaging 18 and a half miles per gallon on here so

Yeah and granted that’s what the way that people drive it you know at a car dealership but um it also has heated front seats as you can see there and uh yeah i mean would i buy this i don’t know probably not but it’s not up to me i would if you’re if you’re interested i would definitely go check one out um and see hyundai is pretty cool right now they’ve got a

Thing where you can just go like check out uh their their cars and they’re they’re at full they’re making them as quickly as they can so even with the chip shortage you can get a car much faster like it might be a month but like with a lot of the other brands it’s a lot longer so i think it’s pretty cool um i dig it i’m not thinking i’m gonna gonna buy one but i

Think that’s pretty cool let me know what you think in the comments

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2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Review – Needs Turbo!!! By Blaze Bullock

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