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Altair Club Cars 2022 Hyundai Accent Review | An Incredible Value at Only 7,000

2022 Hyundai Accent Review | An Incredible Value at Only 7,000

In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2022 Hyundai Accent! I’ll test out acceleration, braking, steering feel, cargo space, rear legroom, sound system, exhaust clip & much more!

What is up you guys welcome back to another one if you are new to the channel i am going pony i do new car truck suv reviews on youtube and today we are in the new 2022 hyundai accent courtesy of jack gion volvo hyundai in york pa for more information on their inventory please feel free to check out the link in the description box below and so i am in this one today

Because this is a very very affordable sub compact car there is one big change for the 2022 model year which of course i will be going over in the video of course you also have america’s best warranty being five year sixty thousand mile bumper to bumper ten years 100 000 miles on the powertrain you also get three years of complementary maintenance which is a huge

Deal you actually get that for all hyundai’s to be fair but it’s going to save you a good bit of money with the oil changes to the tire rotations things like that that you’re not going to have to pay for for the first three years so that’s pretty nice and so in this video i will be testing out and going over everything about the accent from acceleration steering

Feel ride quality sound system breaking all of that fun stuff so having said all that what do you guys say let’s just go ahead and jump right into it and as always let’s start with pricing it so as you can imagine there are a few different trim levels for the 2022 accent first one being the se starting at 17 670 sel for nine hundred and twenty five dollars

And lasting delimited starting at twenty thousand six hundred and twenty five dollars and by the way if you were curious we actually do have that s e trim level with us today so for future reference for the rest of this video that’s what we got but powering this little beast is a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated inline four cylinder putting out 120 horsepower at 6

300 rpm 113 pound-feet of torque coming in at around 4 800 rpm power sent to the front wheels through an ivt which stands for intelligent variable transmission essentially hyundai’s version of a cvt in case you’re curious but no manual transmission for 2022. that’s kind of the big change for this one because a lot of people are passionate about having a manual

Transmission previously in 2021 you can get it 2022 they scrapped it there’s not many people buying those these days unfortunately but 0-60 time comes in approximately 8.5 seconds with mpg numbers coming in at 33 in the city 41 on the highway taking regular unleaded fuel but so before we do any kind of fun acceleration test here in our 2022 accent i did want to

Mention there is a drive mode button located just in front of the shifter when you press that it is going to put you in sport driving mode there is just that one sport driving mode here in the accent it did immediately downshift for me so it is going to hold the rpms in a much higher level giving you more power on demand essentially adjusting things like the

Shift points the throttle response and the steering sensitivity as well but now as we are pulling up to a red light what do you guys say let’s go ahead and find a straightaway let’s put the accent here to the test and let’s see how quickly this thing is going to get us up to speed all right you guys i think we found her straightaway good of a spot is annie in

Three two one go we are in sportman rip simon i mean it’s a sub compact what do you expect it’s actually not bad it’s a little bit quicker than i thought it was going to be for a sub compact so you shouldn’t have any issues emerging onto the highway to be quite honest zero to 60 and 8.5 isn’t that bad for this car i’ve seen plenty of worse 0-60 time numbers

Than 8.5 seconds some of them even going up over 9 seconds some of them close to 10 seconds so 8.5 seconds it’s not bad for what this car is i’ll just put it that way but anyways to go along with that acceleration as always braking is equally important so the braking is actually going to differ substantially depending upon which trim level that you go with and

So if you were to go with the sea trim level that we have today you’re actually going to get front disc rear drum brakes however if you were to go with the seller limited you will get four-wheel disc brakes so huge difference there when it comes to the braking as far as that braking feel goes it’s actually not bad i will say that this thing definitely comes to

A pretty nice stop it’s not a soft breaking feel which i appreciate i really am not a big fan of soft breaking fields you guys probably know that if you watch my other videos so it’s actually not bad it’d be quite honest i’m not sure you necessarily need the four wheel disc brakes in this thing obviously though you’re going to come to a better stop if you were

To go with that seller limited a little bit safer situation there but having said that these brakes aren’t that bad to be quite honest in our sc trim level so actually no issues whatsoever when it comes to that braking field then touching on suspension and handling up front you’re gonna get a mcpherson strut front suspension in the back torsion beam rear axle as

Far as the ride quality goes you are going to feel a little bit more of the road when it comes to any sub-compact car so you do feel a little bit of that but it’s not that bad it’s definitely manageable it’s something i personally wouldn’t have any issues driving on a regular basis and certainly absorbing a lot more of the road imperfections than my old 2019 ford

Mustang gt did so i’ll just put it that way but as far as steering feel goes it’s actually one of the first things i noticed usually hyundai is known for having soft and loosey-goosey steering feels but the first thing i noticed when i got in this one it tends to lean a little bit more on the heavier side at least comparatively speaking to all the other hyundais

