2022 hyundai santa cruz limited
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Limited: AC System Walkthrough

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Limited: AC System Walkthrough

Cold day, hot day, it doesn’t matter. The Santa Cruz not only gives you a ton of features regarding your air-conditioning but the cleanest and purest air possible!

Hello my name is toya harkness and today we’re at south bay hyundai and we’re going to do a full description of the all-new ac system in the 2022 hyundai santa cruz limited trim let’s foresee that it’s a hot summer day and you’re just a little bit too warm inside your cabin so we’re going to go over the ac options so if you want to go ahead and start your ac

You can hit this button here and it’s going to turn on for you what i really love about this vehicle is it has options for everyone so if i wanted to adjust my ac if it’s a little too hot you could just adjust it here by turning the ac down or if you needed to turn on the heater you can just adjust it by hitting the red button the red button will turn the heat up

For you but we’re going to focus on the ac for now so i have my ac on i want it to blow at as high as capacity i would hit this now if my passenger wanted to go ahead and modify their side it’s really cool because all they have to do is play with these buttons here now if we wanted to sync and have everyone driving with the same comfort that the driver is using

If i have mine set at 78 and let’s say the passenger has their set in the 80s because they want it to stay warm by hitting the sync button as you can see it’s on sync and we’re both at the same exact temperature and that will be for the back seat as well so i love the sync option so let’s start over we’ll go ahead and turn that off let’s say we needed to use our

Diffuser let’s say we needed to reverse and there was a lot of fog on the back window by hitting this button here it will default your back window by hitting this one here it will defrost your front windshield so these are great for if you ever have to defrost just so that you can see and drive safe another feature that we have here by pressing this button here

You can actually customize where you would like your ac to be ventilated coming from so if you hit this button you can have the ac come through at the bottom right near your feet or you can have it come through the um coming towards your face so you can go ahead and have it come low come out towards your feet or you can have it come from up above towards your

Face which a lot of people like because honestly you probably use it up here a little bit more i like it to hit my face first because if my face is cool my whole body is going to be cool so i like to use that feature addition to that another thing this button here if you wanted to have any of the air that’s in the cabin if you want to cycle that air and have it

Stay in the cabin you just hit this button that’s going to cycle all the ac that’s inside of the cabin and leave it right here in the vehicle now if you turn that off it will cycle the air that’s outside of the cabin and that air can come into the vehicle another feature that we have here i just want to go over one more time is how imperative this option is if you

Turn this down you still get that very quiet ride but if you turn it up full blast so if you’re going to the desert if you’re going to palm springs las vegas anything like that you’re probably going to do full blast just so that everyone’s comfortable let’s go ahead and turn that down okay another feature that i really admire about this vehicle is this diffuse

Button so a long time ago when we were kids we had to have the humidifier in the house just to you know breathe in that fresh air i love that the santa cruz has this feature by simply pressing the diffuse button what this does is not only does it have the ac that comes through the normal vents there’s a very unique place right here where the air also comes out and

It’s eco-friendly air which is amazing and this feature is only equipped in the santa cruz and the all new tucson so that’s something great to know another feature that i absolutely love about the cabin of this vehicle is of course the customizable perforated seats for the driver heated seats for the driver also you also have the same options for the passenger

You got your perforated ac seats and heated seats as well last but not least the middle button here this is for the heated steering wheel definitely one of the greatest features to have thank you so much for watching don’t forget to like and subscribe on our youtube channel south bay hyundai

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2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Limited: AC System Walkthrough By South Bay Hyundai

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