2022 hyundai kona n walkaround a
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Kona N Walkaround – A Small SUV With Punch [Car Obsession]

2022 Hyundai Kona N Walkaround – A Small SUV With Punch [Car Obsession]

2022 Hyundai Kona N Walkaround – A Small SUV With Punch! [Car Obsession]

Foreign obsession is proudly supported by carly and draggy check out the video description to find out the latest discount code hello guys welcome back to car obsession and welcome to another walkabout this time i’m joined by the hyundai kona n now if you happen to be new to my channel firstly thank you for joining me my name is aaron and secondly my walk around

Videos are pretty much a static review of the car therefore if you’re looking for driving content that won’t come in this video but will come in future videos so be sure to subscribe and to click the bell icon the kona n is pretty much an i30n but wearing a kona body with some sporty features for good measure that means under the bonnet you have the same two liter

Turbocharged four-cylinder petrol which offers 280 horsepower along with 392 newton meters of torque if you prefer that 10 pound feet i will of course drop my caption below yes there is the engine in all of its glory bearing the end badge with pride as well as a turbo motif so yes as i’ve mentioned 280 horsepower and 392 newton meters of torque this will hit 62

Miles per hour in just 5.5 seconds and the top speed is 149. both of those stats are better compared to the puma st but to be fair to the puma close that down like so to be fair to the puma that has a smaller engine with less power and it is uh less expensive speaking of which how much does this car cost well the kona n has a starting price of 35 820 pounds and

The options well the only options you can pick are the colors this particular car is finished in sonic blue although it doesn’t really blow it’s kind of a gray blue isn’t it although in certain lights it almost looks not not cream but it is a light color that’s what i’m trying to say as you can see it is complemented contrasted with gunmetal gray alloys these are

19 inches wrapped around with pirelli p0 tires they’ve also got black door mirrors and the satin black um roof rails along with sorry there’s a bit of wind noise i do apologize along with a chunky rear spoiler which is also finished in a gloss black as well as that you’ve also got red piping to really let you know that this is the sporty one compared to the to the

Puma st which i had last year i think the design of the cone n is better proportion more cohesive and i just think it’s a tidier smarter looking car you’ve also got glossy black detailing on the front grille as well along with a front badge which is finished in black to really give it that stealthy look but of course you’ve got the end badge yes to remind you that

This is the fast one so as i’ve mentioned this has a starting price of 35 820 pounds to compare that to the puma st that is roughly speaking 5 500 pounds more but this has got more power and it comes with a lot of standard not that the puma st doesn’t so what does come a standard well you’ve got the led lights you’ve got the 19-inch alloys keyless entry uh the roof

Rails rear um tinted rear windows at the back you’ve got more led lights you’ve got two chunky exhausts which look fabulous and they sound even better where was i yes the standard features uh keyless entry in case i haven’t mentioned that let me take you into the cabin which is maybe a little bit somber a little bit bland but i’ll get on to that in a few moments uh

You’ve got a digital display which you can see there 10.25 inch touchscreen with dab radio navigation smartphone connectivity and bluetooth front and rear electric windows but that’s pretty much standard you know you would expect that nowadays you’ve got a chrome eight-speaker sound system with a subwoofer chunky front sport seats finished in leather and fabric

They are very nice indeed let me actually step inside the car i’ve also got a head-up display which you can’t see because the car isn’t turned on you get heated and ventilated front seats as well as let me quickly show you heated outer rear seats which is very impressive for a car like this and something the puma st can’t match although to be fair with the puma

St you can get a power tailgate as an option whereas on the cone end you can’t in case that is a big thing for you oh the front seats are also electronically adjustable where the driver’s seat is i must confess i’m not checked the passenger seats because i’ve only had one passenger in there and they went in the car for very long oh there we go so yes electronic

Function for the passenger seat as well but as you can see they don’t get the um lumbar adjustment whereas the driver does let me turn on the ignition you’ve also got climate control wireless phone charging pad front and rear parking sensors and a reversing camera so if i pop the car into reverse hopefully you’ll see now i need to turn the car on oh that sounds

Fruity so there we go you’ve got the uh reversing camera at front and rear parking sensors and uh the head-up display has now reared its head so you can just see it just there and now you’ve got a better view of the digital display um you’ve got a choice of driving modes quite a few actually arguably too many so down here you have a little dial that’s got drive

