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Altair Club Cars 2022 HYBRiD SPORT ACCORD


Besides that emblem right there you see how that’s blue right there that’s the one main thing from the uh exterior of a hondo that’s going to let you know you’re in a hybrid because it either says hybrid or it’s uh surrounded by the blue h what’s up everybody took a little minute right there starting off for you but i wanted you to kind of see this because

I’ve been anticipating this a lot of other folks have been anticipating this and uh here it is new for 2022 the honda accord hybrid man is about time that they put it in the sport edition uh excuse me sport trim so what makes a sport a sport it’s going to say sport right here it’s going to have your rear deck lid spoiler you can have your uh now normally

On a non-hybrid you’re going to have the dual exhaust right there you know what i’m saying uh you’re also going to get these 19-inch wheels see that there remote start on this car if you got these three dots you could press those three dots so you can put your hand in here hear that now pull it cord sport it’s gonna give you your uh boom power seat driver

Only see that leather trim bam leather wrapped steering wheel now this is a hybrid but normally you got the leather wrap knob right there i mean leather wrap shifting now with the sport you’re also going to get sport trim right there the sport pedals right there apple carplay and android auto which is actually now standard and then a lot of people have never

Really paid much attention to this carbon fiber look there it is happy holiday season to every single one of y’all man oh man you folks are just helping me climb and climb and climb and trust me good things are coming as soon as i hit this thousand and monetize this channel i’m gonna take very very very good care of every single one of y’all in every single

Way that i can whether it be more exclusive content or uh for folks here in the area and if i could find a way to do it abroad uh you know some kind of contest so the car’s batteries charged and that’s why you hear the noise just cut off like that the car is on see what i’m saying second noise i want you to listen to is this when i put this car in reverse so

We’re gonna do a couple of things the one thing folks might be used to are these i’m gonna take this car for a small spin right now my honda link’s telling me that my car just finished charging and i’m going to explain how to use the deceleration selectors so when i’m driving you’re going to see there’s little chevrons are going to appear right here the more

That the chevrons appear it’s going to put like basically a uh a resistance on the car that’s gonna be used right here to charge the battery also use uh a regenerating power by uh the brake the braking of the car stopping with the engine i’m not a i’m not not a uh engineer or nothing like that so i do my best best that i can check it out tons of space i was

Sitting in a perfect position check it out i’m destined there’s tons of space uh man i could literally just knock out back here but i’m not tired so we ain’t gonna do all that let’s see this one wants to cooperate with me this time here this thing is sealed boy whoa super sealed so let’s get a good angle looks like these have been rearranged see how it like

It’s more fitted more contour right or not the contour what’s that what about what i’m looking for i can’t think of it right now let’s see how we gonna get in here oh yeah oh yeah now what i want to do is focus on that right there so as i’m driving you’re gonna hear me talking as i’m talking you’re gonna see these little chevron uh pop up right here so let’s

See if i can adjust this a little bit more i think that’s good enough so my apologies about the angle bear with me but uh yeah let’s see if this thing holds on and doesn’t fall down anyhow going on your favorite ball guy dom dominic got tracy honda instagram deals with dom facebook deals with dom um and yeah man i’m super pumped about this you have no idea

So let’s go to put him in drive you’re going to notice that it’s green and blue you’re going to see this right here going up and down as your uh tachometer would go up and down this white line that’s right here so you watch see it going up and down now as i’m driving if i hit this to the left it’s gonna do what’s called uh regenerative braking so let’s take

This bad boy for a spin oh yeah oh yeah uh i’ve worked nine uh out of ten months that i’ve been here just cleared uh 160 deals that’s nuts and uh you have a very very very rewarding from that so it’s a huge thank you to every single one of y’all and uh at the meantime you see this little uh auto mall little auto mall trip i’m taking for you so i think i

Might just make a u-turn right here because this is like crazy traffic i don’t know if it’s because of lunch or what i don’t want never mind i’m trapped so with that said um let’s go ahead and just bust it right right here all right so check it out instead of breaking with this vehicle right here see how i’m in the blue see how that’s moving in the blue i

Hope you can see that so i’m in the blue mini i’m not using any gas now watch this see that right there you see that right there going up and down as i push it imagine if you’re in a stick shift right and you downshift right that’s going to slow down the engine is going to slow down the car that’s what these death celebration selectors do so the the more

