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Altair Club Cars 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport Mods Update

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport Mods Update

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What’s going on everybody so welcome back welcome back so today we are going to be detailing the car um i’m going to take it to the car wash i was planning on detailing it you know clay barring and waxing it and all that good stuff but i think i’m just going to take it to the car wash and uh do the instant detailer when i you know when uh all right so i’m sitting

Inside my car right now and we’re gonna go to the car wash and uh yeah i got a fresh cut got my bling bling got my shades ready to go anyways um yeah so this is uh i bought this interior from uh amazon it’s a red wine and it also has the red wine floor mats uh all weather mats so let’s go to the car wash gotta focus here real quick i don’t want to crash i’m parked

Right now in the middle of the grass foreign we made it all right oh yeah i’ve also done a muffler delete and the resume delete and now this is the 2002 hybrid uh sport edition um with the cbt so i thought when i bought the vehicle it had a um paddle shifters but the pedal shifters on here are actually just for the battery region so keep that in mind when

You buy a hybrid i mean it still sounds kind of nice one i mean when you rub it it’s it’s got a little kick to it it’s kind of fun but it’s not you know not your typical uh honda fun if you would want to call it like that so right now i’m raging about 42.4 miles uh oh yeah on another note i i currently lost my job so head over to the merch and see if you can

Support my homie me anyways um yeah uh when i had my other job i was ranging roughly around 43 it’s a little bit better only because it was a longer longer distant drive and there was more of a straightaway rather than stops stops and goes so um i don’t know if you can hear that but yeah that’s the exhaust all right let’s see here when i was younger i used

To uh buddy of mine we used to ride bicycles to where i’m going right now and uh when i first found out about the spot right now where i’m going on the street i thought it was a whole nother world all right gotta make a left turn here chris coming good take nobody’s at the car wash a couple people got to give it a quick vacuum because i’m a smoker so there’s a

Bunch of ashes all over the interior gotta clean that up probably gonna run a rag with some interior detailer inside the entrance is a little steep afraid that i’m gonna scrape the car anyways we got here to the car wash so let me do a quick vacuum all right so yeah we’re here at the car wash now getting it washed uh we won’t win a 12 one which is the ultimate

Which is the undercarriage triple foam this is a brushless car wash so it’s all water which is kind of nice i don’t want any scratches on the car but yeah we’ll wait here a couple minutes and see what what it looks like after we detail it like i said you know so anyways so i got lazy and don’t feel like detailing the car right now only still kind of heartbroken

After anyways uh here’s a better angle this is the front lift here again license plate my whole logo the demon mirrors and side skirts don’t mind the dirtinesses there’s a bunch of water spots on it so we got the rear window loafers rear windshield loafers now i want to paint these black eventually but we’ll get to it one day then i also have the spoiler i

Ended up keeping the sport spoiler only because i don’t know i think it kind of looks nice with it and i’m kind of scared of taking it off and then maybe the paint’s a little bit different and then i have to reapply it again but anyways then we have the diffuser users coming apart from the 3m tape so i’m planning on getting some gorilla glue to take or to glue

That back on there like that then we got the mugen rear license plate and then same thing on the other side loafers oh yeah um well that’s a bad example because that one’s got curb rash i already got curb rash on two rims well we got the mugen decal for the rims yeah that’s the car foreign

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2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport Mods Update By WANDERER

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