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Altair Club Cars 2022 Honda Pilot EXL | CAR MOM TOUR

2022 Honda Pilot EXL | CAR MOM TOUR

Reviewing the all new 2022 Honda Pilot XLE!

Hey guys it’s kelly and welcome back to my channel we are here at earnhardt honda here in phoenix and we have a brand new 2022 honda pilot that literally just came off the truck and it is in the brand new color the sonic gray really excited about it this is your first time joining me hey i’m kelly and i’m the carmen i review cars for moms and for families i’m a

Mom of two in a certified child passenger safety tech today i have been dying to get my hands on a honda pilot and we are going to be reviewing this car from a family’s perspective i have car seats i have strollers i have cups and we are going to see how it would function for a family please subscribe to my channel give this video a thumbs up and comment below

Any other tour requests you have all right let’s get started okay so let’s start by breaking down the exterior i have a confession i like the old body style of the honda pilot so much better i loved that big boxes of it all in the newer body style they’ve really kind of rounded everything out a little bit i still like the exterior overall and i really definitely

Like it in this color but if you look we just kind of have like a really rounded front end we do have led daytime running lights and headlights we go into this nice black grille with a huge h for obviously honda um and they keep it kind of rugged on the outside i think this looks very similar to their honda passport which is their five passenger or more rugged

Car and then moving along to our side profile we have some 20-inch alloy wheels loving the black and we kind of move into say some black plastic on the fender again kind of giving it a rugged look some body lines a really intense belt line that goes here chrome around the windows black roof rails black on the bottom right here moving all the way along until

We get to the back end i mean it’s pretty basic it’s pretty just like she’s really round i think that’s just kind of how i would describe her i’m way more excited about the interior and then moving along to the back end again very simple we do have led tail lights which is great honda logo right here pilot keeping it pretty basic so why don’t we happen to the

Interior and we will start breaking down the features the car seat setup and everything like that okay so here’s a shot of me in the driver’s seat of the honda pilot now i’m doing the se tremolo this one is an msr2 i’m doing the se trim level this one has an msrp of about 42 000. let’s start like we always do by breaking down the door panel a lot going on kind of

Some exciting things too we have a little bit of a shallow cubby right here so you can’t put a cup there another little ledge here however this my friends looks like it’s a cup holder a door cup holder in the driver’s seat so fun i would imagine that’s not suggested but it’s also looking like that’s working so the door panel’s got a lot going on we’ve got our

Gas cap you can pop the trunk right here we have memory seats we have our blind spot indicator our windows looking pretty good let me turn the other side we’ll talk about some more of the features all right come on in all right we are back in the front seat of this 2022 honda pilot and we have a lot to break down here i am actually really liking everything that

I’m looking at let’s start by talking about our dash it is like a half digital display pretty basic but it still looks nice then we go into our leather wrapped steering wheel and then some of our steering wheel controls right here now this one has all of the safety features i think honda does a really good job of not keeping those features so we have the blind

Spot we have the rear brake assist we have the frontal collision we have the lane departure all of that amazing safety features on this se trim level if we move into the display we get this beautiful i’m not i want to pull this so bad but i’m going to let the owner of the car get the satisfaction of doing that but we do have an entirely colored display we have

Hold on we have an entirely color display with apple carplay and android auto we move down to our climate control which again i appreciate when the climate control is completely pulled out i am liking the built-in of this display that kind of like wings around so i think it looks really pretty right here we have a little bit of a ledge that i put my sunglasses

In we have heated seats a wireless charger 12 volt and a usb this is what our shifter looks like it’s an electronic shifter two cupholders here and then we move into our center console it is actually a really nice size sorry center console and then we have another 12 volt and usbs down there you can also move this thing forward and backwards which is cool and

I really like that you can close this then you have a completely flat service i do feel like i wish it was a little bit higher for like car lunches but that’s okay i do like that it’s flat we’ve got our little armrest right here as well which is awesome in this trim level we just have the one moon roof we also have one of my favorite features which is i call

This the ru behaving mirror so if you look if i just pull down the sunglasses and there’s a little mirror part right here so i could just quickly like look to see what my kids are doing i think that’s a really great and cheap and easy feature for manufacturers to add so i really like that okay so as far as my driver’s comfort is concerned i’m actually really

Impressed with how comfortable the seats are i didn’t think that they’d like feel very comforting or like they’re holding me because they don’t have a lot of contours on the seat but they’re actually quite comfortable i’m really liking this adjustable armrest too so if you look if you like you can like click it into place so you can have it a little bit higher

Obviously we have like i think 12 or 10 way power seats super comfortable and then as far as my visibility is concerned you know i have i think i have pretty good visibility in this vehicle i’m feeling pretty comfortable in i mean i feel really spacious this car is really roomy but doesn’t feel like i’m driving a giant bus so i’m pretty comfortable i’m so

