2022 honda passport elite awd is
Altair Club Cars 2022 Honda Passport ELITE AWD – Is It A Mid-Size SUV Worth The Price?

2022 Honda Passport ELITE AWD – Is It A Mid-Size SUV Worth The Price?

For 2022 the Honda Passport sees a minor exterior refresh. While there are no additional major changes, the Passport is still a strong contender for anyone looking for a mid-size two row SUV. Is the 2022 Honda Passport Elite worth the price? Discover the answer in today’s Vehicle Visionary video!

This is the 2022 honda passport elite in general the passport starts at thirty eight thousand three hundred and seventy dollars and goes up to forty two thousand nine hundred and sixty before adding options it’s available in two wheel drive or all-wheel drive and depending on your taste there are six exterior colors to choose from and one interior color three options

And a multitude of accessories and available packages check out the description of the video to see exactly what those packages are today i’ve borrowed this 2022 honda passport elite from my friends here at homes honda in shreveport louisiana and yes if you pay attention right now you can see that i’ve highlighted the price on the screen sometimes people ask me

What’s the price and it makes me wonder are they just watching the video to see the price and didn’t watch the video or did they just turn away from the screen at that point and for those who are wondering what exactly does the elite trim level add that other trim levels don’t have here is the full list the elite trim level adds 20 inch alloy wheels rain sensing

Wipers auto dimming outboard mirrors so those are your side view mirrors a hands-free rear liftgate and driver’s conversation mirror tell me down in the comments do you ever use that conversation mirror while there’s only one engine option available for the passport it’s not a lacking combination it’s a 3.5 liter v6 that puts out 280 horsepower 262 pounds feet of

Torque made into a 9-speed automatic transmission and like i said this elite comes standard with all-wheel drive but there are other trim levels that come standard with front-wheel drive or you can add all-wheel drive if you want to depending on your preferences and how about those all-important mpgs especially in this day and age 19 city 24 highway 21 combined

And according to honda you should use 4.8 gallons of gas per every 100 miles you drive and let’s bring that to an even more simplistic way to understand what that means this passport has a 19 and a half gallon gas tank here on the elite trim level you have the 265 45 tires that 45 series sidewall is going to help contribute to a smooth ride quality they surround 20

Inch wheels and for those who always ask if i don’t say it yes these gloss black side view mirrors do have the turn signal indicators built in and they are heated they are also because of a button that you have right over here where you find the buttons to control the functionality of the side view mirrors as far as adjusting everything they are also power folding

I’ll show you where that is on the screen so you know just in case but you do have to have the ignition turned on for that feature to work i mentioned that these are heated side view mirrors did you know that the windshield is heated as well and one thing that definitely stands out here on the rear is the dual exhaust something you don’t see on all competitors

Of the passport nice chrome tips right there that look really good if you’re wondering what exactly does the exhaust sound like well here’s an exhaust clip and we also have the hands-free tailgate something that’s very interesting here if you want to know how to use the tailgate there is an instructional sticker right here and i find it interesting that here on

The bottom left hand corner it tells you to peel this off after reading but it’s very easy to use and so you can either touch that area of the bumper or you can even swipe your foot underneath if you want to depending on your preference it works either way according to honda you should be able to tow between thirty five hundred and five thousand pounds with one

Of these passports and i have to wonder if there is a rear-wheel drive passport how much would that go up if you’re not familiar with how towing works rear-wheel drive is best front-wheel drive not so much all-wheel drive well a little bit better than front-wheel drive let’s talk about cargo capacity and what you have back here here are your numbers they range

Between 50.5 cubic feet up to 100.7 and 108 cubic feet and you can maximize that via the buttons located on each side of the rear cargo area here that you just pushed that allows you to lower those rear seats down flat underneath the floor not only is there more storage the tray right there is removable just a couple of releases that you turn and you can pull that

Out and that makes gaining access to the spare tire that is in the front portion of the floor back here that’s where it’s located you’ll find all your tools to change that and everything down here as well you might have noticed when i showed you the undercarriage shot of the video there was no spare tire under the vehicle well now you know that there is one there’s

Also a button right here that allows you to close that power lift gate and you also have a 12 volt power outlet i’ll show you that on the screen on the left hand side of the rear cargo area and here in the rear seat area well you have a decent amount of leg space and that’s going to vary depending on where the front seats are located obviously that’s going to be

Determined by who’s sitting in the front seat you do have the shades that can be put in place on both sides on these rear windows if you want to do that you’ve got the map pockets back here and the door bins right there also some cup holders there’s a lot of cup holders there there’s also two more right here within the fold down arm rest dual air conditioning vents

And all the controls for the air conditioning vents are found right here you can control fan speed and everything that you need is also on the outside seats here not in the middle but on the outside seats you have heated seats so if you need a warm butt during the winter you better make sure you don’t wind up right here in this center seat also some connectivity

Here two usb ports and a power outlet a household power outlet the thing i wonder about there’s three seats back here but only two usb ports maybe in the future we’ll see honda add that third that would make things a lot easier for the third passenger back here and as i hop here into the front seat and hit the push button start some of you might say hey tom you

