2022 hummer ev vs durango hellca
Altair Club Cars 2022 Hummer EV vs Durango Hellcat vs Mercedes-AMG G63 // DRAG & ROLL RACE

2022 Hummer EV vs Durango Hellcat vs Mercedes-AMG G63 // DRAG & ROLL RACE

A monster mash of big powerful brutes has arrived at the Throttle House drag strip. The 2022 Hummer EV Edition 1 ($125,898 in Canada starting, $110,295 in the US), the 2021 Durango Hellcat ($114,345 in Canada starting, $82,490 in the US), and the 2021 Mercedes-AMG G63 ($211,900 in Canada starting, $157,500 in the US) are all lined up for a dig and roll race.

You’re watching throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and this is a drag race we don’t use nasty names on throttle house like you big big showy show off so instead here are some of the most expressive vehicles you can buy right now and we want to know what happens when you put them together in a straight line because they’re all very expensive and marked

Up and rare and powerful let’s do this all right big purple durango hellcat all-wheel drive this thing’s a monster nothing more needs to be said really launch control 710 horsepower 300 horsepower less than that but but it weighs away a lot less and the g wagon is quick but it doesn’t have lodge control so i think carsten’s going to be the spectator here the

Race really is between these two i don’t really know what happens because what’s the freedom ain’t no joke okay the hummer ev i love this thing because it’s probably the most fun car to launch like including supercars there’s like all this drama to it it’s based on the apollo program so i click the traction control button off twice and i go into watts to free

To mobile vehicle’s lowering buzzes my butt and then i’m ready to launch off of a launch pad on the moon how cool is that so we’re we’re sitting just at about 90 battery on this and i don’t want to hear a thing about it listen getting one of these here with 100 battery is physically impossible so just this is this is reality this is reality of an ev is what you

Get i’m off the line first come on come on come on thomas is catching oh he’s catching oh i’ve got him i’ve got him is he gonna hit 106. i’ve got him i’ve got him i’m getting a high top speed limit yes that’s the 106. and across wow god damn the launch control on this funded by satan funded by satan stupid tires keeping me under 106 miles an hour that’s

A quicker call this is a quicker car but that thing just goes off the line that is just ridiculous yeah it’s not what’s the freedom it’s what you got on the fly here you go highway to hell oh damn it that was pretty good um yeah that was you i mean you we literally matched 106 obviously yes and then i carried on no like i was pull i was completely catching up to

You i was gonna pass you 106 miles an hour and a half you went and i don’t think i jumped the store there i think this just this just has a ridiculous launch control yeah no it is it it just it just hooked up and it went every hellcat should have an all-wheel drive option it’s still buzzing my butt it feels weird don’t look at me like that don’t smile and look at me

While it’s buzzing your butt alright we’re doing a roll race okay you’re gonna lose all right i’m starting a manual and i’m gonna slap over to drive all right i don’t have turbos or a transmission or anything i just get to go thomas is taking it off i go off i go 106 hit 106 you bastard bye-bye duran go 106 miles an hour oh i won i won i won it yes all

Right so that was slightly shorter than a quarter mile so he hit 106 just just in his favor just in his favor that g wagon is still friggin quick you know that 106 doesn’t come fast enough sometimes i shot past you just after the line yeah this was a longer even roll race you’d still win well the rolling race wasn’t a full length run no another it’s a little

Bit shorter 10 yards 10 yards and you would have passed me okay so i think we can conclude that’s the quickest car if there’s no restriction if there’s no restrictions buy a mile there are restrictions yes so this is the quickest and the g wagon which has no launch control and has like don’t quote me 400 horsepower less than that yeah did a pretty good job it did

Honestly a really good job well i mean this weighs 9 000 pounds it does this weighs as much as one of those windmills behind me and that’s 9 000 pounds done right not like the mega raptor we were in recently now and we all saw how that turned out yeah 1000 horsepower yeah no this is still an unbelievable i think it’s so fun i really love this it’s really weirdly

Charming it is obnoxious vehicle it absolutely it’s horribly inefficient for what it is the same is true for all three of these actually i find they all have this kind of like that that thing is is shockingly quick it’s shockingly cool it’s the purple oh you just made it quicker yeah it’s quicker than red very cool assortment of suvs very cool so they might look

Like they’re just fronting but these three vehicles all pack a serious punch the hummer despite its ridiculous curb weight holds its own until its tire limited 106 miles per hour and the unbridled durango hellcat takes the win the g63 our fast suv benchmark of the day really doesn’t do too badly considering it’s down on power and has no launch control to speak of

We’ve always said that when super suvs get silly that’s when they’re at their best and these are some of the silliest with the hummer gm have still managed to breathe cheesecake factory mountain dew pop-tart tap out twinkie’s breath into an ev of all things without it losing its identity the crab walk the watts to freedom the terrible economy they all make this

Rapid giant lump a true hummer in contrast the durango hellcat is just another beneficiary of a hellcat transplant but the all-wheel drive transforms it into an entirely new hellcat experience one that we absolutely love and the g63 well there’s an electric one coming soon but it’s going to take their own version of thoughts to freedom to make it as exciting as

This one anyway what a fun day thanks so much to legate auto group for bringing out the hummer and to the owners of the g63 and the durango as well thanks for watching you

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2022 Hummer EV vs Durango Hellcat vs Mercedes-AMG G63 // DRAG & ROLL RACE By Throttle House

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