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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Elantra N Review // 0,000 Jukebox

2022 Hyundai Elantra N Review // 0,000 Jukebox

The 2022 Hyundai Elantra N ($37,199 CAD starting, $31,900 USD starting) marks the first time that an Elantra has been given Hyundai’s full N treatment. As a result, Hyundai have added all sorts of goodies that prioritize not only performance, but fun as well. From a 2.0L turbocharged engine, the Elantra N outputs a strong 276 hp and 289 lb feet of torque when equipped with the 6 speed manual. It also has an LSD up front to help put the power down and a rowdy exhaust filled with pops and bangs. But how does it perform in the real world? And is it compromised in any way as a daily? Thomas and James aim to find out! Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE!

Okay james we have the car in a week in california we have to agree on how we say it yeah on videos i say hyundai you say hyundai and you say hyundai yeah who is it i’ve tried to adjust it i know and you keep interchanging them you have to you know what go back and find out how you say it to go back to england go back to england yeah find out how you say it

You pick one hyundai or hyundai okay okay yeah yeah off you go quickly oh okay oh sorry rory sorry i don’t want to disturb we’re just trying to figure something out i can’t remember what i say is it hyundai or hyundai neither is hyundai die die ah here we go okay uh thanks yeah oh okay how’d it go wasn’t helpful okay uh you’re watching throttle heads i’m

Thomas and i’m james and this is the elantra n to many people the elantra is the equivalent of hotel provided shampoo it’s not an impassioned choice but one of economy and convenience it’s just there but hyundai have come a long way in recent years and the competition is no longer head and shoulders above it oh my god anyway this is the new elantra n which

Means it’s the sportiest one so it gets a limited slip differential beefed up brakes stiffer suspensions sport bucket seats and more it’s also the first end to come with michelin pilot sport 4s tires as standard and yet still true to its cilantroy-ness it undercuts its competitors this manual one that we have today is just over 37 000 canadian fully optioned so is

It the screaming deal that it appears to be on paper let’s find out if you’re new to farmhouse we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing around so subscribe and hit the bell we’ve been waiting for this because ends are a good time this one has 276 horsepower now which doesn’t put it in the 300 horsepower plus club that the golf r and the civic

Type r are in but it is plenty quick they’ve tuned that turbocharger for high in the rev range it rewards you staying up there less quick feeling around town but out here it’s fun we have it in the six-speed manual you can get it in that eight-speed wet dct which from our experience is actually really fun but i think i’d still take the manual this manual has

A very light clutch very easy to live with and quite equally economy feeling shifter it’s not particularly aggressive it’s just it’s just easy everything’s easy but i think more indicative of the end models are the sounds that they make because this one has quite an active exhaust in both senses of the word in end mode which i get to by pressing this n on the

Steering wheel here flames appear on the gauge cluster steering gets heavier throttle response gets more aggressive and the suspension gets a little bit more rigid but what i also get is quite a difference in exhaust sound which all it wants to do is pop and vane that’s good fun there aren’t many ways to make a four cylinder sound good it’s difficult and

When people try they tend to not work very well i’m partly responsible for that because i stuck a stupid exhaust on my miata and after all these years it just sounds a bit farty but what can they do is they give you something quite fun from factory and this time round they’ve even got these extra settings on the car that allow you to change the sound at least in

The cabin so right now i’ve got it set to sporty but they also have tcr which are their little hyundai racing cars so that it sounds like a tcr car so if i apply some throttle here it doesn’t sound that different and we’ve heard dcr car and they sound pretty nuts but what i can tell you is that even though this is a bit heavier than something like the civic si it

Is quick it’s fun it’s very turbocharged it’s the fun boisterous boy racer that the veloster end was except this time there’s actually a bit more going on for example the elantra n gets ida or integrated drive axle basically the bearing the hub and the drive axles three parts that wear out at their own speeds and are usually easy to replace independently made

