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Altair Club Cars 2022 Honda Accord Sport SE: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround, Test Drive, POV and Review

2022 Honda Accord Sport SE: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround, Test Drive, POV and Review

In todays review we check out the 2022 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition! This is a very popular sedan and also very affordable which is one reason it’s such a popular vehicle! The Honda Accord is also a reliable sedan that will last you a long time for your ownership period! This particular Honda Accord is fitted with an aftermarket set of wheels and also has some dark window film! It’s a very nice black and white combo for this sedan! The rest of the exterior on this 2022 Honda Accord is fairly basic, but retains a good design overall! The interior is also basic, even for this higher trim level! However, this Honda Accord does offer all of the Honda sensing which is technology features like the adaptive cruise, pedestrian detection and lane keeping assist. It’s nice to see all of that standard on this sedan. This is truly a sedan that you will drive from point A to point B because of how practical it is in size along with the cargo space and also how solid feeling it is to drive for the price! This is not a performance oriented sedan by any means and this model does have the smaller engine, but it still has some get up and go! It’s very comfortable and smooth to drive though and would be great to daily drive!

Hey everyone and welcome to the channel so today we’re going to take a look at this 2022 honda accord sport special edition huge shout out to steve white volkswagen for providing this vehicle for me today make sure you check out their website they have a massive selection of pre-owned inventory that link is down in the description but the accord that you see

Behind me is finished off in white and they have a starting msrp right around thirty thousand dollars and to start off today’s review let’s take a look at what powers this accord underneath the hood is the 1.5 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine this is paired to the cvt transmission it pumps out 192 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque that power sent to

The front wheels this weighs in right around 3 200 pounds it’ll do 0-60 in just over seven seconds with a top speed of 116 miles an hour and it has a fuel capacity of 14.8 gallons you’ll expect to see around 29 miles per gallon in the city and 32 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 100 and 11.4 inches its overall length is 196.1 it has a width of 73.3 and a

Height of 57.1 inches as we move on to the exterior styling now for this honda accord let’s start off with the black chrome trim piece running just above the chrome honda logo so it goes from headlight to headlight and i really like how it’s on the top of the actual headlight housing itself blends in very nicely and gives it a great accent now this accord also has

Led headlights drls turn signals and led fog lights which are in the lower section of the bumper but for this headlight housing it’s very sleek it’s sunken in a little bit so you can see part of this indention and there’s even black trim above the wipe section of the bumper but i love the multiple bar design running from left to right there for the headlights and

The high beams there’s also plenty of cutouts in this grille to provide a lot of coin to the engine and i like the black trim pieces around the fog lights also protrude nicely on both sides just to break up that white and the lower section of this bumper also sticks out just a little bit so you can see that corner on each side just to give it more of that sporty

Design for the sedan now there’s really nice lines that come down the hood there’s four so two on each side meeting that trim piece very nicely and as we work our way to the side of this particular accord has an aftermarket set of black wheels these are 19 inches with a multi-spoke design finished off in matte black which is a great contrast against this white now

The side mirrors are actually painted black so i’m not sure if that’s an aftermarket cap or the sport comes with black mirrors but it matches nicely with those wheels along with the a black shark fin antenna up on top now there’s more of that brush trim surrounding the upper section of the windows great lines in the lower section of the door it has a really nice

Side design to it with that sedan style to it and i love the line that’s just underneath these side view mirrors it goes above the door handles all the way to the back and then leading to the rear this has a small trunk mounted spoiler finished off in gloss black this has a backup up camera the dual exhaust is located down below there’s even more gloss black trim

Pieces in the lower section and i like the design for these led tail lights they have a nice housing to them and then there’s bodywork from the trunk right in the middle just to split it off give it more of that sporty appearance so with the exterior wrapped up for this honda accord let’s make our way to the interior now so i can use the button up underneath the

Honda logo or just hold on this button on the key fob now this is not a power trunk so it will just release from there you can open it up the rest of the way for an everyday practical vehicle this has a lot of trunk storage space you can see the cutouts on the left side and the right side so you can put an item sideways if you need to and then the back seats also

Fold down so all i need to do is pull this tab on each side and then when you fold those down obviously that gives us a lot more interior space for any items that you’d like to place in the back and then from there there’s no grab handles on the trunk but i can just grab the outside it’s very lightweight so that is easy to close up and now we can work our way to

