2022 hyundai elantra n pov spiri
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Elantra N POV Spirited Mountain Driving + Impressions

2022 Hyundai Elantra N POV Spirited Mountain Driving + Impressions

Hello! In today’s video I’m driving up some mountain roads in my Elantra N, as well as letting you guys know some driving impressions! I hope you all enjoy it. After choosing this car over the Mustang GT, Civic Type R, and Kia K5 GT, I really haven’t regretted it for a moment.

Hey what is going on everybody my name is matt willey and today i’m going to give you guys a little bit of a video of some mountain driving up here in wyoming in my 2022 hyundai elantra inn this is the ceramic white version the dct we’re gonna have some parts where i’m letting the transmission shift itself and then some parts where i’m going manual with the

Paddles but i hope you guys enjoy subscribe for more videos on my elantra n i will be doing a few more things some mods and things like that i got some wheels coming um within the next couple weeks so thanks for watching and enjoy the video also before we start if you guys are interested in my overall thoughts on the car and my experience at driving it right now

I actually have 7 700 miles on it so far which is on the high end for people that own this car so uh i’m going to be making a full review on the elantra and kind of telling you guys all of what i think long story short i absolutely love the car i’ve loved absolutely every minute with it it’s fantastic it’s a great daily driver and a lot of fun to be able to just

Rip it sometimes too so yeah let’s get right into the video all righty we’re gonna whip up some back roads up on it here on the mountains really gotta watch for potholes break turn in so i haven’t been on these roads before um i definitely want to take it easy relatively but we’re gonna whip up and down absolutely beautiful beautiful drive a lot of change in

Elevation i mean yeah you can just torque right out of the corner it doesn’t feel like there’s a whole lot of a whole lot of uh understeer or anything like that i’m just gonna be slowing down here just because i see a bunch of rocks yeah let’s hit it we’re at the ski resort right here we’re gonna turn around and uh and yeah we’re gonna fly back down so on the way

Back down i’m gonna go ahead and manually shift a bunch of rocks all right now we can go so i’m shifting with the paddles now a little bit of torque steer nothing crazy though i can torque right out of the corners kind of guide the guide that turns with throttle inputs and brakes nothing like your normal front-wheel drive car though it’s absolutely manageable

A little bit of understeer there nothing crazy we’re kind of standing third haven’t had a reason to shift yet go ahead and go into fourth brake downshift and we’re coming back down so i’m gonna try to be a little easier on the brakes huge elevation change right here probably dropping about a thousand feet and we got a school bus but man was that fun that was just

An absolute blast talk about just a fun drive i swear nothing really beats these mountain drives of wyoming it’s just a whole different experience that is for sure so hopefully we can hopefully we can get out of this get out of the way of this school bus and and pass them so we can get some more spirited driving on the way back down really hope you guys enjoyed

The video um really appreciate you tuning in today again i will be coming out with a ton more content um coming very soon with some wheel mods and a full review and everything but yeah thanks for tuning in today i wasn’t able to get out of the traffic unfortunately we got stuck behind that school bus and and uh more cars so again thank you guys for tuning in and uh i’ll see you soon

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2022 Hyundai Elantra N POV Spirited Mountain Driving + Impressions By Matt Willey

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