Didn’t show us the remote there is what your remote looks like you can see that it does have remote start because i know a lot of you like remote start can’t say that i blame you for that so let’s take a look around and see exactly what we have here got a nice easy to read and adjust instrument cluster you can go through a lot of great information there everything

There that you need pretty simple to use and figure out and over there on the left hand side of the steering wheel that blinker thing that i talked about earlier you’ve got those turn signal indicators built into the side view mirrors you use those via this lever on the left hand side up is when you’re turning to the right or changing lanes to the right and down

Does the same thing to the left it lets people around you know what you’re doing kind of novel isn’t it you might wonder what that flashing thing is on people’s vehicles when you’re driving down the road now you know and yours has it too steering wheel mounted controls can’t say anything sarcastic about the steering wheel mounting controls you do have adaptive

Cruise control everything that you would expect there and the infotainment screen very easy to use very simple to learn maybe you’re new to this not a big deal nothing to be afraid of there you’ve got apple carplay and android auto so you can pair your smartphone and basically turn that screen into your phone built-in navigation you just push that navigation

Option right there and navigation comes right up you’re also going to have a multi-view rear view camera everything’s super easy to use there in dual zone climate control really you have tri zone but dual zone in the front obviously you can sync those together or not if you want to depending on the situation and something underneath that i really like here you not

Only have heated seats you also have ventilated wireless charging underneath that more connectivity with a 12 volt and usb and here is you’ve really seen it in a couple of different places but here is quite a bit of that gloss black surrounding the cup holders and the push button shifter do you like the push button shifter do you not tell me in the comments what

Your thoughts are on that and a very nice deep center console a lot of storage in there even more connectivity and with the upper console not only do you have the controls for your power sunroof you also have the conversation mirror that’s where that is located i’m always curious to know what people do with that hopefully you don’t have conversations with your

Kids when you’re angry at them when you’re driving down the road because then other drivers might be angry with you speaking of driving well why don’t we get out of the road and drive this passport and as we get out on the road for our test drive a couple of things i did not mention earlier that you may wonder about both seats in the front are power you also have

One touch up and down windows with the front doors you don’t have that with the rear doors but with the front and there are multiple driving modes you can use the mode selector on that push button shifter that we looked at earlier to go through all of your different driving modes and if you were gonna buy a passport to drive in an area where it snows a lot maybe

You live up north in the mountains whatever the case is you definitely would want the all-wheel drive version we had a pretty big snowstorm oh about a year and a half or so ago down here in northwest louisiana which is highly unusual but it did happen and there were honda employees from the dealership where i borrowed this passport who took home every all-wheel

Drive vehicle possible whether it was a passport or a ridgeline or whatever it was and they said they had absolutely no problem getting around and we had about i think eight to 12 inches of snow if i remember correctly so it wasn’t exactly a small amount so let’s talk about the overall driving experience here when you drop the hammer well that 280 horsepower will

Definitely get you down the road it’s not neck snapping performance or anything like that but it’s also not going to let you down it seems to be enough is there always room for more power well yeah of course there is but that also depends on who you’re talking to but in the case of this passport i think it’s the right amount it does a great job of getting down the

Road the handling is good it’s not necessarily meant to be high performance but you know you get good ride quality but also decent handling going through the corner back there i didn’t get a lot of body roll right around the speed limit of 55 miles an hour so it wasn’t too bad but then again you’re going to get a little bit of body roll in this case because you

Have better ride quality and that means that the shocks and suspension aren’t so stiff but that’s a good thing with a vehicle like this the steering wheel is not leather wrapped but it’s still very comfortable i think this would be a really great vehicle for a nice long road trip as the driver i think i would be in really good shape obviously you have multiple

Driving aids to help keep you safe you’ve got adaptive cruise control that you can use and you just have a very easy interior to deal with everything is easy to get to like i said earlier easy to learn for you folks who maybe are saying i have held off as long as i can but i don’t have a choice now i need to step into one of these newer vehicles and it’s going

To have technology that my older vehicle from 1990 doesn’t have if you still have a vehicle from 1990 that’s on the road it’s probably a honda or maybe a toyota there’s not too many others that are going to be reliable that long without some serious upgrades such as maybe a new transmission or a new engine or whatever the case is so overall i’m impressed here the

Seats themselves are comfortable these are leather trimmed seats as honda calls them and you pair that with good shocks and suspension you have a great ride quality that might sound kind of strange to say that but in some vehicles what happens is the seats are comfortable but the shocks and suspension are stiff or the other way around then it just kind of cancels

Out the whole situation of having a smooth comfortable ride definitely not the case here with a passport so tell me down in the comments section what do you think about the 2022 honda passport elite if you plan to buy a passport what trim level and what exterior color i must say since my favorite color is red i really like this radiant red exterior color gotta

Say a special thanks to my friends here at homes honda for loaning me this passport for the day and thanks to all of you for being kind enough to give me the opportunity to give you a vision for your next vehicle if you enjoyed this video make sure to check out another of the videos on the screen to see what other vehicles might be a good option for you and i’ll see you there you

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2022 Honda Passport ELITE AWD – Is It A Mid-Size SUV Worth The Price? By Vehicle Visionary

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