2022 honda odyssey whats new and
Altair Club Cars 2022 Honda Odyssey // Whats NEW (and Whats Gone) for 2022??

2022 Honda Odyssey // Whats NEW (and Whats Gone) for 2022??

Is the 2022 Honda Odyssey the FAMILY KING?? Refreshed last year with new styling and features, it has to go head-to-head with the new Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica. Does it beat them?? Go ahead: CLICK to find out 🙂 Also, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this review — it helps us more than you can imagine!

What’s going on youtube so the minivan segment has really been heating up with the new sienna new pacifica and this honda odyssey which was just refreshed a few months ago but despite it only being january honda has already released the 2022 version so without further ado let’s go ahead and see what’s new for 2022 and how it stacks up against the competition

So on the outside honda has added one new exterior color for 2022 and that is called vibrant red metallic that’s not what we have we have the standard gray and as far as the rest of the front this is going to be the same as what you saw with the refresh model so you’ve got this new grille on board it’s got a lot less chrome than what you previously had and it is

Finished in a gloss black for this model you do still have a piece of chrome though that goes across the top and that leads into the headlights now these are fully led and that’s standard on every single model you also have an led daytime running light right here you have incandescent turn signals down at the bottom and all but the very base model will also come

With led fog lights now checking out the wheels uh all most of the models will come standard with an 18-inch alloy however the top two trim levels come with 19 inch alloys this to me is the most aesthetically pleasing wheel option because the elite ones are a little bit of a weird design and then moving beyond that we have our mirrors of course these are going to

Be heated as well as having blind spot monitoring on all but the lx trim level and if you want power folding and auto dimming that will require the fully loaded elite all right now there is a big change for 2022 with this odyssey as you can see we have a two-tone white roof on this one no i can’t even say it with a straight face but we don’t get much snow here

So might as well enjoy it while we have it but there’s really no changes for 2022 with the odyssey as far as the side and rear design now of course i refreshed it last year so you are going to have this new black piece of plastic with a silver trim going through it that kind of gives it a more unique and sporty design then off on this side we do still have our

Fully incandescent tail lights every single component in here is incandescent and then we have our touring badge and of course as you would expect there’s not going to be any exposed exhausts now for 2022 your safety systems are going to remain unchanged but last year they went ahead and added the entire honda safety suite standard on all of the models so even

On that base lx you’re going to have ford emergency braking of pedestrian detection adaptive cruise control auto high beam headlamps and lane keeping assist well guys if you haven’t taken a second to hit that subscribe button already please go ahead and do that it really helps us out it doesn’t cost you anything so what are you losing but now let’s go ahead

And check out that inside where your family’s gonna be spending their time before we take it out in a span so on the 2022 honda odyssey they are continuing to give you smart entry as well as remote start standard on all but the base model and of course that’s particularly welcome on a day like this and to get inside the vehicle itself just grab behind the handle

Since there is a sensor now taking a first look inside of this cabin you’re gonna not gonna notice any uh significant changes of course since this was just refreshed for 2021. let’s go ahead and talk about the interior color and material options so like most honda products the lx and the ex will come standard with cloth seating however once you get to the exl

Or above that’s where you’ll get real leather seating and that comes in your choice of black gray beige or mocha colors now turning over here to your door trim you’ll see the same materials reflected up here so i have a nice leather trim across the armrest as well as above it and then the touring and elite trim levels will come with the piano black accents we

Also have two person memory seating as well as four fully automatic windows heading down here to your seat this is the standard 12-way power dusting seat on all but the very base model and then like i was already saying we do have a real leather seat which of course is incredibly comfortable now just a few short months ago this was refreshed for the 2021 model

Year so for the 2022 model year you have the same interior upgrades on board so across our upper dash this is all going to be covered in a leatherette material with a stitching detail as we move down we have some silver trim you’ll see a lot more of this piano black trim which i said like i already mentioned is a part of the top two trim levels then as we move

Down you’ll find some more hard touch materials but of course everything feels super solid in that typical honda way as well as very durable and to start the odyssey put your foot on the brake and press the standard button and once the odyssey fire is up you will be greeted with the standard 7 inch reconfigurable gauge cluster with the two analog gauges on the

