2022 honda ridgeline rtl awd for
Altair Club Cars 2022 Honda Ridgeline RTL AWD For Sale

2022 Honda Ridgeline RTL AWD For Sale

Ridgeline RTL AWD, Only 6k mi., $45,225 Retail value, Branded title

Hello everyone today we have a 2022 honda ridgeline rtl of all-wheel drive that is running smooth as can be so i’m gonna go ahead and close this up and take it for a tour okay she does have the fog lights up front alloy wheels sunroof this one also has that trunk space underneath the truck bed which is super convenient go ahead and pull that up see it doesn’t have

A power sliding rear window and this tailgate does fold down but it also opens up sideways and then you see you do have dual exhaust and a tow package there this vehicle will also come with a blue star inspection you see that it just got back from there and they’ll put it up on racks take pictures of the undercarriage and all that kind of fun stuff that i can’t

Get to and then they will give an objective opinion of the vehicle’s condition and the reform of a report so go ahead and watch out for that see it does have black leather interior that back seat does fold up so you can use that as storage space and then right here you’ve got two driver presets here’s your vin right here of zero zero four four nine of the last

Digits on that one and as we hop inside you’ll see that only has six thousand six hundred ninety five miles on this vehicle you got your paddle shifters your push to talk your stereo controls your trip computer toggles push button ignition right there just come down here you can see that you got heated front seats and your shifter cup holders and there’s your

Remote right there and you see that it does have remote start and then this will also have a usb and 12 volt power supply down inside there then you’ve got your comfort controls stereo controls which are sources are am fm sirius xm bluetooth auxiliary usb and open the smith’s app and start your car that sounds good so we’re going to go ahead and turn it back down

And come over here to home and then you’ve got your connections with your phone and then your settings and this is where you’re going to connect with your phone but you can also jump directly to your camera without going into okay there’s a cross traffic monitor that’s on okay all right and if you want to see the backup camera we’ll go ahead and put it reverse

There’s your backup camera okay and so cross traffic monitor is also a blind spot monitor that’s another word for it and then you’ve also got your smartphone connection we’ll wait for you to connect your phone to that as you come up above you’re going to have your map reading lights sunglasses holder which also doubles as a conversation mirror so you can see the

Folks in back while you’re talking to them and then you’ve got your controls for your sunroof that about wraps it up for this honda on the interior this vehicle does have a branded title there’s an impact up front the airbags do not deploy there’s no structural damage so we got it all fixed up as past 150 point inspection on the state of utah safety inspection

For more inventory visit us at tjchapmanauto.com in the spirit of full disclosure here is a copy of the original label for your vehicle so you can see what it was equipped with straight out of the factory

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2022 Honda Ridgeline RTL AWD For Sale By Tj Chapman Auto

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