These backseat eats so when i open up this door the door panel has a nice design to it there is some plastic in the upper section however there’s leather on the armrest there’s the window control along with a little bit of storage this does have an eight speaker audio sound system too and then looking at these seats they are finished off in leather with some silver

Stitching running down them gives it a nice touch there’s also more of the all-weather floor mats and now at five foot ten i can work my way into these back seats where i have the front seat set at my height i have plenty of room very spacious for the back of this sedan there’s also some storage pockets behind both front seats there are two usbcs right in the middle

A little bit more storage space actually a pretty deep compartment you could place items in there so they don’t roll around as far as headroom goes at five foot ten i have maybe a half inch or so above my head but i could be comfortable i could slouch down just slightly here and be comfortable riding in this every single day now right in the middle if you don’t

Have a middle passenger there’s the armrest along with two cup holders if you need to use them and then as far as visibility goes plenty of glass for your backseat passenger so it feels very open in the back and then as we make our way to the front seats now the door panels finish off just like the rear however there’s the addition of all the window controls the

Side mirror adjustments lock and unlock even a nice trim piece just behind the release handle with more of that trim running just underneath that now you can pop the trunk from the driver door panel there’s a little bit more storage space down in the lower section of the door and i forgot to mention earlier too that this model has a lot of window tint so this is

Very dark matching nicely with all the black now these front seats have a nice design to them very similar to the rear of course they are power adjusting so all those are down on the side and then it’s really easy to enter these front seats the door sill is very low so that makes it nice and then looking at this steering wheel it’s completely covered in solid

Black leather there’s more of that brush trim to give it a nice accent over on this right side is all the cruise and adaptive cruise control settings along with the lane keeping assist and the distance pacing on this left side there’s bluetooth and voice commands there’s also volume and tuning as well as a home dial the scrolling dial and the back arrow which you

Can use to go through that gauge cluster which we’ll come back to this even has steering wheel mounted paddle shifters even though it is a cvt so it’ll be interesting to test those out once we get this out on the road but let’s fire this accord up with my foot on the brake that button is over on the right side and we can bring this to life and looking at this gauge

Cluster on the right side is the miles per hour and the fuel gauge the engine temperature is on the far left and then on the left side of this gauge cluster is a digital screen for the attack as well as miles per hour and what gear you’re in there’s the outside temperature too but now we can use the home and scrolling dial to go through all this information that is

Available so within that tack right now currently you can see range along with your average fuel if i click on the home dial we can go down to speed and time so you will see that change we can also pull up the audio it’s pretty cool to see that graphic change depending on which icon you go into there’s also the phone you can look at traffic there’s driving support

You have your driver attention so if you’ve been driving this for a long period of time it will tell you when it’s time to pull over and take a break you can monitor all these seat belts even look at your maintenance so you have oil life that you can monitor and then we have the navigation too so you can pull up the compass here on the screen and then any warnings

So it’s pretty cool to have all that right at your fingertips very simple and straightforward to go through now as we make our way to the left side you’ll see trip along with the dimmer switch for the gauges there’s also traction control if i push on this button this is for the road departure mitigation so you can have that turned on or turned off just depending

On what you’d like there’s also one air vent above that as we make our way to the center now this is the eight inch touchscreen system there’s quite a lot of information that you can go through so currently you can see it’s on music right now if i click on home you have phone settings you can go into your messages look at your trip information you can even go to

Your clock there’s even the honda link that you can monitor as well you can go to all these apps here and scroll through just depending on what you need to see you can easily and quickly get to it there’s a back arrow on the side even a dimmer so you can make that brighter or darker depending on the day and where the sun is over on the right side there’s the clock

Phone audio and your source for your media and then in the upper section there’s some shortcuts to your phone along with the radio too so you can quickly get to those power and volume for the radios on the left side tuning is on that right side side there are two air vents just underneath that along with hazards right in the middle and then all the climates are

Nicely laid out fan speed is right in the middle there’s temperature dials on driver and passenger side for the dual zone this even has heated seats so those dials are on both sides you have where you like the air to go the defrosters the heated mirrors too so it’s a nice layout to see and then below that if i push on this it will open up to reveal a little bit