And traction now within the drive section of the drive modes you have a choice of three so just get that focused so you have sport hopefully you can hear the uh the exhaust notes just changed then eco or normal go back and support you can hear the valves open up very nice indeed if i go into the traction modes i’ve got snow deep snow mud and sand it is worth

Mentioning this car is front wheel drive so bearing in mind this is a fast car and it’s front wheel drive not really too sure how much of an impact those modes will have because i don’t think many of you are going to be taking this car off-road because well it’s not really designed for it is it although you do get um hill descent control it’s got a battlefoot there

But um yeah oh sorry out of focus but my point is i don’t really think you’re going to be doing much uh off-roading or green laning in a car like this um i’ve forgotten something was it oh yeah you also get the end driving mode so you’ve got a button on the right hand side of the steering wheel hit it and you get a new display as well as more performance so you

Actually have two end modes you’ve got the standard end mode where everything is dialed up to 11 including the ride which is um yeah jiggly to say the least what you want to do is to go into the custom mode and then you can go via the touch screen so if i zoom you guys out a little sorry assume you guys out not in you can see on the left hand side left hand side

You have end mode hit it and it brings up a new menu uh lots of graphics lots of parameters and in here you can tailor you can kind of make your end experience a bit more tailor-made so what i do and i think what the majority of people would do is to have everything set to the maximum but have the suspension set to normal but if you really want you can set this

To sport plus if you really like being jostled about in your seat but i would thoroughly recommend that you have it set to normal now those eagle eyes amongst you you may have spotted that you have launch control to the right hand side so as much as you can get this to uh 62 miles per 62 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds in order to achieve that you will need to use

This function down here this red button is marked ngs and that stands for n green shift which is a very cheesy name but to put it into layman’s terms this will give you a 20 second overboost where you get a bit more power and my word you definitely notice when you’ve activated it it’s um it’s like setting off a missile it’s this car will propel you down the road

As if there’s no tomorrow um yeah this is a very very quick car now let me turn the engine off because i’m just um spreading emissions for for no reason i’m sure greta would not be happy with that just go back onto the interior there’s nothing particularly i will turn on the ignition that noise is very annoying there’s nothing particularly wrong with the interior

Per se it’s just a very bland affair to be fair the puma st isn’t exactly uh much more characterful both cars are a little bit um plain jane in my opinion yes you do have some nice blue stitching to remind you that you’re in an end model um oh one thing i haven’t mentioned um this car only comes with an eight-speed dct unlike the i30m where you can have a six-speed

Manual or the dct and the kona n you you only have the dct and that’s that’s it i’m a i’m a die-hard fan of manuals but i have to admit this dct is a very very impressive so much so that is very rare i drive this car i think you know what i wish i had a manual that’s how impressive that 8-speed dtt is um but yeah again you’ve got some nice blue n specific touches

Down here as well but other than that the interior yeah it’s a bit a bit bland if i’m going to be honest also i would say now the majority of it feels well made it feels durable but i would say the switches for the windows they feel really cheap not a deal breaker but it’s just an observation the rest of the cabin does feel quite well screwed together though and

I think it would prove to be drawable now in regards to practicality the door beans are of a decent size i can fit in this 750 milliliter bottle like so in fact i reckon you can fit a one liter bottle if you really need to let me just uh move a bit closer and as you can see you’ve got some space left over pop it back in here in the middle you have two cup holders

One of which is larger than the other so this one here is a bit larger than that one because if i were to move my coffee cup and move that into there it doesn’t wait it does fit but it needs a bit of um it needs a bit of coaxing where it’s in this one as you can see it slides in and it fits like a glove you’ve got a wireless phone charging pad in the middle which

Comes as standard although i must be honest with my galaxy s22 ultra the wireless charging doesn’t work i don’t know if it’s just my phone or perhaps this particular car but i just thought i’d point it out do have a sunglasses holder which is quite handy down here you’ve got a center armrest which isn’t adjustable but it has a better build quality compared to the

Puma st i had last year because if i were to do that in the puma the whole unit would move um yeah and it didn’t exactly scream quality but as you can see much more robust in the kona and in here you’ve got a bit of storage as you can see i’ve got a charging cable in there and last but not least you do get a glove box which offers a fair size it isn’t massive but

I wouldn’t say it is particularly small either so practicality on the whole is pretty good as i’ve mentioned um my driver’s seat and indeed the front passenger seat are electronically adjustable so from a driving perspective getting a good comfortable setup is very easy and as you would expect the steering will adjust for rake and reach like so you don’t get a

