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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: Regular Car Reviews

2022 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: Regular Car Reviews

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The giveaway for this ford mustang gt 2015 ends this wednesday click the link in the description why not yougear.com and get entered to win buy a mug or a digital download and someone’s going to go home with this car and now the exact opposite of an american v8 a sensible hybrid 2022 hyundai ioniq no 5. listen to me this car is boring as morning announcements

But when you’re an airline pilot you want the opposite of two general electric high bypass turbofan jet engines and a scroll of procedures for your morning commute hyundai is going horn to horn and bulge to bulge with toyota right now who makes the most ann carr who makes the most and car who makes the beigest kitchen appliance throughout the 2000s and early teens

Toyota ruled the smug suburban streets with the pat myself on the donut hall prius i’m a good person i show people how much money i put in the collection plate if it’s dollar bills i take it out nice and slow and if it’s a check i’m filling it out out loud everybody look at me and see how much more sorry for my sins i am than you toyota prius look i’m doing

My part i’m doing my are you so hyundai knew they couldn’t compete with toyota in the smug department instead hyundai outblanded the prius you think you know gray i’ll give you office carpet gray think you know rental car interior i’m gonna give you oscar mike alpha epony airfield omaha and all the bars are closed now you think i’m ready to dump all over this

Like a lottery winner having diarrhea on a miniature golf course but the ioniq has a saving feature these paddles the ionic has a dual clutch but these paddles have nothing to do with the transmission these paddles control the regen braking aggressiveness pull the right paddle to increase it pull the left to decrease it there are four levels zero no regen and one

Two three and they’re all useful for maximizing your range zero is good for coasting down long state highway hills number one is slight regen for normal hybrid driving number two is for descending hills and most city driving to preserve your brakes and number three is preposterous who needs claw-like regen are we descending a cliff face i thought i would need it

For this corner well maybe i do it’s kind of like a hairpin yeah let’s do three still no breaking needed and yeah three just grind you to a halt the steepest hill in my area wasn’t steep enough for level three regen and it still slowed the ionic down the fun comes from modulating the four settings as you drive it’s an adult activity similar to nerdish hypermiling

And honda insight okay may i do an aggressive braking with level three yeah go it okay and hard hard hard on the bricks neat yeah i suppose you could leave the ionic in level three and almost one pedal drive everywhere but one pedal driving in hybrids and evs is a bad habit and you need precise control with your right foot to keep the ionic from yoyoing or rubber

Banding along so you got to keep going up and down between these four so you got to keep going up and down between these four stages of regen and you can pretend you’re a pilot if you’re not one you can drive and pretend you’re setting flaps position one two and three combined with throttle and imagine your brake is an air speed brake hyundai ioniq so boring you

Have to visit the land of make believe to entertain yourself hyundai ioniq the outside of the car welcomes you like a japanese vending machine and the inside of the car says farewell like windows xp hybrid cars seem to exist as a perennial free target people who are all about evs will say they didn’t go far enough that a hybrid is a half measure and traditionalists

Will ignore it because it has an electric motor it’s an easy mark for boring condescension from people who think you’re still a sellout if more than 20 people have heard about your band the ionic hybrid isn’t a performance car and it’s not built to try to be one so it’s not the right car if you have any aspirations toward sharp cornering and local renown as the

Guy who outran a challenger on woodward avenue but and i get that this is spicy to say so it still feels like something that needs saying every now and again not every car has to be fun and not every car is good just because it’s fun and what i mean is not everyone necessarily prioritizes having something they actually enjoy doesn’t mean that everyday driving

Is a nightmare just that the drive itself becomes a forgettable experience that folds into the fleshy creases of a work week the dread enemy of post-modernism called pragmatism the school of thought that rejects the unpractical in a way you kind of need it to navigate life because if you’re open and logical about how to make money you’ll recognize that you can’t

Always do what you want or maintain certain principles without compromise case in point roman wants an amc eagle but he recognizes that while it’d be nice in the short term it’s not really viable as anything other than a money sink in the long term given the conditions in pennsylvania and the lack of a garage now we could say screw it and just get one anyway but

He would have to compromise on his principle that his next car will be something more practical and less delicate than a v6 mustang from 2004. for some a car is pure utility practicality for example this owner brian not me different brian came to an ionic from a 2014 subaru wrx after looking for something to accommodate a long commute to his base airport so

Fuel economy was his first consideration as is something that is quiet and smooth so he can stroll through known crew member without a single sweat drop on his uniform and even if he isn’t getting factory epa estimates he’s still saving a lot compared with wrx ah he misses having a manual transmission but those are the kinds of sacrifices you make in the name of

Pragmatism it really wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of the people who bought this car were guys coming to the realization that they need their car to actually work and not be in and out of the shop because it’s a passion project that’s a blast to drive but eats money like a broken atm or children of the atom the arcade game the engine here is the 1.6 liter gasoline

Direct injection atkinson cycle hybrid it’s what hyundai dubs the kappa engine which is characterized by the presence of an accessory drive belt that doesn’t use an auto tensioner but i couldn’t see if this is the type of engine that has the yank the alternator type tension system you know just loosen the alternator and hurt someone someone just hold it as hard as

You can just crank it down i guess they wanted an engine with a lighter weight and somehow not having a tensioner solved that i mean honda did that for a while the electric motor is 32 kilowatts and is combined with the ice six-speed eco-shift dual clutch automatic you get four-wheel disc brakes with the aforementioned regenerative braking a 240 volt lithium ion

Polymer battery system and factory fuel economy estimates that are charitable enough to be a tax write-off since brian hasn’t gotten anywhere near the 54 city and 57 highway or 55 combined factory ratings the best he got is 47 and a half i think he got 48 ones still better than a wrx for what it’s worth but not as good as what hyundai claimed but then hyundai says a

Lot of things because in the manual they said there was a 12 volt battery backup you know just a regular car battery and they said where it was and we go to the compartment where it was supposed to be in the trunk but there’s nothing there just an empty cubie hole well we looked it up and car driver says that the 240 volt and 12 volt circuits are separate but that

Hyundai wired permanent jumper cables from the 1.6 kilowatt lithium ion battery to the 50 amp hour starter battery this is so that in the event that the car battery fails to start the car engine then you can just hit the 12 volt reset button and the main hybrid battery will send a little current to the starter battery well it better send a lot starter motors when

It comes to 12 volt systems need everything the battery can throw at it power numbers are 104 horsepower and 109 pound-feet of torque you add the electric motor to that and you get 139 horsepower top speed is a buck 15 and 0-60 is 8.9 seconds just so they can say it’s under nine but appearance wise this is still an and car if it could host a late night talk show

The hyundai ionic would be slapping the deaths with laughter every time the rock tells an anecdote not a karen mobile but it’s karen a jason it’s a type of car that looks like it isn’t beyond reporting a yard sale from not having a permit it possesses a threatless desperation for acceptance as unambiguously adequate as modern automotive design would dictate it’s a

Fine car and the type of people who would rag on you for owning one are the types who consistently say rock and roll is dying like the same jaded people haven’t been saying that since before i was born the type of pot-bellied men that keep going around saying this country’s going down the toilet oh happy times are over the type of people who are born and line up

At the graveyard they see square values in every aspect of the world that runs contrary to their own and can’t reconcile why anybody would want to live inside the box rather than out of it they just want to pay for their handle of fireball and put the rest on pump six this is not a call to conformity don’t think i’m talking about that but simply an acknowledgement

That life can be hard enough as it is sometimes you just want something new that works because having one less thing to worry about could mean the difference between peace of mind and a piece of work

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