Them one proprietary unit it’s rally car stuff right probably a pain in the ass down the road because when a bearing wears out you’re going to have to replace a whole axle but hey it saves 3.81 pounds okay so i just ate four pounds of food in and out and yeah yeah i have regrets but the point is i’ve just undone everything that hyundai did so what was the point

In it hopefully there’s more to the chassis than just that james is taking a bit of creative license there because hyundai’s talking about unsprung mass james is sprung not because a girl just walked in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in his face but because he’s on top of his suspension anyway lots of the things that hyundai have done have been in

The name of improving the handling of this car and it worked because turns in sharply it feels stiff and flat in the corners and it doesn’t shake itself to death like the veloster end did even though i’m in full end mode right now if i drop it down into just sport mode it’s even more compliant and still quite sharp but i also have a a custom end where i can select

Everything individually but i find the way this car drives to be quite exciting limited slip differential up front very very important piece of tech for those of you that didn’t know the lsd makes a huge difference on a front-wheel drive car with torque like this so i can just plant my foot going around corners like this and it just puts the power down it doesn’t

Spin that inside wheel the absence of that is why we said the sonata n line was an almost performance sedan we were just in a wrx on this road and that car did these corners but it just kind of did them this one’s doing them with a big smile on its face and incidentally a smile on mine because for me the biggest thing in a car like this is engagement how do you

Make it engaging steering is usually the answer and hyundai has done the steering very very well in this it gets very heavy in end mode but it’s not the weight that i like it’s the way that the weight builds as i load those front tires up front tires being ps4s by the way it’s a pretty serious tire for a car like this tons and tons of grip out here but as i load

The tires up i feel the weight build in the steering the more weight i put over the front the heavier the steering gets which means i’m feeling the weight transfer in the corners through the steering wheel that’s awesome that doesn’t happen in almost any modern car so it makes the act of diving in and out of corners on a canyon road like this physically fun for

Me as i’m feeling the weight move around the car i’m feeling where the grip is i’m feeling the slip start to happen and then i’m using the torque and the differential like this to rock it out of the corners it honestly is fun i really enjoy driving this car i really enjoy it and hyundai has given you a huge menu to choose from here i would go as so far as to say

Is that it’s a little bit too complicated there’s maybe too many different ways to adjust the sound and the suspension and the whole thing right i didn’t really need that i just needed it to be quick and sharp and not too stiff with good steering and i’m happy thankfully i’m just going to click this end button put it in end mode and enjoy the rest of this canyon

As you were ah makes me feel like i’m in my 20s again you know because you are in your 20s only for a few more days happy birthday thank you okay so the atlanta n elantra elantra are we saying i say elantra i don’t know what i say now that i say it it sounds dumb elantra elantra well i don’t know the word doesn’t mean it’s not as fun as veloster n the name the

Car is more fun elantra as a name it’s not as fun as veloster or as a name not as a car yeah but also it’s important here guys did when did you lose the bumper no this is the design you know people have actually rendered uh this as body color and it looks better yeah favorite weird decision that yeah i don’t really like the front the rest of it’s cool though

It’s fine it’s got a little wing it’s fun the red accents it’s cool it’s good no you don’t like it but i like the red and the blue look it matches the personality of the car that and that’s yeah it does it’s fine it’s playful it’s even it’s joyous it’s got some lambo going on what but only on the trunk button which is a hexagon okay it’s got a little hex that’s

The lambo little end badge there looking good i think that the veloster has a slightly sharper image as like the fun hatch i don’t know if this is they’ve nailed this as a sporty car styling i i don’t know how it’s going to age there’s a lot going on with the dented and the door and in the in the lack of a bumper yeah but um i mean okay whatever listen this car

Is just as playful on the inside so can we do that yeah did you know the end badges on the seat light up i did know that yeah that’s fun okay and you know what else in terms of end badging that’s interesting okay what there’s a full end decal oh yeah on the carpet like a proper like in like steel decals yeah just like one from the back they just they just had an

