2022 hyundai kona n full specs
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Kona N / Full specs

2022 Hyundai Kona N / Full specs

2022 Hyundai Kona N / Full specs

Welcome everyone i’m albert biermann yes it’s  corner n the fifth in the n family the first   performance suv n we call corner end a hot suv  because it’s a fun machine that looks like an suv   but it’s actually a hot hatch inside and when you  take it for a spin we’re sure you will see it that   way too corner and fully meets

Our end philosophy  it’s a corner rescue it’s everyday sports car   and of course race track capability is there i  have to admit it wasn’t that easy especially since   we wanted to keep the corners suv versatility  and high ground clearance we want to bring the n   heartbeat to many customers so we chose a beloved  koner

Base model to provide a performance vehicle   that could suit the various needs of different  lifestyles to make this the hot suv our engineers   the chassis the engine the dcg and the sound   sure it could make corners on a fun level like the  i30n or the velosterone but enough with small talk   to demonstrate just what

This hot suv can do   and man are you ready all right no skates   turbocharged gdi engine this is something   that gets your heart pumping the corner end cranks  out a max power of 280ps and a max torque of 40   kilogram force meter with end grind shift the max  power is enhanced to 290 ps maximizing driving fun  

Acceleration and torque are available for longer   which means a longer and brighter grin on your  face as you know hand models shine in the corners   corner end is no different to make sure it had the   strength to handle performance driving we made the  body more rigid and reinforced the structure by   improving body weight

And at the same time adding  forged wheels aluminum lightweight knuckles and   strut ring structure everyone knows when carving  corners you want to break deep into the corner and   also keep the balance of the car for a smoother  exit with a corner in you can take cornering   to the limit with not only ends total chassis 

Feature but also with a strong brake system the   high performance friction material of the brake  pads along with bigger front and rear discs help   maximize heat endurance now i know you car friends  are looking at those rims and man can you stop   yes they are 19-inch forged wheels light strong  and track ready let’s talk about

The elsd our end   understeer and creates that joyful corner   carving feel our engineers tune it specifically  for each end model to give precise feedback   and driver connection especially for the corner  end we made sure to give it enough traction so   you can drive it anywhere on track picking up  the kids or driving in

Slippery road condition   end comes with the end grin control system   with its optimized drive modes which offer relaxed  daily driving in normal and dynamic track driving   in ad mode in normal setting you don’t have a  problem with your family sitting on the back seat   completely transforms into a track machine  

We’ve saved the day let’s talk about design   when when the kona was launched back in 2017 it  made quite a splash in the bsuv segment with its   unique and unconventional style kona’s youthful  and adventurous spirit appealed to customers   of all ages and after years of anticipation with  a serious upgrade from n the kona n has

Finally   driving enthusiasts the main visual impact of   the kona n is the wide and powerful stance this  confident stance comes from the combination of   body-colored fenders and 19-inch wheels that have  wider track than the other wheel options the body   colored fenders emphasized the rich volume of  the muscular

Body whilst pushing the n-specific   19-inch forged wheels to all four corners and  boosting its powerful visual aggression on top of   this the kona end looks ready to attack every road  thanks to the aero optimized performance details   in particular the double wing roof spoiler with  integrated end specific triangular brake

Light   which enhances downforce and completes a really  eye-catching rear view and the wide lower air   shape inspired by an aeronautic fuselage   not only does this look great but it also helps  to cool down the car when the brakes get hot   another thing you don’t want to miss in the kona  end design is its exclusive

New awesome color   called sonic blue we kept the n signature blue  hue and develop the most optimized color for the   suv body type the kona n is the very first and  at the moment the only end model that can wear   this sonic blue a special new signature color for  you our enthusiasts now you must also want to hear  

About the interior kona n’s dynamic driving spirit  seamlessly flows from the engine to the exterior   and to the interior of course and specific details  such as the steering wheel seats the shift knob   and metal pedals set the tone for your driving  mode and the contrasting blue highlights against   the black interior remind