Of storage along with some auxiliaries so you can charge electronics and have them nicely tucked up out of the way behind that there are two cup holders on that right side and then looking at the leather wrap shifter with the release on the front all i need to do is pull on that i can put it into reverse you’ll see the backup camera up here with the guidelines

And then a few different angles just depending on what visibility you need if you’re coming up to a curb or any item behind you you have that top down view which is nice to see and then if i put this down into drive that does allow you to use the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters so you can use those as needed just behind that there’s a sport mode along with

The economy mode there’s the engine start stop feature which you can activate if you like to the electronic parking brake is just behind that along with the brake hold and then for the center armrest it’s finished off in leather and there’s even a removable tray so if you need a little bit more storage you can take that out there’s even an auxiliary down there so

You can charge even more electronics and then for the glove box plenty of room for all that information so you can place all that there we’ll take another look at these seats which have a nice design to them pretty simple but it is very nice and then up in the center there is a sunglass holder which is very convenient and the dome lights are on each side as we

Set off now in this 22 honda accord this is actually the first time i’ve been in an accord so it’s pretty cool to check this out it’s also cool to check out that the previous owner did all the window tint and did these wheels now obviously that is a personal preference i will say though that window tint is definitely a huge must really for any car that’s a whole

Separate video but as far as driving this accord right now it is pretty simple on the inside you know there’s not too many luxuries or bells and whistles i’ll say but i do like that it does have a lot of the honda sense technology as i just veered a little bit onto the lane it did have the lane keeping assist or the lane departure which is currently on it has all

The sensors all the pedestrians sensing all of that standard technology feature features are standard which is awesome to see so right now we’re in fourth gear for the cbt we can go down to third gear as we come up to this sharp left turn now this is not a performance oriented sedan by any means but brakes do a good job for driving normal taking that turn as you

Would in a normal sedan and as we come up to a stoplight now as far as visibility goes it’s very very open i can easily see over this left shoulder the pillars in the back are not all that bulky either so it gives you that good 360 view along with having that backup camera and we’ll give it another quick acceleration just in normal mode it’s got some pep to that

Turbo so i don’t think it’s too underpowered you can go with the larger engine if you want to but i don’t see any problems with this getting up merging onto the highway certain traffic situations like that you’re also going to get a lot better mpg around 32 is what is stated from honda out on the highway obviously that is going to differ depending on your driving

Style and where you’re driving but aside from that it’s a really nice everyday family sedan you have plenty of room in the back seats plenty of room in that trunk space too and it’s nice it’s very comfortable and quiet it doesn’t feel like it’s a cheap vehicle by any means for the thirty thousand dollar price point it feels like a pretty solid car and as we switch

Over to the pov angle for this accord you can see what it’s like to be behind the wheel and i’m going to use these paddle shifters now we’ll give it a nice moderate acceleration and we are up to speed like i mentioned earlier it’s not a performance oriented vehicle but even with a small acceleration there’s plenty more to this than i just did for that acceleration

So you could easily get up to the cruising speed that you need to and it is a nice place to be it’s very comfortable hondas are extremely reliable vehicles and from what i’ve seen people usually tend to hold on to them for quite some time this is a vehicle that you could own for 10 or more years i currently have a honda crv in my garage and it is almost 10 years

Old coming in around 93 000 miles on it it’s still very reliable very easy to maintain too and that’s what i think people love about these hondas is they’re reliable cheap relatively cheap to maintain as long as you do take care of them and do the routine maintenance you can rack up a ton of miles on this car and be satisfied with what it has to offer without having

To upgrade for newer technology now like i said earlier visibility over the left side is great visibility over that right side equally as good and now if i get it into second gear one last acceleration i will say these paddles are pretty responsive for it being a cvt and not really having gears as soon as i hit them you’ll see the attack drop up or down so it’s

It’s pretty impressive if you want to use these if you need a little bit more throttle response a little bit more power if you’re passing or some situation like that they are functional and there and it’s not a loud vehicle obviously you can hear some of the engine noise there but that is going to wrap it up for this walk around review and test drive behind the

Wheel of this 2022 honda accord sport special edition once again huge shout out to a steve white volkswagen for providing this vehicle for me today again check out their website they have a massive selection of inventory to choose from that link is down in the description if you enjoyed today’s video give it a huge thumbs up consider smashing that subscribe button

So you don’t miss out on our daily uploads and i will see you all in the next video thank you

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