Extra really i’ve never seen that before surplus of it’s a spare it’s a spare so you lose that one yeah for jealous civic si owner rips it off the enemy yeah right speaking about the back we forgot to mention you can see the bracing yeah yeah there’s some like there’s a rear strut tower brace that goes across which is cool it’s like something you add aftermarket

To stiffen the rear end but it doesn’t when you fold the seats down which don’t go 60 40. they go all down at once at least they go down you can’t you now can no longer fit a surfboard in this car we discovered that yes we did yeah not because we went surfing we definitely didn’t go we just filmed something with it with a surfboard yeah inside the elantra end it’s

Fun it’s cool i feel very blocked off here but like i got a good handle is that a good handle yeah it just it doesn’t well don’t no no it’s a it’s an economy car you can’t you got to be nice to it it’s here to get you from a to b cheaply quickly you know what this is it’s a damn sight nicer than the veloster end oh yeah and it’s more comfortable you got four

Actual doors yeah i can fit in the back totally fine yeah comfortably does our tool man sound engineer i don’t know we’ll overlay some footage now and then we’ll yeah you know we now we don’t know six foot six either he fits or he doesn’t yeah steering wheel’s filled with buttons yes we’ve got a lot of buttons including the red one which we made fun of yeah um

That does seem like it should be an on off yeah it’s like listen we asked to be able to turn off rev match easily in cars yeah we didn’t need that much pomp and circumstance right i just wanted a button over here or just by the by the ship yeah just to turn it off done right but it’s it’s fine visually it’s exciting i actually really love this wheel um it’s a

Lot that’s comfortable it looks cool if you think the normal elantra i think even as like the four spoke kind of like old style luxury thing yeah this is a much more exciting thing i like the look of that one it’s definitely it’s definitely a step up gauge cluster is so sharp really nice and it changes when you play yeah they actually have a lot of fun with it no

Fire animation right well they hyundai did that in the gv70 where the where the the needle becomes a flaming saber yeah so they’ve just been like yeah fire fire here’s the thing every aspect of this car including the way that it drives and the way that it sounds is incredibly childish but since i am a child yeah it works for me this is like the neverland of cars

You get to extend childhood it really feels like it’s like if if a 12 year old designed a car this it would have they would have all these things where they put fire in the cage cluster right make the exhaust go pop and bang apparently all the 12 year olds you know sound like mice but yeah yeah the exhaust as well as you said uh seats yeah they’re fine they’re

Very comfortable it takes a lot to take on a civic type rc and we haven’t tried the new gen civic type r but as far as fairly close but they’re not as good they’re close but they’re not quite as good now but there but there is a sense of occasion about that they’re really nice though i like them yeah in the end the end lights up i like that like like the m cars

The new m three and four the m three the m and the n yeah and n m two close together they should have picked p they should be p you have to say michael or november like november each time right anyway not much more to talk about it it gets the job done like you know there’s some cheap plastics but for the price you’re paying that’s expected yeah yeah if for the

People that wanted a four-door more comfortable better riding yep for lost to n that’s what this is that’s what this is and they’ve and they’ve nailed it so great news to answer our earlier question is the elantra n the deal that it appears to be on paper yes yes it is that said the venn diagram between those who can afford it and those that desire its level of

Youthfulness is an interesting one it seems like it would be a small group but then the brash looking outgoing civic type r is still in massively high demand speaking of which if rear wheel drive isn’t on the menu the only thing that would cause us paws on getting the elantra which in its current form is more fiery than the civic si is the incoming civic type r

The type r will be more expensive but that leap might be worth it we’ll just have to wait and see but either way let’s just hope that neither of them are plagued with dealer mischief and markups because right now at least in north america no one is making fun front-wheel drive cars quite like honda and hyundai thanks for watching you

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