That i typically drive so i actually got to give hyundai credit on this one i don’t mind the steering feel like i said it does lean a little bit more on the heavier side of things or the normal side of things i should say so steering feel is plenty fine in this thing as far as cabin noise goes probably shouldn’t be testing it right now i’m going 20 miles per hour

Here in the woods and well obviously there isn’t a whole lot of wood noise coming into the cabin now but higher speeds with any subcompact you are going to hear a little bit more of the road but again it’s not something that would personally bother me that touching on visibility i could see perfectly fine out the back so rear visibility is definitely not going

To be any issue whatsoever in the hyundai accent but that about rounds out the performance segment of this review guys let’s now go ahead and take a look at the exterior of our brand new 2022 hyundai accent all right so here she is you guys the new 2022 hyundai accent finished in pomegranate red in case anybody was curious of our exterior color name definitely

Looks good here with all the red leaves and the red foliage here is uh we begin the beginning of fall but anyways let’s go ahead and make our way up front of the accent here chrome front grille is going to come standard for every single trim level across the board halogen headlights coming with the s e and sel trims that is of course what we have today automatic

Feature coming with the sel trim level and up so we actually don’t have that automatic feature here on the se believe it or not fog lights also coming on the sel trim level and up so that is why you were not seeing them here today anyways led headlights with led daytime running lights coming with the limited trim level and you actually do have some front air

Curtains located to the bottom corners there in case you were curious didn’t expect them but it’s kind of nice to see here on the accent but definitely a decent looking front end i think the headlights are becoming a little bit outdated so maybe they could redesign those in the future but other than that definitely a good looking front grille and front end to

This one but pretty much rounds out the front let’s go ahead and make our way to the side of the accent all right so now since we are around to the side of this one as the wind is obviously picking up here chrome belt line molding does come on the sel trim level end up otherwise you were going to get these matte black window surrounds like we have here on the

Se body colored power adjustable side mirrors for all trim levels heated side mirrors for the sel and limited trims with integrated turn signals for the limited trim level only that is how you’re going to go ahead and get that then take a look down at the wheel configuration 15-inch steel wheels with covers coming with the se trim level that of course is what we

Have today 15-inch alloys for the scl and then 17-inch alloy wheels for the limited trim but that pretty much rounds out the side of the accent let’s now go ahead and make our way to the back all right so now since we are around back you guys can see that matte black antenna found all the way to the top just below that if you wanted led tail lights that is going

To come on the limited trim level only otherwise you will get the typical halogen bulbs like you’re currently looking at right now just below it all you will find some matte black accents towards the bottom portion of that rear bumper and tucked away nicely on the passenger side you will find a single exhaust outlet so having said that i do believe you guys know

What we have to do next as always here is that exhaust clip all right so now since we are around back of the accent when it comes to opening that rear trunk this is a little bit different than you may find on other vehicles so i’m going to emphasize this there are two ways to go ahead and open that rear charge there’s actually not a button on the trunk itself

Believe it or not so that’s what i’m saying it’s different because most other vehicles will have that but there is a button on the driver’s side floor kind of near the door that is one way you simply lift up on that it’s going to pop the trunk for you and there is a button on the key fob itself that is also going to pop that trunk open for you it’s a little bit

Different than some other vehicles but once opened up cargo space comes in at 13.7 cubic feet if that was not enough space there is a 60 40 split meaning those rear seats do fold down for quite a bit of extra space then if you needed it and if you were curious there is some cargo lighting back there and if you lift up underneath the cargo floor you will find a

Spare tire as opposed to the fix of flat in case you wanted to know that answer but then make our way to the rear legroom that is going to come in at 33.5 inches so for reference i am even six feet tall this is me sitting behind my own driving position so i was actually able to fit kind of nicely and the best part is with not a whole lot of rear legroom i always

Like to see that there is a little bit of give on the back side of the front seats as opposed to that hard plastic so there is a little bit of give if you have a taller adult they should fit just fine because of that but passenger side seat back map pocket coming with the sel chim leveling up there’s no rear ventilation or center armrest with cup holders and you

Don’t really need rear ventilation in the size of a vehicle anyways but then making our way to the front seats manually adjustable cloth seating coming with all trim levels across the board but i will say if you go with that limited trim level you’re actually going to get heated front seats so if you wanted that for these cold winters here in pennsylvania that

Is how you’re going to go ahead and get that but actually believe it or not seats are plenty comfortable i’ve had no issues with sea comfort whatsoever in my short test drive here today so no issues there for me then take a look at the steering wheel it is tilt and telescoping it is wrapped in urethane for all trim levels across the board then make our way to