Outside edge uh this is the same as last year so you just have a lot of different settings including the settings for your safety systems right in there and then coming back to the steering wheel of course we have electric power assisted steering and we have a nice leather wrapped steering wheel it is going to be manual tilt and telescoping and if you want steering

Wheel heating as well as rain sense wipers that’s going to be elite exclusive all right but this is a van after all so there’s probably no more important aspect than interior storage so let’s take a look of course we have the uh handles there that we can slide out of the way and we’ll open up our center console first as you can see ton of space super deep goes

All the way down to the floor we also have some connections inside so when we get these coupons out i mean this is this is just a joke guys it just swallows it up no problem and we still have a lot more storage from there so we’ve got another little slot here this would be a wireless phone charging pad on elite we have our two cup holders and then we just have a

Gigantic bin where you can stick anything like a diaper bag or purse something like that we have our dvd player as well as some more connections through there now of course we can’t have that much storage because we have the shifter mounted up here and out of the way this is honda’s typical electronic shifter so you just push down d4 drive you can press again for

The sport mode and surprisingly we do have paddle shifters on board for reverse you’ll pull back on the trigger and when you do you will be greeted with this backup camera across every single trim level as you can see we do have active trajectory on all but the lx and you have three different angles you can switch between but there is no 360 camera and you

Do also get an electronic parking brake as well as brake hold all right so now let’s move above that to our climate control so this is a three zone automatic climate setup with a nice toggle here to adjust your temperature most of the controls are located here but some of them you will have to press the front climate for instance to change the zones and you can

Do the same for the rear climate as well and then down below that we have our standard three stage heated seats on the touring trim level okay so let’s go ahead and take a listen to the standard six speaker sound system which comes on all the trim levels except for the elite so overall sound quality is decent uh you know not super impressive you probably

Wouldn’t expect just for six speakers inside of a large cabin like this but like i said you can get an upgraded 11 speaker sound system if you want to choose the elite trim level okay so let’s take a look now at our infotainment system so this is the 8 inch display which comes on all but the base lx trim level and is running the new honda link system now most of

The system is the same as pretty much any honda product so we have standard android auto standard apple carplay we also have navigation built in to the touring and elite trim levels but i want to take a look over here at some of the additional apps that are odyssey exclusive so we have the social playlist where different family members can add songs to one unified

Playlist we also have cabin watch so this is like a basically rear seat surveillance system of your kids or whoever you want to keep an eye on uh really cool stuff you can zoom in and out things like that and you also have the ability to turn on and off the intercom system so that they can hear your voice amplified to the back via the speakers now moving above

That exl and above get the auto dimming mirror with homemade universal remotes and those are also the trim levels that include the standard size moon roof alright so sitting in the rear seats of the odyssey this is hands down the most important thing about this vehicle because of course if you have a minivan i’d say 99 chance that you have a family that’s going

To be riding back here so let’s go ahead and break down some of the features uh for one i’m going to go ahead and close this door because it’s pretty cold as you can see it is a power door and that’s going to be on all but the very base lx model now as far as the rear leg room figures are concerned we have 41 inches of your leg room 40 inches of your headroom

Which does place it above the chrysler pacifica so this is a large amount of space as you would expect and behind your seating position i have i would say six inches of rear legroom my feet can slide up underneath the seat and we can also slide these seats forward and back as well as you probably know this by now the odyssey seats can also slide side to side and

That’s also going to be a feature that’s available on all but the very base lx trim now another one that’s going to be on all but the lx is going to be the rear window sunshades here on the side and then as far as here in the center we have cup holders dropping down we have an hdmi port two smart charging usb ports and then you’re gonna notice up here in the

Top on this touring we have the rear seat entertainment system so that’s gonna keep you and your family all happy now for when you’re hauling your kids friends around and need to get into the third row all you have to do is locate this little lever right here that folds the seat forward and slides it up so you can easily get back here now sitting in the third

Row itself minivans are notoriously the best third rows you can really get in any vehicle there is so much space as you can see i have i would say a solid two and a half to three inches of rear legroom with this seat slid mostly back my feet can slide up underneath the seat of course there’s three seats back here and then as far as your features we have vents

We have a charging usb port we even have third row window sun shades and you’re also going to have your volume controls for the rear seat entertainment system so walking up to the tailgate you are going to have a power one on the exl trims and higher and it is also hands-free on the elite but since we have the touring we just locate the button under the lid to

