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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz – Owners update 9 month 13k miles.

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz – Owners update 9 month 13k miles.

Hey good morning um i wanted to do a quick update on my santa cruz um after owning it for eight or nine months now i bought it in october of last year it’s now august 1st um i got a ton of views on uh my initial videos that i did why i bought it what i think about it why i bought this particular trim level um this is the middle trim level again just to update

Anybody this is the middle trim level it’s not the the platinum um this does not have the activity package it’s just got the uh standard naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine um but i appreciate everybody that checked out my videos they they seem to be uh pretty uh helpful and informative so i wanted to give an update after owning it for about eight or nine

Months i still like it um i still love the way it looks it gets a lot of still turning heads because there’s still just not that many out there you know with the supply chain issues and uh msrp markups and things like that they’re just not that many out there so i still like the way it looks and it still stands out a couple of things to note that i’ve noticed

After eight months of having it this particular color i can’t say the other colors but this particular color hides the dirt really well as you can see right now it’s dirty but you can’t really see that it’s dirty right now the wheels are disgusting the wheels are gross but uh the paint looks good i bet i haven’t washed it in two months and i don’t go off-roading

Obviously it’s not all-wheel drive but i mean i do drive it quite a bit and i drive it in the rain um and it just doesn’t look dirty it just still looks it still looks good so i really like that about the blue i do find myself using the bed i hauled some straw yesterday i had some work done in my backyard and i hauled some straw got to go to the dump i like

That i can take it take my trash out without stinking up a trunk and that’s the kind of stuff i wanted it for you know just little everyday household stuff and it’s just great for that um what else uh the the engine let’s talk about the engine real quick so um i know one thing people tuned in for in the first video that i took was just to find out you know what

Kind of power response it had for me it has plenty it gets up to the highway speeds just fine um it’s not it’s not fast it’s not going to blow you away it’s not a sports car but that’s not what i wanted i didn’t want a sports car so i didn’t get a sports car but it is plenty fast enough i will say that after about two months maybe 5 000 miles it started to wake

Up a little bit more i think it needed to break in a little bit so i would say to expect to kind of pay attention to that if this is the model you get you don’t get the turbo uh pay attention to that i think after like 5000 miles it really seemed to be a little more responsive a little smoother and i’ve read that that break-in period is really important with

These four cylinders so the infotainment system works pretty good apple carplay for some reason and with this model it has the wireless carplay um it it works pretty good i’ve had it glitch a couple of times to where i had to disconnect my phone and reconnect it but for the most part when i jump in there and i turn it on once it connects it works great so i love

That feature um here’s one negative i just thought of if you look here this um i don’t know if you can see that but there’s some parts in here in the door with us whatever they coated this in uh starting to peel off i’ve seen that in a forum where other guys are experiencing the same thing uh i think it’s covered under warranty so i will check into that and find

Out what they’re gonna do if they replace it with the same stuff i’m worried it’s just gonna do it again but whatever you know i’ll let you guys know hopefully if i look into doing something about it what the dealership says so more to come on that but yeah i mean so far it’s a great car there’s plenty of room for me and turning around my wife and couple of kids

Whenever they decide to go with me somewhere we have a hyundai palisade too that we just love it’s a great family car this is just for me and for when the kids need to go to ball practice or you know what not but some things that i might do to it eventually i saw they have some cool uh panels that you can buy i think they’re just vinyl and they go right here

Down here all the way down both sides of the doors and i think they look really good i might do something like that i don’t think i need the running boards i’m pretty tall and my kids don’t have any trouble getting out of it i don’t think i’ll do that i still haven’t looked into getting the rails that’s the one thing from the activity package i did want was the

Rail so that i could put roof rack bars on it if i ever wanted to carry anything i haven’t looked into doing that i know i said in my last video i might do that but i haven’t yet so i might i might not um that’s about it y’all i don’t i don’t know what else to update i still like it i think it looks great it’s easy to wash it’s easy to maintain and i’ve had no

Issues with it so far so if you have any more specific questions i try to answer some i don’t do youtube that’s not my thing but i just thought i would help out consumers but if you have questions shoot them to me i might get back to you and i might not but anyway be on the lookout i might do another update soon thanks y’all bye

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