2022 honda passport shock sensor
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2022 Honda Passport shock sensor add on

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This is a 2022 honda passport what this car is going to get installed is a shock sensor add on to the factory alarm system that way you don’t have to carry an extra remote control around this is what happens uh before uh you know we install the shock sensor you can beat on the glass bang on the tires pretty much i can destroy this whole car from bumper to bumper

With a baseball bat as long as i don’t open any of the doors the alarm is not going to fire up so everybody knows that nobody’s going to sit there and open the door they’re going to break your wind and jump in and or leave your car in full bricks without having the need to open any of the doors we’re going to get ready to install the shock sensor and uh and then

I’ll show you how it works okay we just finished installing the shock sensor i went ahead and arm it i’m going to give it a 30 seconds because when you arm a factory alarm it takes about 30 seconds for uh to engage that delay is not ours but i’m going to start off with this window now now you’re going to see it’s going to fire off okay i’m going to turn it off

I’m going to rearm it then we’re going to get ready to hit this tire in the front uh you should see a red light flashing right if you have a factory alarm system which i all these cars probably do come with it already uh you’ll see a red light from factory right on the dash flashing on the top it will flash like this and they’ll do like a little hesitation and it

Was going to flash like that so that’s when you know the alarm is ready uh it is activated i’m going to go ahead and bang on this tire right here now you’ll see that the alarm is going to go off okay so yeah this works all around the vehicle i’ll do the other side in a second but this is what we do to these vehicles so we don’t have to install another alarm

And make the customer carry another remote control around because he’s not going to like that and that will defeat the whole purpose of walking up to the car and just pressing this button and opening the door if i have to give you another clicker that you have to press because otherwise the alarm is going to trigger if you don’t if you don’t disarm it from my

Remote so this is the best thing to do with these vehicles keep everything clean that way you don’t have to carry an extra fob around and none of the functionalities are lost in the vehicle as far as walking up and just grabbing the door handle or even when you’re leaving you just press the button and walk away now arms are alarming you never have to take the

Remote control out of your pocket i’m going to go ahead and bang on this side so that went ahead and triggered the alarm system i just turned it off right away otherwise it’s going to rain for three minutes this shock sensor add-on on this vehicle and this 2022 honda passport uh what’s installed here in miami florida by auto line specialist the numbers are

305 298 4814 that’s 305 298-4814 and if you’re out of state and you have this type of vehicles give us a call at in 305-298-4814 state you live in thank you for watching this video

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2022 Honda Passport shock sensor add on By Tony Diaz

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