The startup let me first start by showing you guys the key here you do have your hyundai logo on the one side and then when you flip it over lock unlock and again that button to pop that rear trunk but it is a push button start if you go with the limited trim level only otherwise if you go with that s e or sel you are going to get the traditional turnkey start

So therefore all i am going to do here simply put my from the break and turn the key and so once started up tachometer tachometers all the way to your left speedometer is on your right there is a small digital display front and center giving you the basics like trip h or b how many miles you have left until you hit empty which is saying 374 right now not quite a

Full tank though but still a decent range of course outside temperature and the rest of the basics and average miles per gallon as well that’s pretty cool but anyways now let’s go ahead and make our way to overall interior quality there is a power sunroof if you were to go with the limited trim level only overhead sunglass holder though coming standard for all

Trim levels across the board automatic climate control for the limited trim level only otherwise you’re going to get the manual controls like you guys are currently looking at right now dual usb charging ports for the sel and limited trim level but you still get one usb charging port if you were to go with the se and we’ll get more into that in a second though

But actually to the side let’s get into that now 12 volt power outlets you get two of those both the driver and passenger there usb charging port like i said auxiliary port as well just below that you got a good bit of rubberized storage so things don’t slide around as easily just behind the shifter you have dual cup holders and the old school parking brake which

I personally prefer there’s so many electric mechanical parking brakes he said which is why i put it that way and then just behind those cup holders you get a little more storage and one singular cup holder in case you wanted that so you do have one of those so anyways that is there for you but otherwise it is pretty practical and to the point nothing elaborate

But then again i am driving a car that msrp is for under 17 000 so it’s actually not bound for that price range i’ll say that now let’s go ahead and make our way to the infotainment screen because again this is going to differ amongst the trim levels five inch color touch screen display coming with the se that we have today and i think when i reviewed last year’s

Accent we had the bigger screen so it’s kind of cool seeing this uh seeing this se screen just so i have reference but seven inch color touch screen display coming with the seo unlimited that’s why i was putting it that way either way you got bluetooth and audio streaming however android auto apple carplay only comes with the seven inch screen meaning it’s not

Going to come on the se trim level that we have today unfortunately but when it comes to the sound systems you do have four speakers with the se and then six speakers with the sel unlimited so having said that what do you guys say let’s go ahead and turn on the radio see we got playing today and let’s test out our four speaker sound system that we have in our

Accent here today look at that hootie who do you know darius rucker i think he goes by now but anyways it sounds like a four-speaker sound system to be quite honest the clarity is not there the bass isn’t a whole lot but you know what if you just listen to talk radio or you don’t really care as much about the quality of that sound system it’ll get the job

Done for sure again for the price point it’s kind of what i expected anyways last thing i wanted to mention to you guys on that infotainment screen is when you do put the accent in reverse you will actually find a rear view camera for all trim levels across the board so even our five inch screen that we have today is going to show you what is behind you which is

Pretty nice which is always is going to lead us into safety and so to start iihs top safety pick if you were to go with the limited trim level only and that’s due to the led headlights more or less but frontside curtain airbags do come standard in the back you’re gonna have latch aka lower anchors tethers to children for the rear car seats rear trial door locks

Tire pressure monitoring system but if you were to go with the sel or limited you will also find a driver’s side blind spot mirror and if you were to go with that limited trim level only you will get a forward collision avoidance assist system as well and so overall when it comes to my final thoughts here of the 2022 accent this is an incredible value for a sub

Compact you not only have an msrp like we have today of under 17 000 but you have america’s best warranty so this car is warrantied for 10 years on the powertrain if you drive less than 10 000 miles a year you have three years of free maintenance so if you’re buying a kind of budget car anyways three years of free maintenance is going to be a brilliant thing and

I personally love that on my own hyundai to be quite honest also in iihs for the limited trim level which is kind of unheard of for sub compact cars so i do want to emphasize that although it’s just for one trim level in my personal opinion i do believe that sel is the best value when it comes to the accent you get android auto apple car play so free navigation

Displayed up on that infotainment screen you get a better sound system with the six speakers you get four wheel disc brakes and that’s definitely a good thing if you want to come to a quicker stop and you get alloy wheels as well so essentially that’s the reason i think the sel is going to be the best value for the accent in the end but let me know what you guys

Think of the 2022 accent in the comments section below that is about it for this one you guys thank you so much for watching feel free to follow me on social media at the bottom screen if you want to see what’s coming next on the channel before it actually gets to youtube be sure to hit the subscribe and the bell notification button if you’re into new car reviews

That is what we do here on this channel after all do appreciate you guys watching more than you know and i will see you guys all in the next video stay gold you

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