Chevrons which is those emblems see how it says ev what that’s going to do is that’s going to allow me to uh just ride on the battery so this whole drive that we’ve been on right now i haven’t used any gas because you haven’t heard the engine kick on what you talking about dom well here let me put in sport mode sport mode activated sport mode is going to

Give you the most uh regenerative braking hear that noise okay well let me step on it hear that so there’s this confusion that i’ve been noticing about hybrids i don’t have anywhere to charge the car what are you talking about a plug-in hybrid this is not a plug-in hybrid so plug-in hybrid which i’m going to show you right now is exactly that the first

Two words a plug-in and it’s a hybrid vehicle this is just a hybrid vehicle most people are used to like the name prius the prius is a household name you don’t charge a prius i think you get a prius prime to get it charged right but other than that i mean for over 10 years nobody’s ever known the prius is anything but a hybrid um so now obviously this accord

And compete with the camry the sonata the optima uh who else wants some this hybrid life right here uh fusion if ford still even makes the fans um mazda has none volkswagen has none uh doesn’t have any excuse me um nissan the leaf man not really it’s the ultima or the maxima have a plug-in hybrid or a hybrid yo anyhow that being said let me just show you

What i’m talking about so right here you’ll see parked off into the distance is a honda clarity plug-in hybrid so what that vehicle is exactly that since the uh shop’s closed let me just show you what i’m talking about i can’t believe it stayed on there man did it well this time check it out first off let’s go ahead and do our walk around here i thought i

Had the lights on but i guess i didn’t let’s go ahead and correct that that’s why i just had them on boom so even in the daytime this is why i like to show off the led lights to everybody this is going to be the best thing you got going as far as uh getting your visuals going on back profile pay attention to that part see how it says hybrid money shot see

How that says plug-in hybrid oh look at that look at that reflection right there not my belly guys uh that one right there though bang i need to get all kyo negro a wash but see it’s exactly that it’s plugged in there’s no part of that vehicle that you can plug in so what happens is the battery generates itself i usually compare when i’m talking to people like

Those big suvs or those big trucks that they have uh what’s it called flex fuel or something like that where basically it shuts down from eight cylinders to like six or four cylinders it gets you better gas mileage well instead of shutting down what it does is it kicks off from the engine to the battery and that’s why you’re to be able to get mileage like that

So because you’re doing less work on the engine that’s why the city and the combine is always going to be higher when you’re driving on the highway you typically have you know your foot on the gas pedal right so once again there you go there you have it again you can reach me dominic tracyhonda.com or you could uh go ahead on any of the other uh instagram

Or the uh facebook deals with dom but thanks man i’m so grateful for every single one of you guys that reached out holy cow no less than one of you a month um sometimes that’s like seems to be like once a week is really what the more average is but again i just i do this for you guys you know i mean a little something different just for you to see it once

You know what you’re working with you got this car longer than your shopping for it you have this car way longer than you’re looking at it on the uh the websites and then the reviews and everything like that so if you have any questions about the reviews let me ask you that’s what i’m here for you know what i mean but other than that this isn’t my dealership i

Don’t control the pricing i don’t set the pricing all i do is uh sell this amazing product so once again let’s finish off with the uh little standard dom my boy paulie in the building right there i love that guy right there he’s a cool guy uh huh and then let’s flip you do right here so you see that car right there that beautiful looking g37 we just have on

Trade here he goes so she’s going to want to do once that yellow line right there any one of your cars once that first yellow line hits the wherever you’re trying to back into that’s when you’re gonna want to activate the third angle camera so you see what i’m saying right there once that hits right there hit that hit that right there boom you see that it

Does look close doesn’t it how close does it look not to where if you use your mirrors it would look that obvious so once again just love giving away this information to y’all i think it’s awesome see right there that’s your bumper so i can literally tell you that this has nothing to do with that curve right there objects appear uh lower that’s why it says

Check your surroundings uh excuse me i’ll just appear closer so look it i’m right above that i got plenty of space to walk behind my car get whatever i want to get out of my vehicle you see that there bam see how it’s all looking down so there it is doors open like the doors open in the bay on that song

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