Memory function for the driver’s seat which is perhaps a little bit disappointing but the fact that i have electronically adjustable seats begin with is pretty good if you ask me anything else to go through the interior no oh actually yes yes yes this is a bit niche a bit novelty in 2022 i’ve got a brand new car with a manual handbrake that isn’t a complaint if

Anything i prefer manual hard break because i’m old school but yeah how many new cars do you see nowadays that have an actual handbrake or a physical parking brake yeah just seem a bit um a bit old hat let me turn off the ignition and it’s going to bong at me there we go to be fair the ignition wasn’t actually turned on was it but never mind let me step into the

Back so you can get an idea of rear space as always the driver’s seat has been set for me i’m six foot two so i am of course a taller chap i would say that oh hello i almost slipped over then i would say the space in this is similar to that of the puma st let me just take you off my little tripod so i’ve got better movement um knee room is a little bit tight but

I do have a little bit left over and leg room let me just close that door legroom i’d say is fair bedroom isn’t too bad either i would say i’ve got maybe a little bit more headroom compared to the puma but i’d have to sit in both cars back to back to really draw a more uh a more accurate conclusion but from what i can remember and the footage i have from the

Puma st i would say this maybe has a bit more headroom now given the fact that this is a small suv a crossover i think fitting three adults in the rear is going to be rather snug to say the least but if you’re more concerned about carrying children it it almost goes without saying really but you do of course have isofix points just there now one thing the cone

N has that the that the puma hasn’t is a center arm rest with two cup holders so that gives you a bit more practicality in the rear you also get a usb port so those in the back can charge their smart device as whilst on the move and that is another thing that the puma st doesn’t have and you’ve got a little cubby here for i don’t know maybe some chewing gums or

Some mints the door bin is of a fair size oh the door wouldn’t open then how bizarre uh there’s all been as of a good size i can fit in that same 750 milliliter bottle i showed you a few moments ago and as i’m sure i’ve mentioned uh lows in the outer rear seats can get their bums nice and toasty thanks to a heating function to be fair in the uk it is summer so

You don’t need that right now but in the colder months i’m sure i’m sure that would be a blessing um anything else to report in the rear oh yes you do get map pockets in the back of the front seats you do get one hook on this side but you don’t get one on that side which is a little bit strange but never mind let me take you on to the boot oh hello there’s a

Bit um a bit clumsy now i would argue that the the opening of the kona and the rear could maybe be a little bit wider but no real concerns so as i mentioned with the puma st you can as an option have a power tailgate whereas with this car you can’t the boot is also smaller as well so if practicalities what you’re really looking for in your fast crossover small

Suv you may want to consider the puma now as always the boot is filled with my filming crap probably will cut to a clip where the boot is a little emptier what you are looking at is 361 liters which can be extended to 1143 liters by falling down the 60 40 rear seats now to give you some kind of comparison the puma st that offers uh from memory 456 liters and it

Also has the rather innovative mega box which i know some of you think is a little bit of a gimmick but i i actually think it’s quite a clever idea but that’s merely my opinion if you want to compare this to cars such as the audi sq2 or the volkswagen t-rock r i believe the boot is a little bit bigger compared to the audi but smaller compared to the volkswagen

Although i would have thought both those cars would be at a higher price point particularly the audi sq2 uh anything else to report in the boot no i don’t think so but yes just to give you one last look at the car what do you think guys would you rather have this or a puma st or what do you think looks better the puma st or this personally i think this is the

Better looking car maybe not so much in this color it’s not a bad color i just i don’t know just maybe isn’t quite as aggressive as i would like but the word would of course be a full review coming a point of view review as well as a zero to 60 a how fast video so be sure to look out for that now for those of you that think that this car is mine sadly it isn’t

I’ve only got this for the week and this has been loaned to me by hyundai uk so if you’re looking for a kind of ownership experience there whereby i speak about how this car’s been for a long term i can’t provide it because sadly this is going back to your hyundai tomorrow but it’s not bad news because i’m i’m trading this in for an i20 end so yes giving this back

And getting an i20n in return which isn’t a bad deal if you ask me so i’ll be reviewing that as well but until then give you one last look around the car i know i said that a minute ago any questions or queries uh please do get in touch drop it in the comment section below and i’ll get back to you as quickly as i can and to the best of my ability but there we go

Guys the brand new hyundai kona and water-based i do hope you have enjoyed this video if so be sure to like comment and subscribe if you are subscribed don’t forget to click the bell icon so you get notified every time i make a video that’s quite windy but until the next time guys be sure to keep up the car obsession

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