Excited though to talk about the second and the third row so this one i have the bench seat so this is actually an eight passenger car no i don’t think we can fit eight of anything in here but i want to see how good this bench is and if we can possibly put three car seats okay before we get the car seats and i just want to talk about my comfort back here as

An adult driver or as an adult passenger so i have this heat set for myself i’m pretty tall about six feet tall really great knee clearance and i’m really impressed with the head clearance this car is actually like giving me quite a bit of room i also cannot wait to break down this door panel with you whoa hello double door cup holders what for the back seat

A little cubby right here and we have sun shades i the more the more i do this the more i am just shocked to see manufacturers not put sun shades in their suvs and i’ve played with the aftermarket ones nothing is as good as the built-in ones for so many reasons one with the when you have the aftermarket ones or the ones you go on amazon you can hardly roll down

Your window i love rolling down my window sometimes while having the sunshade here love a built-in sun shade good job honda as far as my other amenities are concerned i have a nice leather back pocket two vents down here with my climate control and two usbs i really would love to see events on the ceiling that makes me sad but they’re down here i just feel like

For kids in car seats and for ventilation vents on the ceiling just seems to be better for everyone so two little vents down there i can hold down this center console area for two more cupholders i got my little lights and i’m just really i feel great about the knee clearance let’s talk about the cars you set up before i put car seats in here it’s very exciting

Honda i cannot wait to break this down so when we get the bench seat like this we have lower anchors on this seat this seat and then we have a surprise lower anchor in the middle seat i’ve talked about this before on some of my tours but this just gives families an option to install a car seat in the middle seat with the lower anchor so it has five lower anchors

Total two full sets on either side or you can install a car seat in the middle with the lower anchors tether anchors on all three seats across this bench in the third row we have a set of lower anchors on the passenger side and then tether anchors across the bench as well so that is a total of seven lower anchors and six tether anchors that is pretty freaking

Exciting that’s like like a minivan status right so while the hardware is nice i want to know how the cars will actually fit so that’s what we’re gonna do next okay i’m sorry i’m really not trying to tease you with the car seat set up but i just thought i would show you the third row access and me in the third row because i’m going to put a bunch of car seats

In here so this is on a 60 40 split meaning that the driver’s seat and the passenger seat can move together and then sorry meaning that the driver’s seat in the middle seat moves together this passenger seat is standalone it does not have a car seat tilt which is kind of a bummer but i actually do like the third row axis i’m not gonna get a car seat tilt it’s a

Little button right here that you can just touch it moves the seat forward and then you can pull it forward i like when they have a button down here because if you think about who’s actually accessing the third row it’s children right so why some manufacturers make it this like super difficult lever at the top does not really help as parents who might need to

Have a seven-year-old actually be getting to the third row so i love that it’s right there it’s just a button that’s easy to do okay i’m gonna hop back there okay fun alright so here i am in the third row of this 2022 honda pilot feeling good still super impressed with my head clearance that’s awesome i also have some vents back here and then like three little

Compartment slash cup holders which is pretty cool no usbs in this trim level which is a little surprising but a cup holders on either side and actually if you look at the vents are in a better spot here than they even are in the second row so that’s good so here’s a shot of me in the middle seat of this honda pilot and this seat is pushed all the way back meaning i’m

Giving that second row as much room as possible and as you can see my knees still aren’t touching and i’m six feet tall now this middle seat is very narrow if you look at it like that’s what i’m getting so that’s about the size of one of my thighs so i’m not going to say like i’m loving that but one thing i do like about this third row is that the seats actually

Recline i love when seats recline one for comfort but also it makes it a lot easier to get a good car seat installation when the seats can recline and then you can recline them back up to secure it in place so i’m gonna get a forward-facing car seat and put it here we’re gonna put some rear-facing car seats here and i promise you next time i see you i will have

Car seats in here all right we’re back and as promised i have three car seats installed in this honda pilot now here’s what i’ve done i have a forward-facing gray coat in the third row with the seat belt i have a grayco infancy with the lower anchors and then i have another grayco rear facing xenofit also with the lower anchors the problem i i think if i had the

Right car seat combination i think three across is definitely possibilities in the pilot however the car seats i have at my disposal are a little bit wider making it a little bit more difficult to do a three across situation so instead i’m going to try to put myself in the middle to kind of give you an idea of what that would look like i bring up that point of

Why i think i would like to do three across in this car because it is impossible now to access the third row with these car seats installed unless the child goes through the trunk to get to the third row so just something to know i think like when you’re planning your family when you’re planning which car would work it’s not only how they fit it’s also how they

