2022 hyundai kona n review
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Kona N | Review

2022 Hyundai Kona N | Review

2022 Hyundai Kona N | Review

This week i’m driving the 2020 to hyundai kona n a 420-22 hyundai offer a high performance version of the kona the n it’s a pretty interesting you know version of a subcompact suv like this one most of the competition offer mostly more adventurous more off-road version so uh we’ll go a little bit deeper today with this high performance subcompact suv under a

Hood of this corner and we can find a four-cylinder 2-liter turbo good for 276 horsepower and 289 foot-pounds of torque this engine is matched to 8-speed dct transmission so i’m gonna go on the road to see all this corner and perform all right i’m gonna test the acceleration with the kona and it’s an end models it means we’ve got a bunch of things to do to activate

The launch control first of all you have to put in end mode and then on the screen uh there’s a sheet with the end mode uh so on the second screen you can activate launch control so i’m going to activate the launch control now i’m ready to go but i’m gonna add some juice with the ngs button so i’m gonna add 10 more horsepower with that button and we’re ready to

Go a lot of dark steer there you go you can do these zero to 100 kilometers in about uh 5.2 seconds pretty quick on the line you know this corner and i managed a little bit better the traction than the elantra and but still it’s a front wheel drive i wish it would be like a all-wheel drive system will be a little bit more fun to you know get up and go off the

Line but still pretty quick you know zero to 100 kilometers on the road with the kona and this week obviously this is a performance focus suv so on the road the suspension is pretty hard even if we’re able to change the mode of the dampers in normal mode it’s a pretty harsh ride i could say still better than the elantra and the evil after amp but still uh kind of

Hard for our roads here in quebec with all all potholes and all that so there’s no uh it’s not a real suv right i could say it’s more like a small hatchback kind of ride inside of this corner and but still you know with that hard suspension uh we’ve got some great handling this corner hand is pretty light uh it’s easy to steer it’s easy to push it down the curve

Obviously it’s a front wheel drive performance you know a small suv you’re losing some grip you don’t have the grip of a all-wheel drive you know like a gold bar or a wrx or something like that so you know when you’re really pushing to the limit you’re you’re losing some grips at one point but this is really normal for a front-wheel drive suv we got a bunch of

Gadgets we can play with obviously because it’s an end model just like an srt m model we got a bunch of buttons on the steering wheel we’ve got that blue and button on the left you can change your normal modes so it’s going to be like eco normal in sport on the right side you’ve got another and button this is your custom end mode so you can pre-configure uh how

You wish to have your end mode just like inside of a cadillac v or something like that with that custom mode you can change the behavior of your engine your direction your suspension your transmission your elsd your traction control your exhaust and also uh the heads up display pretty cool you know it’s clearly like stuff you can find inside the cars it’s gonna

Be double or triple of the price of this one i like these kind of stuff i’ve got some graphics also with the g-force and all that you’ve got your launch control really fun you know i can put everything in sport plus and still keep my suspension in normal modes so that’s a big plus for where i’m driving because i don’t have the ideal road so i can play with that

That’s always a plus have one big button also on the steering wheel is the mgs button uh this is pretty cool this is kind of like f1 stuff i could say with that button the ngs 1040 and grind shift so when you push it you’ve got 10 horsepower more so that’s pretty cool and you feel that 10 horsepower more uh it’s it’s cool and this mode uh is good for 20 seconds so

It’s kind of like an over boost of your engine um so if you want to pass someone do a harsh acceleration um you know it’s it’s just a really cool gadget and i have a lot of fun with it this week sure wise the econo and it’s really easy to tell it’s a n uh if you’ve got a different front fascia it’s all more aggressive uh also on the side you get those side skirts

With the end logo on it uh in the back uh completely different rear bumper with really large exhaust uh also you’ve got that more aggressive spoiler with that formula one kind of light in the metal i really like that uh you’ve got some sport wheels bigger brakes red calipers performance tires and logos all around also a red line all around so it’s really easy to

Tell it’s a it’s a end model and i think it looks way better than the normal kona and it’s easy to tell it’s not the normal kona so i think that’s a big plus for the exterior design stepping inside of this corner and uh you know it’s plain and simple we’ve got some decent seats all in suede with some blue stitching i really like that i hate the seats inside of

The elantra and and also the veloster and they’re way too narrow way too hard for me i’m way too big way too large way too tall for those seeds and i think they’re not friendly for daily use these seats are way much more comfortable but still you’ve got some decent support with those seats so that’s a big plus you’ve got more of that suv comfort with those seats

I really like that obviously all around the interior you’ve got some and touches all the controls are plain and simple it’s still like an entry based kind of like suv the screen it’s the same as you can find inside of any hyundai products easy again to use pretty clear the rest you know there’s no funky colors inside it’s all black but i don’t mind you know i

I think it does the job you’ve got a place to recharge your phone wirelessly you’ve got heated seats eat it a steering wheel and if we step in the back plenty of space more space than a gti or a honda si or something like that there’s no no really competition against this corner and to compare something with this this suv is so unique on the market uh you know

You can compare it with the gti or midi maybe something else but these are these other cars are not they’re they’re cars they’re not suvs like this so you know it’s hard to really compare uh you’ve got decent amount of space in the trunk obviously uh it’s still you know an suv it’s not an edge box so it’s way much more practical fuel economy wise this week i was

Averaging nine liters from the commoners obviously you know i had some fun with the ngs button and all that maybe you can go down in the eight or seven liters 100 kilometers when you’re gentle with it decent fuel economy for this type of performance suv uh you you get almost 300 horsepower under the hood so uh it’s not the best fuel economy but it’s it’s really

Something you can daily and you know it’s it’s not gonna you know ruin you at the gas station because it’s a performance model so that’s pretty decent price wise there’s not a ton of option on the kona and it is basically fully loaded like this one only one transmission there’s no manual transmission so uh the model i’m testing this week is good for 42 538 dollars

Uh decent kind of price once again i i’ve got nothing to compare this model with uh the only feature really missing for my point of view and i want to add a little bit the uh test drive on this point because it’s an suv i wish a discount and had the all-wheel drive system i think that i would be a big plus more practical you know all year round uh you wouldn’t have

That torque steer maybe it will compete against i don’t know golf r and all that i wouldn’t think you know now price wise it wouldn’t be that much i would prefer probably paying like maybe 45 46 000 for something i will drive than 42 for only two wheel drive i think maybe the other drive system will be maybe a more potential with that powertrain from my point of

View the powertrain it’s really powerful but with the following wheel drive you know it’s pretty much the limit of power of front wheel drive can really handle um you know sometimes you’re losing traction and all that same thing for the handling i think the corner and would be a superior machine with the all-wheel drive system so let me know in the comments what

Do you think about the econo and do you like it’s one of the only performance suv on the market of this size are you just like me you wish just gonna end at the all-wheel drive system or for you the front wheel drive is doing the job let me know in the comments don’t forget to subscribe like and share and we’re gonna see each other on the next review

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2022 Hyundai Kona N | Review By TORQ MEDIA

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