You of the kona n’s  main mission exhilaration the overall goal   was to make an intuitive and entertaining driving  environment and to awaken your emotions because   when driving in you never just drive maybe albert  biermann can elaborate a little bit further   interface we asked the high performance enthusiast   and

Came up with three key features to make your  driving experience more thrilling than ever first   respond instantly the second is the head-up   just keep your eyes forward and it’s all there  the third feature is the one circle design of   the digital cluster which lets you glance quickly  at all other information it’s so great to

Drive   with someone hey ant-man let her take the wheel   when some of the hardcore petrol head media say  that the ndct is more fun than the fantastic   and manual transmission our engineers must have  created something really special the 8-speed wet   dual clutch transmission of the corner end allows  for faster shifting

And increased acceleration   combined with the displex and the intense feedback  the ndct provides an immersive driving experience   even when enjoying the comfort of an automatic  transmission kona n drivers don’t have to miss   out on the push feel of a manual shifting with  end power shift the corner end is enjoyable  

Backward as your driver you will never get bored   hello and man please bring the car back   doubt that’s what kona n was made for and   we enthusiasts finally have a performance car   the whole family can enjoy speaking of enjoyment  we hope you enjoyed our first end day thank you   in this hyundai’s high performance 

Brand for a good reason   n stands for hyundai’s namyang r d center in korea  and nurburgring test center in germany where all   our end models are developed and tested that’s why  we say anne is born in namyang and honed at the   nurburgring but there is more to it jon dayen  is truly inspired by the cars of race tracks  

And winding roads where drivers experience the  thrill of cornering breaking and accelerating   all at once it is here in the chicane of every  road where you feel the true essence of the end   philosophy and consists of a unique dna we believe  every corner should be carved with precise control   so every end is equipped with an n

Power sense  axle and an in-corner carving differential   balanced drive for that grin on your face   and is for everyone and every need not just race  tracks or highways it is your perfect everyday   errands all n models are built to perform   garage to the grid just as it is here then   our mission is to push the

Limits of performance  to help you discover how fun driving can be within   from point a to b should never be boring   every corner is a chance to hit the apex every  straight potential goosebumps every tunnel is an   orchestra and every red light is a starting grid  at the end of the day driving passion is universal  

And that passion transcends technology whether it  is petrol electric or even hydrogen based and now   i’d like to introduce thomas jamira the global  chief marketing officer of hyundai motor company   well thank you till the history of n isn’t that  long but it’s quite special announcing hyundai’s   participation in the world

Rally championship  with the n logo marked the start of our m brand   to say we are very proud to chalk up two  consecutive world rally championship and world   touring car championship titles over the last  years from the very start motorsport has been   a core foundation for end production models our r  d center in namyang

The european technical center   at the nurburgring and the hyundai motor sport  division are playing a huge role in developing   enthusiastic products we also started end with  a clear ambition towards electric performance   frankfurt motor show in 2015 powered by the   cell the n2025 vision gran turismo concept  

Performance direction moreover our rolling lab   concept the racing midship also enables us to  test and develop high performance technologies   consequently in 2017 we introduced our first and  model in the market the i30m the i30n was highly   praised by press and fence global in particular  we’ll never forget the moment when we

Celebrated   the birth of the i30n together with our first  edition customers at the nurburgring then we   launching the veloster n and the i-35 spec   app this year the n family continues to grow we  just introduced the i-20n in europe successfully   more enthusiastic models and that’s what i can  promise you will follow

Soon so what’s next for n   sustainable driving fun this is the name of the  game ever since we presented the hydrogen-powered   n2025 vision gran turismo concept sustainable  driving fun has been ends way of realizing   hyundai’s vision of progress for humanity now it’s  time to make that vision become reality no matter  

Electric or even more interestingly a combination   touring car championship with the veloster   and etcr shows our readiness for electric racing  the technology of the racing midship arm 20e which   was introduced at the beijing motor show last  year gives a solid basis for future enrollments

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2022 Hyundai Kona N / Full specs By NewCars360v

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