Open it up and once inside there’s a lot of space back here as you probably expected so you’re going to have 33 cubic feet of space behind the second or the third row seats that expands all the way up to 89 cubic feet if you fold them and as a maximum you have 145 cubic feet that’s about as big as you can get in any vehicle before you get to a semi truck and

That’s right in line with well what the rivals has and actually quite a bit above the new toyota sienna now as far as how honda’s finished it in typical minivan fashion you have this giant hole right here that third row seats fold into and then i do want to point out on the right side we have a 12 volt power outlet and if you remember correctly they also used

To offer a honda vac vacuum cleaner back here well the supplier has basically said they don’t have any supplies for that so that’s not going to be offered on the elite trim anymore now if you can see past the little waterfall going on right here you do have a power adjusting seat on this touring model and then if we open up the glove box this is a really good

Size glove box and as far as the coupons now of course this is very important gotta have coupons for you and the 12 kids in the back so they’re gonna fit in here just fine so no worries there and then up top we do have a massive sun visor with lighting on both sides a mirror and you can also detach however there is not an extension all right and just like that up

To 60 uphill um in this odyssey now as you can see it’s really a pretty powerful motor um a lot of different powertrain options have kind of been introduced inside of this segment as you may know the sienna went hybrid only but this continues with a more traditional style v6 engine so this is a three and a half liter v6 280 horsepower 262 pound-feet of torque

Those are good numbers for the class and uh you know like we just demonstrated it moves this big thing around pretty well yeah and you know i do just want to touch i mean obviously the sienna is this vehicle’s biggest competition and um you know i think it’s a unique benefit to have the v6 as the only engine on this because it gives you that choice i don’t mind

The honda odysseys hybrid powertrain but it’s not a smooth v6 like this but you know just cruising down the highway we’re going 59 miles per hour i mean that is what this vehicle does best it’s designed to do just family cruising go down the i-75 down to florida for vacation and just be in ultimate comfort and that’s what this odyssey really shines at as you can

See we just went over an overpass here and it is incredibly smooth and the ride quality is great now we will also get a sound level reading when we get up to speed after this red light okay all right our brings to 55 here so going 55 miles an hour we’re looking at 57.7 decibels that’s a really good reading and just by the seat of my pants here this is about as

Quiet as any vehicle you can buy nowadays like i said this is super comfort family focused so as far as the transmission we have a 10-speed automatic on board this is probably the best transmission in the class it is incredibly smooth works through the 10 gears seamlessly no like hesitation lag as far as like what gear to be in i’ve always been a big fan of this

Transmission and every application and as far as your drive trains this is going to be front drive only that’s particularly worth noting because a lot of the competition offers all-wheel drive um including that sienna so that is something that this odyssey could certainly improve on and that’s today’s airball is just that fact that that is missing and as you can

Tell on a day like today where it snows out you want to keep your family safe and having all-wheel drive gives you that peace of mind so since mason did mention the air ball it’s time for me to mention the slam dunk that for us is going to be just this mixture of space and features uh the odyssey really just is a strong contender and especially if you compare

Like within the honda lineup to the pilot you’re going to find more space and more features inside of this auto sale alrighty and wrapping stuff up let’s go ahead and talk about the pricing so for 2022 the prices are going to rise around 300 bucks on all the trim levels so the lx is 32 090 ex 35 490 exl 38 760. touring 42.8 and the elite is going to be 47 820.

When that elite does not rise 300 dollars because it is missing the vacuum cleaner so that’s the only one that stays the same so at the beginning we asked amongst all the new competition uh is this odyssey the best choice still a good choice um absolutely 100 i feel like within the minivan segment each offering is offering different things kind of uh it’s become

More diverse than ever before and this odyssey certainly has a really long list of strengths and things that make it stand out from the competition well guys that’s going to wrap up this in-depth review of the 2022 honda odyssey touring we really appreciate you watching this video and if you made it this far don’t lie to me i know you enjoyed or at least found

This video helpful so be sure to pay us back by hitting that subscribe button down below doesn’t cost you anything so what is it hurting and all it’s going to do is give you notifications on all of our most recent content and we’re going to have a lot more coming up soon anyway we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies

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