Get there and then how they get buckled so just something to consider let’s first show you my spacing that we’re dealing with and then i’ll get in the middle so again i have both of these seats set for myself six feet tall and i’ve got plenty of inches in between the two seats again these seats are still pushed all the way back giving me the most amount of room

Possible i’m going to i’ll give you shots of these and then i want to try to move the seat up a little bit so i can give that third row child just a little bit more room okay so with this gray coax installed rear facing right now i was able to move this seat up a little bit so i could give that third row child a little bit more room with this heat set for myself

I still have some decent clearance so just wanted to point that out okay here i am yes the seat belt comes out of the ceiling don’t freak out this is a shot of me in the second row of this 2022 honda pilot between two rear-facing car seats i’m buckled securely i’m feeling safe i still have some good clearance on my knees on my head absolutely comfortable for an

Adult to sit back here and i think that’s really important again when you’re thinking about your next family vehicle while you have one child now if you want to have two how much do you value being able to sit back here with both of your children because there are a lot less cars that can fit three across than can so it really limits your options when you start

Thinking about like yeah i can fit two car seats but can i fit two car seats in me so i can ride back here with my brand new baby so my toddler doesn’t throw things at him something to think about tether hold on i’m not ready do you have the key do you have the key okay let’s talk about the trunk space i love a hands-free power tailgate what does that mean it

Means you have the key you cross your fingers you say a little prayer okay it never works on the first try for me that is so exciting as you can see i just kicked my foot underneath it trunk open so like hands are full got a toddler got a target haul don’t even have to worry about it look at this trunk space third row up for this size vehicle this is some pretty

Impressive trunk space i have a single bob stroller let’s see if it can fit i mean for third row up for a stroller to fit like that absolutely incredible oh it worked again okay i want to show you something else fun about the trunk let me take this back out look at this look at this extra storage right here are you joshing me you don’t think you could put a

Change of clothes a park blanket some extra toys back there this is some insane storage space a cubby right here a little smaller cubby over there there’s our tether anchors across the back to put the third row down really easy to do you just hold this and push it forward again a 60 40 split and while i like power third rows there is something just so easy about

Grabbing a strap putting it down and then moving on with your life all right real quickly let’s talk about what’s going on under the hood we have a 3.5 liter six cylinder engine getting about 280 horsepower your fuel economy you’re looking at about 20 city 27 highway for a combined of about 23. i want to give a special thanks to earnhardt honda here in phoenix

Arizona for letting us borrow the car and if you are currently car shopping and you feel stuck or you feel intimidated by the car buying process did you know that i have a ton of resources to help you we have everything from personalized consultations with me to online workbooks to online courses check it out at thecurrentofficial.com there will be a link in

The description box below all right guys thank you so much for tuning in i knew i was going to like this car because i’ve just seen and read so much about it i think it is such a good option for growing families thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time all right let’s build my very own 2022 honda pilot guys lots of trim levels to break down here but i

Think i feel pretty good about where i’m at so i was kind of between the the exl and the touring and when i’m looking at this i really try to think like what is most bang for your buck i try not to take into account like upgraded wheels or upgraded like exterior upgrades and more just talk about like which safety technology convenience feeders are worth the

Most bang for your buck so i’m really impressed with what’s on the exl if you look here i still get leather seats i get the power tailgate i still get a sunroof i get the apple carplay android auto and then i get all of their crash prevention technology too which was really nice to see i think i’m going to go with that the only reason i want to talk even about

The touring is because some more of the upgrades first of all you do get an a rear entertainment system the pilot is i’m pretty sure the only mid-sized suv left to offer rear entertainment and i like it because it’s not on the ceiling so it doesn’t affect car seats um i also like that you got the led headlights and tail lights on this vehicle and you get the

Um you get the bird’s eye camera so maybe i will go up to this actually uh it’s hard to know um yeah we’re gonna go with the touring but i think the exl is a good it’s still really good and i’m really happy to hear that about honda okay we’ll upgrade to the all-wheel drive for an additional two thousand dollars okay design okay fun fun fun carmen blue i like

That color i hate it on the honda pilot i mean despise ugh i hate this exterior guys i’m not trying to be a debbie downer i loved the interior i hate the exterior i kind of like that am i i mean i know it’s 395 extra but like i’m gonna go with that i don’t know i can only get black leather okay that’s annoying okay here we go heated captain’s chairs okay so

I guess that means i have the bench right now which i am going to keep even though the bench seat is pretty tight i’m going to keep the bench because i like bench seats better okay packages okay accessory packages i don’t think yeah i don’t really need anything else in here they have like all season packages but i think that’s all i’m gonna do so they keep

This pretty simple okay that’s it people so that’s gonna bring my honda my 2022 honda pilot all-wheel drive touring to an msrp of forty seven thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars

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